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The family had a very large training ground, more than 40,000 square meters. Usually the family juniors would come here for cultivation. One was the atmosphere was good, the other was that were family elders would be there to teach you. At the beginning, Chen Zong always came too, but often was laughed and bullied, which seriously affected his cultivation. After being wounded by Chen Zhongjie several times which wasted him lots of time, he decided not to come and cultivate by himself.

The weapon house was on the corner of the training ground, where dozens of juniors were cultivating.

"Look, isn't that Chen Zong?" The eagle-eyed man saw him and immediately exclaimed.

"Yes it's him. Isn't he cultivating all by himself? Why did he come again?"

"I think that he has made no progress in cultivation by himself and intends to return to the training ground."

"He wouldn't think that Chen Zhongjie has forgotten him?"

"Poor guy. I heard that his energy pills were possessed by Chen Zhigang yesterday."

"I think it is right to do so. Brother Gang is the first martial apprentice in our family. Chen Zong is such a trash even if compared with us, let along with Brother Gang. It is a waste to give him a pill."

Ignoring the gaze and comments of family juniors, Chen Zong walked through the training field and entered in the weapon room.

The weapon room was about 100 square meters, with wooden shelves on the walls where a lot of weapons were placed. There were six types of weapons, including sabers, spears, swords, sticks, bows and daggers. It was an old man who was in charge of that weapon room. Perhaps he was too old and tired easily, so he nodded off. Chen Zong did not disturb him, he just went straight to the shelve of the swords.

There were more than ten swords on the shelf, for as long as one meter or as short as less than half a meter. Chen Zong first ruled out the longest and the shortest swords, then the remaining five swords were more suitable.

Chen Zong tried every sword one by one, wielding casually and feeling it carefully. Humans varied, so did swords. Only the one that suited him would be the best.

Finally, Chen Zong held a sword in each hand and made a careful comparison between the two. The two swords seemed to have the same length and thickness, but there were some differences in weight. A few minutes later, Chen Zong put down the sword in his left hand and chose the sword in his right hand.

The body of the sword was gray and black, with some mottled scars. The hilt was made of wood, black and carved with screw thread to prevent slipping.

The whole sword looked very common and worthless. Because the Chen family in Lake Town was just a small sub-clan with limited resources. The weapons for free were certainly not something valuable. Chen Zong didn't care about it, instead he felt a little excited. It was his first time to hold the sword, which somehow felt so familiar. It was like he had been using a sword for several years. He held it in the right hand, his left hand fingers gently stroking over the sword. The chill touch made him shudder.

The length of sword was about 24 inches, the wooden hilt was about 8 inches long. The sword blade was 1.3 inches wide and 0.4 inches thick. The blade tip was about 1 inch wide and 0.2 inches thick. The sword weighed 6.4 pounds without scabbard.

Chen Zong liked the sword so much and put it into the scabbard. Then woke up the dozing old man to register. After registering, he went out of the weapon room and held his sword in left hand. Then he saw that all family juniors at the training ground were staring at him.

"He's out."

"With an iron sword."

"Failed in Tiger Fist and turning to practice sword fighting skills? But our family do not have foundation establishing swordsmanship."

"You think too much. Even if we have swordsmanship, it is also more difficult than Tiger Fist. He can't even master Tiger Fist, how can he learn the sword fighting skills? I think he's going to sell the sword, then exchange for ten or twenty money." A self-righteous man said so and this situation happened all the time.

"Hey, Chen Zong, give me half the money for selling the sword." Another one shouted at him, and he threatened, "Otherwise, you know what will happen next."

Brows knitting together, Chen Zong was just about to say something, suddenly he caught a glimpse of a familiar black figure stepping into the field.

"Chen Zhongjie…" Chen Zong bit his teeth, growling as a fierce tiger. Anger rose in his heart.

After Chen Zong's father lost his cultivation, Chen Zong had always suffered bullying since the moment he started learning martial arts which was mostly from Chen Zhongjie. Because Chen Zhonghjie was a henchman of Chen Zhigang, and Chen Zhigang's father had some conflicts with Chen Zhengtang.

"Chen Zong!" Chen Zhongjie also noticed Chen Zong with a surprised expression. Then he sneered, "Little lame duck! Long time no see. Did you forget what I said?"

Half a year ago, Chen Zhigang said that Chen Zong negatively influenced his practice. Then Chen Zhongjie had mobbed Chen Zong at once, and threatened him from coming to the training field, otherwise he would beat Chen Zong whenever they met. Of course, Chen Zong had not yielded, and was seriously wounded by Chen Zhongjie. After then, Chen Zong had a few days' rest because of the injury, and he could not practice, increasing a lot of burdens to his father.

Chen Zhigang's father was the first martial artist in the family. He was domineering and arrogant, even looking down upon the patriarch. But he was the mightiest in the family and he had some accomplices. Chen Zhengtang was helpless without any cultivation.

In order to decrease burdens to his father and to practice better, Chen Zong had never come to the training field. But now hearing the words of Chen Zhongjie, his anger rose enormously like a volcano ready to erupt.

"Ho, you have your sword. What do you want to do? You know that you are a lame duck, so do you plan to chop trees with your disabled father?" Chen Zhongjie put his eyes with incessant sneer on Chen Zong's left hand.

"Chen Zhongjie, take back your words and apologize to me." "A lame duck" and "a disabled person" awoke a lot of bad memories of Chen Zong. His face became sullen, saying word by word.

"A disabled father and a lame duck son, am I wrong?" Chen Zhonhjie laughed scornfully.

