Tenseishitarashii Nodesuga, Zensei no Kioku ga Mattaku Arimasen Chapter 14

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[You know how to cook? You?]

There are only Allec and Haruka in the Men’s Club today. Kent and Duke didn’t come.

Unlike the grannies, the two probably went with their husbands to work.

Kent’s husband is a field farmer and Duke’s husband is the same as Allec’s husband, a lumberjack. The two like to move their bodies around, and it seems they stuck to their husbands and were allowed to work.

[Because I don’t have any earnings, that’s why I thought that I should at least do the housework.]

[My, there’s also that way of thinking. Besides, you are hardworking.]

[You think?]

[That’s right. You come here without crying and immediately adapted to the situation. You also made a futon, too. Even though we have ten years, we never even had the idea of making a futon.]

The futon I made was also popular among the Grannies, and the Japanese Grannies quickly made some. It looked like the other Asian Grannies will also be making it soon.

[Futon, it’s nice. It’s better than directly sleeping on the plank, I recommend it.]

[…..Right now, I sleep on the bed.]

Haruka avoids his gaze, I immediately notice and blush.

That’s right, normally, you sleep with your husband. I absolutely don’t want to, though.

[Co, I think cooking is also nice. The food in the stalls are delicious but it’s easy to get tired of it, since it costs gold.]

[In our house, you see, my husband is a stall owner. That person also cooks at home.]

Haruka’s husband owns a food stall and he sells grilled meat. He chops the meat with a big kitchen knife. Although his arms are also big, he’s a man who is big overall.

He’s not like Saine who is bulky with muscles, he’s big in a fat and stout sense.

[He makes food outside, and even makes food at home?]

[That’s right. That person, he likes cooking.]

[So even at home, it’s meat?]

Haruka is thin. It’s not obvious that he keeps being fed meat.

[It’s vegetable-balanced at home. Although he loves meat, since I can’t eat it a lot, he makes it balanced. It’s quite delicious, you know? I think it will sell if he serves out vegetables, too, but he said the people here like meat so he can’t.]

I felt relieved listening to Haruka. Because he always has bruises in his face or arms, I was worried that he’s being treated cruelly.

When I said that, Haruka laughed.

[Hitting and kicking seem to be the way of the men here. Since it’s a society of men after all, they act roughly. Everyone has the same constitution so it doesn’t matter, but it turns bad if we’re added in the mix. Even if the other party just waves his hand, I involuntarily fall over.]

Right~, when Haruka looked at Allec, Allec laughed and nodded.

[My husband was also perplexed at first. Even though he tapped my shoulder as a morning greeting, I ended up squatting. That person’s arms are big, and even though the other party only intended to place his arm on my shoulder, it felt as if I was bashed when he did.]

Aah, that, I totally understand.

Even during that time I misunderstood when I was told that we’re setting our roles, Saine probably inserted a retort then. Despite that, I was lying on the floor with the chair.

[Everyone in the Men’s Club gets along well with their husbands, huh? About how many does that happen to?]

[I wonder. I and Allec originally specialized in men so there was no resistance, but Kent and Duke aren’t like that. But even for the two, they must get involved with the sexy stuff with their husbands.]

[He’s right. They have become like companions over there. My advice is not to forcibly accommodate sex.]

No, normally, you don’t accommodate it.

[If you put your husband in the mood even though he’s not feeling it, he will only direct his irritation at you if you’re not able to do it well. Even if it’s just a subtle erection, won’t it still be painful?]

When I get stared at by Allec, my heart somehow beats fast. His sex appeal drifts over, and my throat ended up making a gulping sound.

[If you’re going to do it, you must properly receive it without fail. There was a time when Duke wanted to arouse himself and stirred up his husband, but at the very end of it he refused saying he doesn’t want to be thrusted into by another man. But the husband is fully erect, so there’s no way he can be stopped. That’s why his first time was forced while being tied with a rope. It was a tragic event.]

[But with that, he opened his eyes towards men.]

[Yes, because once you experience being with another man even once, being with a woman will become boring. I think that he will also have it easier if he accepts it earlier but…]

[It’s hard~. Wasn’t he a lady-killer in his past life?]

[Only according to the person himself, though.]

They said, and the two fellow reincarnators laughed.

I am busy having my face turn blue at the exciting story and then into red. Anyway, in trying to change the conversation, inside my head is churning trying to find a topic.

[Now, now that you mention it, you love your husband, right, Allec?]

Oh no, I messed up. I ended up talking about romance to get away from the sexual topic. It looks like I will be rushing away from this again.

But Allec tilts his head and said to Haruka.

[Do I look like I’m in love with that person?]

[You don’t.]

At the two’s exchange, it’s my turn to tilt my head.

[Eh? Why? But Allec, you threw away the gold because you didn’t want to be sold, right? Wasn’t that because you don’t want to be apart from your husband?]

[You’re mistaken.]

Allec chuckles.

[That’s because, please think about it. I reared up that person’s p*n*s, you know? I peeled off his skin*, taught him erection, and made him ejaculate. That person, it’s truly his first time…. Or rather, it’s the first time for all the people here. ] (TN: Not literally, okay? Please don’t misunderstand, y’all.)

[……. What do you mean?]

[There are only men here, right? Despite that, there’s no one like us here. In short, there’s no one who likes his fellow man here. That’s why naturally, there are no brothels.]

[That’s why there’s no one here who has ever had sex before. Up until he gets the ceremony.] (TN: It’s a world of virgins~ ^v^)

[On top of that, it’s said that they’ve never gotten an erection before so even I was shocked. They have never masturbated before.]

[Can you imagine it? Despite being a man old enough to know better to have never grasped his penis except for excrement… he’s too delicious, isn’t he?] (TN: Wow, is Allec an S? Whoa~ O-o)

Allec ecstatically smiled.

[Wa, wait a minute… you mean, it can’t be, Saine, too….?]

[He’s a cherry.]

[A cherry is?]

[It means he’s a virgin.]

I slipped down from the chair.

Such an outstanding man with a body like that, and he’s a virgin?

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