The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days of Forced Love Chapter 133: A Mysterious Letter (3)

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His movement hurt Qin Zhi'ai more in her abdomen. She frowned. At the same time, she could sense it as he grew madder. She wondered if he would give up if she didn't give him an answer.

Qin Zhi'ai slightly pressed her lips together. She didn't know how to put it, so it took her some time to say, "It was only because I didn't want to cause any trouble and annoy you."

After she said it, she went quiet with her eyes looking down.

Her eyelashes were long and curled. The way she looked down made her look so quiet and beautiful, but it also gave him the illusion that she was sad. He wasn't sure it was just an illusion or she really was sad.

Gu Yusheng suddenly gasped. What she had just said kept resonating in his head, "Afraid of causing any trouble and annoying him."

He had told her not to trouble him if there was nothing important. That was why she wouldn't come to him even if she suffered great pain. She would rather suffer through it.

Suddenly, an invisible hand seemed to grip his heart tightly. He felt a sharp pain from the left side of his chest.

That kind of pain made Gu Yusheng nervously move his eyes. He suddenly let Qin Zhi'ai go and stepped back away from her.

It quieted down and became a little awkward for them.

As Qin Zhi'ai hesitated, unsure if she should ask Gu Yusheng to go home, Xiaowang, who had started the car for quite a while and saw they didn't seem to be coming over to the car anytime soon, ran to them and called, "Mr. Gu and Ms. Liang."

Gu Yusheng suddenly recovered from his daze. He glanced at Qin Zhi'ai, but didn't say anything to her. He stepped forward and held her in his arms. He carried her and walked to the car with a long face.

Xiaowang ran in front of them and opened the door for their convenience.

Gu Yusheng got Qin Zhi'ai in the car. He took a look at her, but didn't take a seat in the back with her. Instead, he closed the door and took the passenger seat.

Xiaowang noticed something unusual about Gu Yusheng, so he started car with a tense body. He looked straight forward, except for when he had to check the road with the rear mirror on Gu Yusheng's side.

Gu Yusheng started to smoke not long after the car left the parking lot.

He didn't smoke the way he usually smoked. Instead, he took quick puffs and smoked one cigarette after another. He had smoked half the pack not long after. He rolled down the window, but there was still smoke in the car.

Xiaowang had never seen Gu Yusheng like this. He was scared and didn't dare to cough. He suppressed his cough in case the sound would make Gu Yusheng mad.

As they were halfway there, Qin Zhi'ai in the backseat started to cough with her hand covering her mouth and nose.

It wasn't loud, but both Gu Yusheng and Xiaowang heard it.

Xiaowang couldn't help glancing at Gu Yusheng. He noticed Gu Yusheng bite his cigarette with furrowed eyebrows. Gu Yusheng looked up and took a look at the backseat from the rearview mirror.

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