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Chapter 8- The Wife crushed to death by money

Shoutout to Xenon and Fuufuu (again <3) for donating! I’ll try to get a regular update schedule going but its in the air for now.

But walking from the top of the stairs to the dining table took at least half an hour. Cheng Jinyu's entire brain was like paste, he did not understand the current situation.

Gu Family clearly had him become Gu Bokai's newly wedded wife and pulled him to come greet the relatives. But, but it shouldn't be like this!

When Cheng Jinyu sat at the dining table, his entire body was still swaying.

There were too many visitors. Although Gu Family's dining table was very big, it still couldn't fit this many people. It seemed like it was already arranged early on because after saying hello to Cheng Jinyu, everyone left one after another.

At last, everyone left at the table was Gu Bokai's seven aunts and uncles, as well as his father's brothers and sister along with their wives and husband. Even though many people had left, the people leftover was still not little.

Like this, with the older generation sitting here, Cheng Jinyu still had a bit of nervousness.

Mama Gu opened her mouth first, "Jinyu! You and Kaikai's wedding ceremony will definitely be set up, and also it will be big. But, but merely that Kaikai's situation is special, for the time being we can only postpone it. It really is doing you wrong."

Gu Family's third uncle drank some wine and a sound of snorting came out. "Last time it was during the wedding, the new wife was too excited and had a heart attack and died."

Gu Bokai suddenly turned his head over to reply, "Third uncle is drunk."

Cheng Jinyu did not know how Gu Bokai's previous two wives died, but not knowing how the third wife died was out of the question. And it was because of the death of the third wife, it allowed Gu Bokai's wife jinx to be known.

Gu Bokai's first two wives died after receiving the certificate, this was only known by a few close people. Other people heard rumors but could not confirm.

But Gu Bokai's third wife on the day of the wedding, had finished saying to the priest, "In the name of the Holy Spirit, Holy Father, and Holy Son. I now pronounce you husband and wife. The groom may now kiss the bride." Afterwards, the bride suddenly had a heart attack and died.

Even if the Gu Family wanted to conceal this situation, the Family's influence was too large. There was no way and Gu Bokai's dead wife's name instantly spread out everywhere. Those two silent nameless wives was also known by everyone.

Cheng Jinyu finally knew it. This was the Gu Family's small ceremony that they had shifted to an earlier date. Similar to a small wedding between relatives and friends.

Only this was a fake marriage with Gu Bokai, could it still be used? Or, would it actually have to be real, in order to ensure the misfortune of Gu Bokai's wife jinx?

Gu Family's third sister in law smiled and spoke, "Drank a lot, he just drank a lot. You still don't hurry up and go back to rest,  you'll just speak foolishly."

Gu Family's third uncle laughed and replied, "I spoke the truth, everything about our Kaikai is good, just those dead wives."

Gu Bokai immediately slammed his hand on the table and stood up. Third aunt hurriedly dragged her husband and left.

Gu Bokai, "Did you forget something?"

Third aunt face palmed. "Look, how could I forget this." While talking third aunt walked to the front of Cheng Jinyu and from her pocket pulled out a card. "This is my family's beauty salon VIP gold card. From now on if you go to my family's beauty salon it will be completely free, moreover it’s also for the rest of your life!"

"Of that’s right! We have many branches and all of them can be used."

Cheng Jinyu finally responded to this. This was probably their way of giving red envelopes. But he was a fake, could he even take this card?

Third Aunt saw that Cheng Jinyu was a bit hesitant and with a bit of embarrassment spoke. "Do you not like it? My fault, I should have gone to research what things you like and prepared another gift."

"No, no, this is very good." Cheng Jinyu hurriedly received it. He thought, first take it then speak, in worst case he could still give it to Gu Bokai.

After Third aunt gave the gift she took third uncle and left, it was just that after seeing one person give a gift, everyone afterward began to immediately start.

Oldest Aunt gave a gold watch, second aunt gave a limited edition motorcycle, second uncle gave a gold card to a club, fifth aunt gave a SLR camera and so forth.

