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"Heh-heh-heh, if you already eat then it doesnt matter anymore. Ehhh, little boy, I Siok Tin Cu was not a fool."
"for your information i made these pill myself with the help from kauwcu (head of the religion). I need dozen of years from the juice of dozen kind of foul fruits which containing thai-Yang and each of it have amazing effects. I have made three but until now i did not dare to try it. I Must first try on others, and you with your wild stomach will be perfect to be a guinea pig! If you die, no one will mourn, when you live ... well, then I will give a gift of dry bread or money, Heh-heh-heh! "
Beng san wide eyes became more broad when he hear it, not from fear but anger.
"smelly Tosu did you forget a holy sentence,'he  who have not rid themselves of the evil, and who do not care about virtue and truth, he was not worthy to wear yellow?"
Siok Tin Cu initially shocked and surprised because these  sentence are the words of the sacred book in Buddhism (in the Dhammapada book), but he was soon laughing. "Inevitably you still have to swallow this medicine!"
"Unwilling…! You stinky tosu! "Beng San took two small stones from the ground and throw it to Siok Tin Cu.
However Siok Tin Cu just laughed and once he moves his left hand, the edge of his sleeve 'blow' away the stone, made Beng San unable to move again. He cant feel anything from both of his legs and hands but he can still move everything from neck upward.
"evil Tosu, smelly tosu, what do you want with me?" he Screams repeatedly.
"It's okay, i just want you to swallow the medicine."
The Yellow pill that stinks brought closer to Beng San nose, made this kid want to vomit.
"It smells rotten like you, I never want to swallow it!" he shook his head to the right and left trying to get away from the drug.
"Heh-heh-heh, brat. Im Forced to opened your mouth. "
The Tosu left hand was holding Beng San chin  and he feel how powerful force forced his mouth to open. He pretended to obey, but when this tosu careless and about to enter the pill into the open mouth, Beng San moving his head down and bit his left hand.
"Ouch ...!" Because he didnt expect it, the tosu little finger got bitten hard until it bleed.
He slapped Beng San. This slap so hard,and the pain made Beng San accidentally open his mouth and let go of the tosu hand.
" Plakkk! Plakkk! Plakkk! Plakkk! Plakkk!"
Many times the  tosu slap Beng San from the right and left, and Beng San did not complain. But the pain made his eyes wet. After the boy almost fainted because of pain and dizziness, then tosu stopped the slap.
Beng San face  become swollen and his cheeks become blue. Surprisingly, the angry tosu didnt realize, that not a word of complain cana be heard from the boy. It really shows the outstanding character of the boy, also reflecting the courage and fortitude.
"cmon swallow this!" Siok Tin Cu impose half fainting  Beng San to open his mouth, then stuffing the foul-smelling  pill into Beng San  mouth.
Even if he already dizzy and half fainted, but in with child bravery he about to spit out the pill. However Siok Tin Cu shut his mouth and push the pill with his index finger into Beng San throat. Eventually the drug was entered into Beng San belly!
"He-he-he, i want to see a result ..." Siok Tin Cu move his hand and free beng san stiffnes.
Beng San collapsed on the ground. His head is down because it was still groggy and dazed. His closed eyes become narrow because of his cheeks had large swells on either side.
What a pity this kid, his face becomes like a ripe pumpkin.
Suddenly Beng San wiggled his feet,his skin appears more and more red like boiled shrimp. More and more red his skin made he acted abysmally, he twitches like a snake doused by hot water.
"Hot ... hot ...!"
Finally he feel unbearable. However his mouth never complain it just says 'hot ... hot ...' many times. His skin became dark red almost black and from his body thin vapor can be seen as if all the water in his body is boiling.
Beng San jump to and fro like a madman. He hit a tree, then fell, rose again, staggered, then crawled up the back hit a tree again. Then he jumped up and ran.
"Heh-heh-heh, want to see how long you can survive." Siok Tin Cu also ran after the kid who are crazy from heat and left his horse tied to a tree.
After beng san ran for 1 Km, he hit a tree again and tumble. This child can not get up again, just twitches and rolling.
Siok Tin Cu kneel and scrutinize. He Sorted and examine Beng San entire body which has been powerless to mention , his mouth incessantly praises.
"Hemmm, his body filled with miraculous heat. This is the essence of some kind of Ki  if it can be maintained and supplied with the power of Iweekang would be some sort of special-kang, strong and hot.
Very good! I Wanted to see what was ruined. "He checked his stomach and chest.
"Hemmm, hemmmmm ... dangerous, almost everything inside his stomach is blistered, lungs full of hot air, his heart started to wrinkle... If the boy does not have  empty stomach, not full pure Ki and pure body and did not have clean bones, he'll be a dead man right away. With Iweekang in my body, whether I will be able to withstand the heat like this ...? Hemmm, dangerous ... "
With So much fun checking, the Tosu didnt realize  and did not feel that his prescription bag fell apart. When the body Beng San moving, the drug bag was accidentaly crushed by the child's body and is not visible from above.
"Hemmm ..., dangerous consequences. Can i stand it? "
The Tosu stood and pensive. He was afraid of the consequences if he use the drug to himself but his body could not resist. Conciuses he touch his waist and he was shocked because he do not have a bag of drugs in there.
He looking everywhere, but in vain. He then remember. No doubt he'd take a pill from medicine bags and immediately tied back to his waist. Maybe he left it in the horse saddle, he thought.
Quickly he ran from Beng San. He ran back to the place where he had left his horse. Here he was looking around, flipping through grass and weeds around it, unload all the provisions of the horse to the side.
Meanwhile, Beng San still twitches.
"Hot ... hot ... hungry ... hungry ...," he said.
His hands gropes everywhere. He tried to open his eyes, but once opened, the tears streaming down was so hot.
Suddenly his hands managed to capture a small pouch. Both his hands pulled it, and with just one pull the bag was destroyed and two pills already in his hand. Because his mind hardly can be used thanks to great suffering, he immediatly put the two pills into his mouth and swallow it!
At the time,he can vaguely heard the singing of small song. When arriving on the scene, it turned out that the singer is a big tall man, but his face is black without any mustache or beard, face smooth as a child.
His eyes shone stupidly and honest like a child's eyes, even though he was already forty years old. The funny thing is his clothes, with florals and even his shoes are shoes that commonly used by women. In short, he was a strange man having childish behavior, dressed like a women, and only screwball who do something like him.
He stopped singing and stood watching Beng San who still rolling. After Beng San swallow two pills, he was like a worm exposed to hot ashes. Rolled there, twitch here, twitches and foaming at the mouth.
"Ha-ha-ho-ho-Hoh, you play into a pangolin?"
The new arrivals were show a delight face and then participated falling  away and rolling, twitches like Beng San while laughing very happy.
"c'mon we race, who is faster to roll!" He invites Beng San playing the race. Of course Beng San are not aware of it all and did not care about it.
"Ehh, you do not want to race? Damn you, i talk to you and you just keep quite! "
The man jumped up and approached Beng San. He saw two eyes that are withdrawn from Beng San foaming face.
"Ehh ... ehh ... ehh, demons, you even mock me?" The man angry, thinking that Beng San dying was mocking him. "I will kicked you."

The old man kicked slowly. Unintentionally he kicked the blood-thi-thait-to at the back Beng San.
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