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Chapter 37 Monsters (b)

After a long while, but Zinuo felt it was just a blink of an eye. His soul strength which had exhausted already finally recovered and was even strengthened. The wound on his shoulders also stopped bleeding.

Before he had time to use the soul detecting skill, a young voice came up in his mind. He was shocked and opened his eyes to check around. But there was no one around. The sky was getting dark.

Just as he was about to return to their house on the peak, the mysterious noise arose again. This time Zinuo checked around. He found that the voice was actually from himself. So he quickly sat with his legs crossed and felt it with his heart.

It turned out a soft and weak voice came to Zinuo's mind, as if there was a little person in his brain.

"Master, I finally meet you." The little girly voice said.

"Who are you? Why do you call me master?" Zinuo was surprised.

"Master, I am sword baby, your sword baby. Did you forget me?" The little girly voice asked.

"Sword baby? I don't' have a god sword. Maybe you found the wrong person. And the sword talks?" Zinuo was confused. He looked at the golden dagger in his hand. Was this dagger talking?

"No master, I am the sword baby. To be more precise, I am the god sword of your last life. In your last life, we fought shoulders by shoulders to kill the sky monster. But unfortunately we didn't kill him. At the crucial moment, you used the power to separate me from you. So I was able to survive and followed you to this life." The girly voice explained.

"The story you just said was similar to a dream I always had. In the dream, there was a big brother holding a god sword and fighting against a purple monster. In the end, they both died. There was also a pretty big sister in the dream." Zinuo said.

"All right. It turned out so. So you remembered everything now?" The little girl asked.

"No. It was just a dream I always had." Zinuo shook his head.

"Oh. I think master you had been hurt seriously. So in this life, not only did you lose all your power but also you lost all your memory." The little girl was a bit disappointed.

Zinuo touched his head. He was puzzled. He didn't know what this little girl was talking about. So he asked, "When I was about to be killed by the monster wolf, was that you who saved me?"

"Yes. I have saved you twice so far. The first time was when you were falling from the cliff into the sea. And the second time was just now." The sword baby said. "But because my sword body was completely destroyed, my soul was also hurt. After I returned the sword soul world, I've been in deep recovery. Last time I felt that you were in danger so I pushed my remaining soul strength to your body to help you. But because of this, I had to return back into deep recovery."

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