Cheng Jinyu's eyes were wide open. In his mind there was only one thought, they were all wealthy people. They were all fucking wealthy people! For the purpose of 200,000 he sold himself. These vicious wealthy people, they just casually give out tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands.

When the gifts from the relatives were all finished, in Cheng Jinyu's hands and the table in front of him were just piled up with items.

Mama Gu smiled and walked up to Cheng Jinyu, "Many people misunderstand our Kaikai, don't believe that superstition. Kaikai's previous three wives, were all accidents from many causes, by all means you do not need to be afraid."

Cheng Jinyu sincerely responded, "I'm not afraid, my life is strong."

Mama Gu looked at Cheng Jinyu with even more love and devotion, "You really are similar to one of my very close friends, if he had a child they would be roughly your age. I feel like this is destiny, we will become a good family."

Cheng Jinyu smiled, this would most likely not happen. If he died, in the course of events all troubles would end when the main trouble ended, If he lived then he would still have to clear out and give the position to Chen Yuze.

He couldn’t see clearly what Gu Family was paying attention to, merely smiled, words didn’t even speak.

Mama Gu continued to talk , "In accordance with the old traditions, we need to pay a visit to your house. Need to set up an engagement feast, need to send betrothal gifts, but your certificate was too hurried, many things couldn't be done in time. Another day me and his father will personally pay respects to your mother."

Cheng Jinyu continued to smile. Thinking to himself, even this act was too real! Was this a script that was written at an earlier date? Shouldn't they have let him see this script earlier? Otherwise he would not know how to properly answer.

"Paying a visit to your mom can wait, engagement feast is also not necessary, but the betrothal gift is a must."

Cheng Jinyu's eyes immediately became bright while Gu Bokai disdainfully said, "money grubber!"

You oldest young master, from young you were born in a pile of gold and silver, of course you're not a money grubber! Cheng Jinyu inwardly slandered him. Even though the money was definitely not his own, in any case it let him see what gifts from rich and powerful aristocracy was like.

From her chest Mama Gu took out car keys. "I also don’t know what kind of car you like. But if you don’t like the color it can be changed, car style can also be modified. This is a limited edition Lamborghini, sky blue. Of course, If you don’t like this brand, can buy a completely new one. Starting today, this car is yours."

Cheng Jinyu's hand was practically shaking, so generous? A limited edition Lamborghini? Just given to him like that? This was a rich person's betrothal gift?

Although Cheng Jinyu knew that in his entire lifetime he would never own this kind of luxurious sports car, but can still look at the car keys! There's no man that doesn’t love cars, furthermore there was no man that could resist the temptation of a sports car.

Cheng Jinyu's quivering heart had not calmed down yet. In order to conceal his tremble, he held up a cup of water with two hands and held it tightly, then he drank the water. Papa Gu stood up and spoke, "I also really don’t have much to give you, first I'll give you a villa and call it good."

"Pftttt" Cheng Jinyu's mouthful of water was sprayed out. Entire body choked and he violently coughed.

Gu Bokai promptly walked over, hastily slapped Cheng Jinyu's back, while agitatedly yelling, "Hurry and call the doctor, call the doctor!"

"No… no…. No need….I'm fine, I'm fine…"Cheng Jinyu firmly beat his chest, then managed to pull in a breath of air.

His cough was brutal, even tears even came out. The moistness contained inside his eye was somewhat delicate and charming. He raised his head towards Gu Bokai and spoke, "I finally realized how your wife died."

Gu Bokai raised his eyebrows.

"Crushed to death by money!"

Gu Bokai snorted. "Look at your useless appearance, probably never seen this much money!"

Cheng Jinyu sincerely nodded his head. "My one life was sold for 250,000…" His voice was kind of low. It carried a light distress and along with the moistness in his eyes, it gave him an even more helpless appearance.

Other people did not hear what he muttered to himself, but Gu Bokai heard it clearly. He grasped onto Cheng Jinyu's shoulder, couldn’t help but increase his strength.

Once Cheng Jinyu felt his shoulder hurt, he pushed him away and replied, "Hurts a lot ah! Heart hurts? Don't worry, I will return everything to you, won't even ask for a penny."

