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Chapter 74 Second Level Possessed (Part I)

Yuxiao never cultivated Extinct-Earth according to Zhan Mee's requirements. If according to Zhan Mee's requirements, he should fight hundreds of battles in the arena, and bear all kinds of attacks from warriors, fighters, evil-kinds or magicians that below level 3, so as to achieve the maximum physical capacity to create the internal power, and then he could cultivate the second level.

However, he combined his family's method of gathering Qi and directly began to build the second level. And, no matter be the small acupuncture points on arm or leg, they actually opened by him completely. He tried to shake his fist a few more time to control the force. At this time, he also found that every time he used his full strength, he would drive the rotation of evil-qi. A stream of air will quickly pass through his meridians and rotate his fist. If he didn't do his full strength, he wouldn't drive evil-qi. The same goes for leg strength. Realising this, he felt much calmer. At that moment, he looked at himself, and saw that all his clothes, except a bloody cloth on his breast, had fallen to pieces and floated to all parts of the cave.

Suddenly, the door opened and a soft white light shone in. He knew he was facing another duel. At this moment, he took out the food from the parcel that Old Lei had sent to him. After a few mouthfuls of food, he wrapped the cloth bag around his waist, went out with bared arms and feet.

From there, he found an enchanting woman standing in the arena. She looks like she is in her twenties, and her attractive beauty of posture, expression and every twinkle and smile makes it difficult for any man to control himself. In the audience, there are many young men have drooled.

Enchanting woman looked at Yuxiao and smiled at him. Her eyes winked at Yuxiao as if she could speak. Yuxiao felt a heat rising from his pubic region. The third leg, between his legs, began to grow, which terrified him so much. Although he was almost seventeen he had never experienced anything of either sex. Besides practicing martial arts and reading books, he usually eats and sleeps. He doesn't have much contact with women at all. He had the impression that the only difference between men and women was physical, that one breast was larger and the other flatter.

As soon as he felt the third leg grow larger, his mouth began to dry. "Am I poisoned?"

"Yuxiao said to himself. He looked at the woman and became alarmed. Slowly, his eyes filled with blood. The woman in front of him slowly changed a few exaggerated provocative movements. Yuxiao felt his blood boil uncontrollably and his heart became more manic.

In the stands, many men had nosebleeds. One of the young men said, "Damn it, after the game, I have to buy a slave girl to relieve myself."

"Enchantment Skill is good, she has reached the third level of the realm, I am afraid I will lose the bet." This game, Fu Yigu even came to watch. "He said to himself as he sat on the spectator seat. Several of his attendants, three of whom were red with suppressed faces, closed their eyes. It seems that they can't withstand the Enchantment Skill released from this woman.


With a roar from a beast, Yuxiao plied her rival, the enchanting woman, with a very quick spurt.

"Why, what are you doing? You want to hit me?"

The woman leaned down, leaving only her back. She easily dodged Yuxiao's attack. Then, there was an aggrieved look on her face, as if she wanted all men to love her. She looked at Yuxiao and grumbled.

As she dodged, Yuxiao smelled a faint fragrance. His mind grew more and more frantic, as if a fire had burned in his belly. Instead of helping him calm down, the icy evil-qi in his belly actually reversed itself, as if it helped to swell the boiling blood in his body.


Yuxiao let out a rumbling roar. His eyes were totally red. He was looking at the woman who pretended to be wronged and felt pity. He almost forgot that he was fighting at the moment. He runs quickly to the edge, flexes his legs and gathers his breath, trying to force out his imaginary toxins.

Cher Mee went from calm in the stands to a bit worried. A look of worry showed itself on her face. Old Lei and Yun saw Cher Mee's performance and shook their heads slightly, not knowing what was on their minds.

Enchanting woman found that Yuxiao did not pounce on her again. There was a gleam of surprise in her eyes. Then a spring smile appeared on her face. She interlinked her hands and changed a few movements. Then she shot a bright red flying sword from her fingers and stabbed Yuxiao as fast as lightning.

"Level 4 Holy Mentor, she turned out to be a fighter unexpectedly." Fu Yigu looked at the woman inside the arena, said in surprise.

Zhong lost 100,000 gold coins last time, but today he is sitting with Zhen Mee again. As he watched the bright red flying sword shot at Yuxiao in the arena, he said to Zhen Mee with a bleak smile on his face: "I don't know if you can take out 200,000 gold coins today?"

Zhen Mee did not have time to answer.

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