"You are courting death!" Chen Zong roared lowly. His eyes burned with anger. He rushed to Chen Zhongjie like a leaping tiger.

Chen Zhongjie felt very frightened. In the instant, he felt that a tiger roared in front of him, and he shook his head to make the feeling leave. His eyes glinted ferociously. Grinning hideously, Chen Zhongjie strode his step as a fierce wolf chasing its prey. Leaning forward, he made a claw with his left hand in front of his body, his thumb towards his chin; he clenched his right fist at his waist, the middle finger and the forefinger protruding like sharp teeth.

"It looks that Chen Zhongjie has greatly bettered his Wolf Fang Boxing."

"Chen Zong will lose, I don't know how many days he will have to lie in bed."

Chen Zhongjie and Chen Zong were approaching each other when the others gloated.

"Wolf Pouncing!" Chen Zhongjie shouted, getting quicker than before. When he approached Chen Zong, he stroke hard toward Chen Zong's stomach with his right arm as if puncturing the air, as ruthless as a fierce wolf.

Chen Zong gazed at Chen Zhongjie, watching him clearly. Chen Zong had a ferocious expression, cold eyes glinting ferociously. He raised his left hand and made a slight wave, piercing the air like a ferocious wolf.

"Tiger Rush!"

Chen Zong tightened his right fist and roared. The peak of Great Accomplishment of Tiger Fist brought irresistible force that rumbled the air.

The Wolf Boxing and the Tiger Fist were of the same level. The Wolf Boxing emphasized its speed, and it usually attacked out of surprise; the Tiger Fist emphasized its strength, and it usually attacked from the front.

Their fists crashed together, snapping as if the bone cracked. The grim smile on Chen Zhongjie's face turned into fright. The fist of Chen Zong was unstoppable. Decomposing Chen Zhongjie's Wolf Pouncing, it went straight towards Chen Zhongjie's belly.

Thump! Just like drumming, the strength spread all around, making Chen Zhongjie's uniform bloat incessantly. His belly sunk under Chen Zong's fist. The terrible strength seemed to have smashed his viscera, making his back arched. He looked terrified, his eyes bulging with bloodshot and his mouth wide open, drooling.

When Chen Zong took back his fist, Chen Zhongjie directly dropped to his knees, hands covering his belly. He trembled incessantly out of extreme pain. Owe! He spitted out a mouthful of blood making people startled.

That fist was very heavy, which was Chen Zong's anger. Chen Zhongjie already had internal injury, which would not be healed without seven or eight days.

"Chen Zhongjie, bear in mind that if you abuse my father and me next time, you would be at your own risk. Please pass on my words to Chen Dalei and Chen Zhigang." Chen Zong stared at Chen Zhongjie coldly and threatened. Then he turned and strode away, his steps firmer and his back straighter.

As they were all in the Chen family, it was enough for him to hurt Chen Zhongjie. He had no intention to murder, otherwise he would be punished by the clan rules.

The silence was immense. All those present were stupefied as if they had known Chen Zong for the first time.

Walking out of the training field, there came two people approaching.

"Brother Zong", one of them was Chen Yiming. He ran to Chen Zong and said, "Why are you here?"

"Take a sword." Chen Zong showed the iron sword in his left hand and smiled.

"Are you going to practice swordsmanship? There is no such a thing in our clan." Chen Yiming didn't understand.

"Just for fun." He knew by instinct that what happened last night was crucial, which should be kept to himself. . Chen Yiming didn't continue to ask; he stared at Chen Yong's face and asked, "I feel you are different from yesterday."

"Because my cultivation has got to the second level of Qi Blood Realm." Chen Zong smiled.

"Great." Chen Yiming was so excited that he was even happier than his own breakthrough.

"Yiming, come over here." There came a charming yet cold voice.

"Yuyao, long time no see." Chen Zong looked over and said hello with a smile.

A tight red uniform highlighted her perfect figure, especially the straight and slender legs that looked longer in buckskin shoes. It was more compelling.

Chen Yuyao, the daughter of the patriarch, was at the same age with Chen Zong and she was the playmate of Chen Zong when he was a child. But after starting to practice martial arts, Chen Yiming and Chen Zong were always good friends; Chen Yuyao alienated Chen Zong gradually.

"Chen Zong, you are not wrong to practice hard, but you should also see the truth. Uncle Zhengtang has lost his cultivation and his body is not as well as before. Are you going to let him keep chopping down the trees and firewood to feed you who accomplish nothing?" Chen Yuyao looked at the iron sword and asked in a cold voice, "For uncle's sake, I can ask my father to arrange a more comfortable job for you in the clan."

"Thanks for the offer. But no." Chen Zong frowned slightly; he just felt a kind of unspeakable pain. As childhood sweetheart, it was impossible that he had no feelings to Chen Yuyao. Sometimes he would also recall those beautiful memories when Chen Yuyao followed him with a small pigtail and shouted "Brother Zong" at a young age. But those memories became weak with what she said.

People would always change, he told himself.

"It's up to you. But I'll give you one more word of advice. You have to be wise enough to know yourself, otherwise you will hurt your own family." Chen Yuyao frowned and was dissatisfied with Chen Zong's attitude. "In addition, Yiming is very good at martial arts. Don't approach him in the future or you'll negatively affect him.." She continued.

"Cousin, it's none of your business." Chen Yiming was very angry and pulled the Chen Zong, "Let's go Just ignore her."

"Goodbye." Chen Zong said in a dry tone and left with Chen Yiming. Chen Yuyao stood there, looking extremely annoyed.

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