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Chapter 6 A Indignant Speech
Ye Tianxue enters house swaggeringly once they arrive. While his families are very surprised that he should dare to back home with smile after hurting the castellan's son.

" Dad, I'm back." says Ye Tianxue.

" Xue, how dare you come back? The families have just come to find you for your trouble. You'll suffer if you back now." His father, Ye Fuyu, frowned.

"Don't worry, I have been ready for this. And it's Li Heming who made trouble first. Why should I get punished?" Ye Tianxue answers casually.

"You…" Ye Fuyu don't know how to explain. He has to blame with his wife:" Why did you come back with son? Don't you know he'll be caught soon?"

Ouyang Hui is wronged and her eye rims turn red:" It's really our son who was bullied by Li Heming. Our son didn't make trouble. Believe me!"

Ye Fuyu signs with no idea and asks Ye Tianxue:" I cannot save you now. And what's you idea? You can try it if you don't make situation more serious."

Ye Tianxue is disappointed with his father, he thought he should be aggressive, rather than feeling alarmed like this. He has no idea but comforts his father:" Don't worry."

Just at the time Ye Tianxue plan to has a rest, a servant enters the room and says to Ye Fuyu:" The lord asks you and master to go there together."

"All right," Ye Tianxue stands up and tells his mother to have a rest, then he goes to meet his grandpa with his father.

"Xue, remember to keep in line when talk with your grandpa. Don't offend him any longer. Your grandpa mustn't have the heart to expel you to Mingyue City if you went to Cangling School as he wished. Actually grandpa plan to get you home a year later, but you should make such a big trouble. Though those elders won't forgive you, you'd better not to clash with them." Ye Fuyu enjoins Ye Tianxue.

While Ye Tinxue didn't listen to him and complains:" Dad, don't call me 'Xue' any longer. It's a girl's name and I'm a man."

Ye Fuyu is a little angry for his impoliteness, but he don't want to quarrel with him now, so he back to his topic and asks Ye Tianxue:" Do you remember what I said just now?"

Ye Tianxue is impatient and shouts: " Yes, I do. You told me don't offend those old guys!"

Ye Fuyu is exasperated and don't want to say anything. Otherwise his son may be more insolent.

Having arrived at the elders' home, Ye Tianxue enters without knocking at the door. Because he thinks there is no need to be polite with those bigots. While his father is pretty scared.

"Knock at the door next time, rude boy." the patriarch, Ye Feng, is a little unhappy.

"I planed to knock at the door, but it opened by itself before that." Ye Tianxue answers casually. And nobody knows how to refute him.

So Ye Feng has to get down to business:" Well, we want you to tell all about the story with Les to us."

Ye Tianxue is surprised. It's a good chance to complain. So he looks at patriarch in appreciation and says: " When I first arrived at Mingyue City, I was really regret for my being headstrong and decided to make a good change. Half a year past, and I didn't make any trouble there. However, Li Heming should charge me for money when I met him. I didn't want to conflict with him, so I bore his behavior again and again. I give him an inch and he wants to take an ell. He should insult me in public. I really couldn't bear it any more."

All the elders calm down and feel sorry for Ye Tianxue's experience. And Ye continues his speech indignantly:" I was so angry that I rushed to him and broke two of his fingers. But Li Buqi shielded his son and told Uncle Yu it's me who hit Li Heming first. I got exasperated and hit Li Buqi again. In the next half a month, I cried every day and couldn't see clearly. Uncle Yu was worried about me. So he gave me several baskets of oranges for sale. Hoping that I could feel better by shifting attention. Although I was nearly blind, I still could count the oranges. Just at the first day to sell oranges, I met Li Heming again. I thought he was a fake who pretended to be Li Heming because I was blind. Therefore I hit him again by mistake. And what I want to say is that I don't feel regret for my behavior at all. I'll accept all your punishments."

It's obvious that Ye Tianxue's speech is valid. Those elders all change their mind and want to get fair back for him.

The second elder says to Ye Tianxue after a while:" I'm really sorry for your experience. But It's true that you hurt them badly. I hope you can apologize to them. If them still bully you, I promise we won't forgive them."

All the elders agree with second elder. Ye Feng also let him to plan to apologize to Les.

Though the elders know it's impossible, Ye Tianxeu smiles and says:" Thanks for your pardon. I won't make any trouble from now on." And then he says goodbye to the elders and returns home with Ye Fuyu.

After they left, Ye Feng signs and says:" My grandson is truly smart. If he listened to me and went to study at Cangling School, he must have some achievement. I don't want to see him to degenerate like this. Maybe it's time to sent him to Cangling School to have a test."

The eldest elder agree:" To be honest, I suspect that he has learnt Kong Fu with other. Otherwise it's impossible for him to hurt castellan easily."

All the elders become silent. And Ye Feng says:" Well, let's talk about the test later. We should discuss about the countermeasures against Li Buqi first. Listen, first…"

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