The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady Chapter 114

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Murong Xue was speechless and looked upat the sky: “I understand your point of view, but stop talking aboutteaching! Just tell me directly how to do it!

When the Old Jing Wang was in Yunnan, hehad no way to help me. The old Jing Wang had no other choice than returningback to Beijing and retire immediately, I surely did not have any intention toget involved with that shameless villain!"

“jing Lao Wangye, the "Iron Heart",didn'want you to run away. You avoided all the ceremonies and you decided to notconfess. You can't play any role now. You need to draw a clear line, right now,during this beautiful night. You have to train hard your body, silently doalways something to improve, in order to defeat them and make them retire!”

Ouyang Shaohao said those words lookingdown, with pupils dark like a deep pond.

Murong Xue's bright eyes lit up and she nodded with decision: “Iunderstand.”

Ouyang Shao glanced at her, the corners of his mouth curved like a beautiful arc:“It seems that you are not stupid as you look.”

Murong Xue small face instantly became dark, she grabbed the soft pillow infront of her and threw it ferocious to Ouyang, trying to smash his face:“YOU are stupid!”

Looking at her angry eyes, OuyangShaosheng couldn't hold a bit of laughter, gently avoided the soft pillow,grabbed her wrist, pulled her to the lounge chair with strong arms, tightlywrapped them around her little waist, and kissing her lips that tasted likefresh water!

The wet feeling that came from the lipsmade Murong Xue almost faint, her mind was going blank while a faint bambooscent floated around the tip of her nose. Her eyes were as bright as the cloudsin front of the sun.

The recliner of the chaor was not bigand he was holding her tightly. The two of them were so close that one couldnot see any gaps between them. Through his thin shirt, she could clearly feelthe warm temperature from his slender and fit body…

Murong Xue was shocked and stunned, butshe found the strength to scream at Ouyang Shaohao and push him away:“Ouyang Shaohao… What the hell are you doing?”

Looking at her so angry and arrogant butstill so beautiful, Ouyang Shaohao acted like nothing has happened and casuallysaid: “The sky is still bright, but now you will relax, you worked tillnow and you are definitely tired, I want you to lie down and rest.”

“Really?” Murong Xue askedsuspiciously.

“Do you think I need to lie to youin this kind of thing?” Ouyang took a look at her, and she was stilldoubtful.

Maybe it was all a mistake. Maybe, hedid not have to do this to her.

Murong Xue was starting to hate OuyangShaohao, and with an angry expression said: “I'll go back to my room tosleep.”

“The weather is getting hotter andhotter, your room is full of stuff and I want you to rest right here!”Ouyang Shaohao said lowly, his head resting with closed eyes on Murong Xue’sshoulder.

Murong Xue little face want instantly evenmore dark: "Here it is, he thinks I'm his pillow!"

Suddenly she stretched out her arms andwas about to push Ouyang Shaohao away, so he faintly opened his mouth:“Can you think of a way to deal with all the dust in your room?”

Murong Xue was caought by surprise andshook her head: “I haven’t thought about it yet, but I think that someonewill soon clean it for me!”

The corner of her mouth curled up with astrange smile, and she glanced at the wall behind them not far away.

    Ouyang Shaohaolooked where she was glancing and saw a sneaky figure that quickly ran away:“That is… is a spy of your grandmother and your second uncle!”

    "Yeah!" MurongXue nodded. "Their headquarters are all over the town of Houfu. From time totime, they will come to the Snowfall Court and quietly monitor my every move.However, thanks to these spies I hear many news, but as long as you don't talkloud they won't know nothing about us”

Ouyang Shaoyan's mouth was open withshock. Everything she said out loud was because she deliberately wanted them toknow. It was really a low blow.