Gu Bokai took offence. This ungrateful little bastard. This executive that impressively appeared on the stock market, would he depend on this small bit of money?

"Hm! Poor ghost(1),just afraid that you'll completely sweep off these things and run off today." As Gu Bokai said this, he was already panting with rage. In a huff he returned to his seat and sat down.

"Kaikai!" Mama Gu shouted, "Don't talk nonsense. These things from now on are Jingyu's. He ought to completely carry them all away. Let me tell you, his things you cannot touch."

"These little things, I can't even see them."

Seventh Aunt smiled and spoke, "Kaikai's family is currently a couple hundred millions. Our things in his eyes are insignificant. Jinyu ah! Where is the genuinely rich and influential family? Still haven’t hurried and asked for red envelopes." Seventh Aunt laughed while pointing at Gu Bokai.

Cheng Jinyu definitely did not want to get a red envelope from him. Gu Bokai also immediately put a stop to it. "I have nothing over here, don't even think about getting even a penny from me here."

"Don't take a single cent from you? Did you and Jinyu already sign a prenup?" Seventh Aunt asked.

"What's the point of signing that thing?"Gu Bokai disdainfully asked.

Pleased with herself, Seventh Aunt immediately replied. "Confirmed that it has not been signed, then it’s too late. Since the beginning of yesterday Jinyu is already your legal wife. All of your earnings, half belongs to Jinyu. So from now on half of your property completely belongs to Jinyu. You're still talking about a penny over here?"

"Ha ha ha…." Everyone else all laughed.

Cheng Jinyu completely turned muddleheaded. Did these people really stupidly spend so much money? Gu Bokai's several hundreds of million dollar family, did not sign a prenup with him. His divorce with Gu Bokai, simply a sham divorce but also needed to break part of his property! Why were these people treating it as a joke? Did they really not mind?

Cheng Jinyu felt that he couldn’t guess a rich person's heart. Also unable to make out the plot of this scenario. Director! Just where exactly are you? Good or bad, leak me a bit of the plot, ok?

Cheng Jinyu once again held up a glass of water with both hands from the table, wanting to let himself calm down a bit.

"Not allowed to drink!" Gu Bokai cried out.

Cant even drink water? What is it now? Can’t eat dinner? Cheng Jinyu felt that his brain, compared to yesterday, was even more paste.

"Kaikai—– Kaikai —–" An old voice came from outside and traveled in and the people sitting at the dining table all stood up. Cheng Jinyu also hastily stood up.

Two nurses supporting a white haired old man arrived. Mama Gu nervously spoke, "Dad, why did you also come? Your body isn’t well, the doctor won't let you leave the bed."

The old man's age was very old. Eyes slightly narrowed, as if he couldn’t see everyone clearly. Ears also could not be used well, He did not pay attention to Mama Gu, merely continued to yell, "Kaikai, Kaikai."

Gu Bokai hastily walked forward and replied. "Grandpa, I'm right here." The old man tugged on Gu Bokai's hand. "You, you…"

Mama Gu still understood the old man. "Jinyu, quickly come over here."

Cheng Jinyu hurriedly walked over, Mama Gu dragged him over to the side of the old man, "Dad, This is Bokai's bride."

Cheng Jinyu maintained his smiling expression, He was just simply a fake, but was still a person following the plot of the play. Speaking very little was correct.

The old man's pale yellow eyes finally turned to Cheng Jinyu's face. Slightly dazed for a moment, he reached out his hand and pulled on Cheng Jinyu's hand, "Yiqing ah! Where did you go for this many years? How come you didn't come visit me?"

The originally warm and bustling noisy hall suddenly became motionless. As if  even breathing sounds were cut off.

"Tan Yiqing?" Cheng Jinyu hands held tightly onto the old man's hands.

"Yes! Yiqing, You said you would accompany me in Chinese chess, how come you never showed up? The bamboo you gifted me, nowadays, it already grew up into a bamboo forest."

  1. Poor Ghost: insulting way to call someone poor.

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