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Translator: Skilvh

Editor: Kuhaku

39 Pick Up A Gifted Carriage (1)

The entire Feng Zhou City's people were kneeling at the City gate as they watched the Crown Prince's carriage slowly disappeared from their sights. Even though the man that they respected as a god did not come out to say a word, it did not stop them from paying respect to the Crown Prince.

Shang Wu Xin sat in the horse carriage. This horse carriage was made from the best wood. The soft couch in the carriage was covered with high-quality white bear's fur. There were several teacups in the carriage, these teacups were the rare luminous cups.

This horse carriage was not prepared by Shang Wu Xin. When they were getting ready to depart Feng Zhou City, someone sent a luxurious two-horse horse carriage at the entrance of the gate. Shang Wu Xin, at first, did not know who sent the carriage, but it was very clear now that the person who could have sent this was the divine doctor. She couldn't think of anyone else who could have prepared such a beautiful carriage this fast except for him.  Shang Wu Xin really admired how much money the man had. The most important thing was that there was a faint scent of medicine inside the carriage. There were even men's clothes hidden in the carriage's compartment. No matter how stupid Shang Wu Xin was, she would have realized it with just these few points.

"Yu Feng, do you know where the Crown Prince's carriage came from?" Huan Mo Che while riding on his horse asked Leng Yu Feng who rode on the carriage's left side. Although they had seen many good things in the world, they had to admire and admit that this carriage was something that not all people could get. More importantly, Huan Mo Che speculated that this carriage was not something that could be prepared in a short time. It would take a craftsman at least half a year to build this carriage. So this carriage was definitely not the Crown Prince's carriage.

When Leng Yu Feng heard his good friend's question, he remembered what he saw in the morning. As he was packing his belongings, Leng Yu Feng thought about preparing the Crown Prince's horse carriage. Even though the Crown Prince seemed masculine enough to do so, when he thought of Crown Prince's pale face, Leng Yu Feng couldn't stop himself from pampering him (SWX). However when he walked out of the residence's gate, he saw a two-horse carriage parked not far from the gate and the owner of that carriage surprised Leng Yu Feng, it was the divine doctor Ye Yi Zhe.

He heard Ye Yi Zhe, who wore a white-robe while carrying a snow fox, fearlessly say, "Sorry for troubling you. This horse carriage is a gift for the Crown Prince. When I have time, I will go to the capital to visit Crown Prince!" After he finished, he left the horse carriage and walked away, that was why Leng Yu Feng knew that this horse carriage was the divine doctor Ye Yi Zhe's carriage. He who never let other people enter his horse carriage now easily gave it away to the Crown Prince. This act made Leng Yu Feng a little cautious, but he didn't refuse the carriage.

Looking at his good friend's distracted and dark face, Huan Mo Che decided to punch his good friend. As he got close to his friend and he dodged the attack flawlessly. Jokes aside, how could Leng Yu Feng, who was in countless battles, be less vigilant? Vigilance was ingrained in his bones.

"This carriage was gifted by the divine doctor Ye Yi Zhe!"  Leng Yu Feng said with a cold face.

"Ye Yi Zhe?" Huan Mo Che was a bit surprised. As they were all considered one of the top men in the world, it's inevitable that they knew each other. Huan Mo Che knew that Ye Yi Zhe was not only a divine doctor but was also a wealthy businessman. More importantly, this Ye Yi Zhe was a prideful person and was obsessed with cleanliness. However, this kind of man gave his own luxurious horse carriage to the Crown Prince. Huan Mo Che felt that this Ye Yi Zhe person did not have a good intention.

"This Ye Yi Zhe has been wandering around the country and there has never been any news of the people that he has met. This time, he sent such valuable carriage to the Crown Prince, this guy is just like a weasel (4)" Huan Mo Che angrily said, but he suddenly realized that this analogy was wrong, and stopped his words.

Shang Wu Xin was lying inside the carriage, without fearing the carriage would crash even with no coach driving outside. Shang Wu Xin really had to agree that Ye Yi Zhe is a person who really knew how to enjoy life. This carriage was many times more comfortable than other ordinary carriages. She felt a little drowsy.

"Young master Huan, what's wrong with you?" He Lan Jin's voice came from outside of the carriage. Shang Wu Xin felt a little unhappy after being disturbed in her sleep but she still listened to what happened outside.

Huan Mo Che felt a bit uncomfortable and almost fell down from the horse. He Lan Jin was originally following behind his general and was surprised when he saw the situation. He was ready to step up and lift Young Master Huan but was stopped as Young Master Huan subtly asked him to hide it.