“Everyone in Beijing knows that Iwant to retreat with Yuyue. Nothing has to happen this night, or everyone willdoubt me. So, I am going to use this pool of clean water and clean that mess. Later,during the night, that nasty dust will have to retreat…”

Murong Xue had nothing more to say, the condensationended with her gazing at the sky, waiting for an answer from Ouyang Shaohao, orjust an advice, but for a long time she couldn't hear a single word from him.The situation started to look awkard and she looked at him: she saw OuyangShaoyan lips closed as his eyes, and is chest slowly going up and down.

He was… asleep! She is talking nearhis ear, yet he can still sleep? Is his anti-interference ability too good, orare my words too boring?

Murong Xue was gloomy and looked atOuyang Shaohao. She saw that he was sleeping like a baby. The long eyelashescast two thick shadows on his eyes… Oh, it were not the shadow of theeyelashes, but the skin. He had such dark circles around his eyes!

It's no wonder that he felt asleep listeningto her words. He was clearly exhausted. I didn't know what kept him busyrecently. Xiaoyao Wangfu is always at the royal palace. In the Qingyan country,keeping his status must take a toll on his body. Some people admire him andsome are hostile. The Xiaoyao Wang and Wang Hao families were all competing. Theburden of the whole palace was on the shoulders of Ouyang Shaohao.

Ouyang Shaohao was only 18 years old anddid not yet win any competition. Although he has been traveling for ten years,he is still young and has almost no experience. It was really difficult for himto deal with the old smart foxes who inhabitated the Royal Palace. It is nowonder that he was so tired……

The breeze blew gently, and Murong Xueyawned loudly. The tiredness came suddenly and she couldn't keep awake!

Keeping the eyes opened became too hard,and before she could notice she had already fallen asleep!

Ouyang Shaohao slowly opened his eyesand looked at her peaceful and quiet sleep. She was smiling in her sleep: shebecame smarter, not as stupid as she used to be, and her marriage contract withYu Yichen now seemed not a problem, she could handle it. If her method didn’twork, he would think another one…

As for Du Shi, Murong Jian, Murong Rou,etc. … she could also take care of them slowly, she could overcome anyobstacle and after he could quietly clean up everything for her…

Yutangyuan was sitting on the soft couchin front of the window, leaning against a large pillow with an angry face, tirelesslymoving with nervousness: “How can I be so careless? My whole calculationswere wrong!”

She was seriously injured, and sherested nearly the whole day. She didn’t expect to wake up  this early this morning. She actually overheardthat Joer and Xu Wen slept together, and Song Tian was almost raped in bed…

Murong Rou sat on the mahogany chair,his eyes were red and swollen, his face was very awkward, and he gnashed histeeth: “I will never let Murong Xue do his biddings!”

“What is the use of these wordsright now?” Du Shi gave her a sigh of annoyment: “You'll have toretire after a month, and you will never go back to the Song family. You shouldthink about it since you left Wu Anhou. What should I do with thegovernment?”

Song Qingxuan is the capital of Wu’anHoufu, and will always be the biggest city of Wu’an Houfu.

Song Tian asked for a young age wife,and when he would go to the church, he would definitely get married again witha beautiful woman…

Thinking about Song Tian asked to beable to hold other women in his arms, under his care, Mu Rongrou’s heart hurtlike it was stabbed by a knife. He kept crying and crying: “It will be ina month… I promise you…. Prepare a good home for the Qing Dynasty… Even ifthe lady who will marry you will look like a little vicious… I think we canfix this mess…"

Du Shi glanced at him and scorned:“You are Mr. Wu Anhou, Qing dynasty rules the noble capital of Wu’anHoufu. It shouldn't be a problem for you to help me creating a good family. If can'torganize a marriage at church, the reputation of Qing dynasty will also drop.The family has suffered, do you want it to disappear?”

There is a lot of people who believed inthe marriage contracts in the capital city, but there are many people who alsowere attracted by the family wealth. Who could guarantee you would find a noblecompanion and not only a thief?If everything went according the plans, everyonewould come and bow at his feet. Qing will retire. To keep reputation intact isreally hard. It is also difficult to find someone else at the last minute.“What should I do?”

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