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Chapter 78 That who

Actually, this guy was correct, if Dugu Hong was really just an ordinary new comer.

"Well, good operation!" Among the crowd of gamers, it seemed that only Santian noticed that Dugu Hong didn't attack much but every time he attacked, he would kill the monster.

"Just so so." Dugu Hong replied politely. He looked at Santian.

Of course, when a team was practicing, there usually weren't much trouble. Like this, a whole day was quickly finished. It was time for them to go back home.

"Good. Today you all performed well." Santian was summarizing the day. "These are all the items and rewards we got today. Old rule, 20% of cash belongs to the organization, medicines belong to the organization, herbs belong to you all."

"What…What is your name?" Santian pointed at Dugu Hong and asked, "Which blue dress do you want? You can pick now."

"What?" The group was surprised, "How could this be possible!" They all looked at one person.

Usually in team practice, they would take the blue dress reward in turn. The person was usually pre-determined.

But today, there was one new comer in the team. Originally, they didn't really care much because this new comer was just 38 level. So they didn't think he could do anything big. As a result, knowing that Dugu Hong became the winner of the day really shocked them. \

In today's blue dress, there was a jade that had +3 intelligence.

If this item was sold in the shop, it would at least be sold for 100 golds. For all the efforts Dugu Hong spent in the two seedling villages, he only got 50 golds. Today, it was the team efforts of the whole day that resulted in 60 golds. So the value of the blue dress was obvious.

But these gamers were smart. They didn't complain to Dugu Hong's face. They only asked if the statistics in the team was wrong today. Did Dugu Hong cheat during the practice?

Santian looked at all these gamers.

"Host Santian, I don't think it's fair." Pawaluodi felt the power in Santian's eyes. But it was a matter of his position in the team, so he didn't want to back off. If others knew that he lost to a level 38 new gamer, he would lose his reputation.

"So, what do you want?"

"…" Pawaluodi was surprised. But he quickly came up with an idea. He pointed at Dugu Hong, "Since he could become the winner of today's practice, there shouldn't be anything wrong with his operation. Let me fight with him. If he wins me, I will admit his rewards."

After Pawaluodi said so, there were agreements, but mostly there were a lot of shmmmm. In the eyes of ordinary gamers, it was obvious that Pawaluodi was taking advantage of Dugu Hong.

"OK." Before Santian responded, Dugu Hong already pulled out his sword. This was a golden opportunity for Dugu Hong.

"Let's fight!"

"Wow. Exciting. Good show. Let's bet! Let's bet!"

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