Leng Yu Feng's mouth was twitching a bit, but he had to admire his good friend's small tricks. Only his good friend was not afraid of pulling these type of things from below (5).

Leng Yu Feng lifted Huan Mo Che and said to the carriage, "Crown Prince, Mo Che's body seems to be somewhat uncomfortable. Can you let Mo Che enter the carriage to rest for a bit?" Leng Yu Feng felt flustered when he said this as he held Huan Mo Che. His palms were stiff, and he was afraid that he would throw his friend a few miles away, but when he remembered that he would be left alone here there would be no difference at all (6).

Shang Wu Xin raised her eyelids slightly before closing them to cover her bottomless eyes. A cold voice came from the carriage. "Come in!"

After he heard that, Leng Yu Feng helped Huan Mo Che into the carriage. When they entered the carriage, they saw the Crown Prince lying there. Although the carriage was extremely luxurious, the young man inside of it made it look brighter than usual. The slightly raised up corner of the young man's enchanting closed eyes, a flawless white face, a clear lip lined and tilted up in a slight smile, he was extremely handsome.

The heart of Leng Yu Feng and Huan Mo Che suddenly beat violently, they spent a lot of self-control not to make any violations in their conduct, or else they would very likely hold the young man lying there in their arms.

Just when both of them were at a loss, the young man lying there suddenly opened his eyes, and in an instant cold air permeates the entire carriage.

Leng Yu Feng looked at the Crown Prince's expression and immediately explained, "I…I am afraid Mo Che will bother the Crown Prince, so…so…I…" Leng Yu Feng found that he suddenly could not say any lie in front of the Crown Prince's cold eyes. He tilted his head down until his chin touched his neck, clenched his fist and said "Apologies…"

"Apologies, we just wanted to enter the carriage to accompany Crown Prince, so we lied!" Huan Mo Che elucidated his good friend's words. They couldn’t come up with any lies in front of the Crown Prince. They thought about getting into the horse carriage first before continue talking, but when they saw the look of the Crown Prince, they couldn't say anything about the lies. Although it was just a small trick they didn't dare to look at her eyes.

Shang Wu Xin's eyes looked at the two casually and found the smile on Huan Mo Che's mouth was very stiff and looked very ugly, while Leng Yu Feng's wheat-colored (7) face was faintly turning white. Shang Wu Xin got up from her lying position to sit down and said, "Sit!"

The two sat opposite from the Crown Prince. Just after they sat down, they heard the unique voice of the Crown Prince, "Although you are not this prince's friends or subordinates, this prince's eyes were not made of sand(8). This prince does not work well even if it's a white lie (9). If both of you do not like this prince's temperament, then from today onwards just leave!"

Shang Wu Xin did not mean to say this to both of them, but she had to admit in this period of time both of them had worked hard for herself. If not for this two people dealing with Feng Zhou City, then others won't be able to do it. This piece of good will, she had felt and received it, so the things that need to be said must be said.

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Author's Note:

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Our dear ZheZhe (YYZ) has delivered the carriage!
Pick Up is a Must!

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T/N note:

  1. Originally it's泡妞必备送车 google translates to "Pick up the must-have car". I'm literally lost in translating this chapter's title as my comprehension in "sending a carriage for pick up" in ancient area was used to pick up the bride in a wedding. ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌
    2. Literally translated as "No Waves and No Water" which refers to a person who lack of ambition and desire. _(:| 」∠)_
    3. Really??!! Ye Yi Zhe… u so scary…. - Σ(°△°|||)︴ - imagines a person hugging your thigh/waist tightly without letting go even when they're dead… Zommmbbbiiieeee!!! OAO
    4. To be referred as a "Weasel" -> simply meant that that person is very sneaky or sly.
    5. Pulling things from below -> Playing little/sneaky tricks.
    6. The point is, there would be no difference if he flings HMC away, as he would still felt flustered because he helped HMC to stage the lies and lied to SWX.
    7 Wheat-colored skin tone -> search it in google or any search browser you have on hand. It's a lighter color of brown skin tone. It's a darker colour than "tan" I think.
    8. Eyes not made of sand: one of the baidu users explained that this means that SWX is not someone who is easy to be deceived.
    9. My comprehension -> basically Shang Wu Xin said that she won't accept any types of lie, even if a white lie is sometimes good for a person, as a white lie, no matter how kind, is malicious?/bad towards the one who heard it or the one who's mentioned or even to the one who said/created it first.


Fun Trivia: Do you know:

幻莫澈Huàn mò chè - if you google translate it literally means à Magic Moche.
冷羽枫lěng yǔ fēng - if you google translate it literally means à Cold Feather Maple.

Wahahahahahaha!!! XD

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