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Myeonghu looked at his inventory as he left the store.

"With this much… won't I not need to worry about Bleeding any longer?"

Was 100 Bleeding Elixirs a bit overboard? Still he thought it wasn't wasteful since he could probably use them in the future. Of course he didn't only purchase Bleeding Elixirs, but those for Burns and Frostbite. He also bought  Immunity Elixirs for Fear, Charm and Stun, getting 100 of each.

He didn't bother with the Health Potions though since their effects would be too negligeable.

"I had to pass by the Auction house anyway."

He was already planning to go to Demes to check on the 100,000 gold and two Unique items 'Howling Fox' and 'Black Gloves of the Sly' which he had put up for auction. He could take that chance to see if they had any better potions in Demes. He then took out a scroll from his inventory and ripped it apart.


He appeared in the Central plaza just moments after, and immediately set off for the Auction house.

"The Gold is probably all gone, but I wonder what the bids are at."

Gold would quickly disappear at that price so he became more concerned as to the price of the two Unique items.

Bla bla bla!

"Buying items of any kind in bulk."

"Buying items in bulk, guarantee a good price."

The Auction house was crowded with players as usual. Myeonghu pushed his way past them as he approached the NPC.

"I'd like to view the Status of my items."

Which immediately prompted a window to appear.

1. Gold Sale: 100,000 [ 10,000 won per gold]

Gold remaining: 0

Sales: 1,000,000,000 won [Sold out]

2. Selling Item: Howling Fox

Current bid: 120,000,000 won

Time remaining: 3 days, 2 hours and 20 minutes [Game Time]

3.Selling Items: Black Gloves of the Sly

Current bid: 140,000,000 won

Time remaining: 3 days, 2 hours and 22 minutes [Game Time]


The numbers left him speechless. Of course he had already expected the Gold to have been sold out and net him 1 billion won.

"Uniques are no joke."

The current bid far exceeded all expectations. Even the 'Howling Fox' which player had valued at about 50 million, was now lister at 120. He felt glad that he had chosen to put it up for auction.

"There are still three days left, could it go even higher?"

The bids were already so high, but there was still some time left.

"Should I send it all?"

With his current Ranked 4 account, he was still paying a 4% transaction fee so he would receive 960 million won in his account. He hesitated about sending all the money to his actual bank. Finally deciding not to, he simply walked out of the Auction house.

"Let's see what kind of potions they have here."

He headed to the street which was filled with shops, and went inside Leona's general store. It was not only the biggest one around, but also one he was familiar with since he'd visited it previously.

Bla bla bla!

"Need Orc teeth! Please sell them to me!"

"Buying Poisoned Goblin Needles!"

The shop was also filled with players, so he had to make his way through the crowd in order to arrive before the store owner, Leona.


"Hello, may I see what kinds of potions you have for sale?"

"Potions? Sure, over there!"

Leona pointed towards a display stand to the side which was crowded with players.

"They also seemed to have some tags on them."

Upon arriving at the stand, Myeonghu took a look and realised that the tags explained the product in much greater detail than at Pelun's.

"Minor Health potions immediately recovers 1500…?"

Myeonghu nervously checked the options.

Immediately recovers 1500 health upon consumption


The name was the same as the one sold in Pelun's shop, but the effects were completely different. Myeonghu then examined the higher leveled potions.

Immediately recovers 3000 health upon consumption

Immediately recovers 6000 health upon consumption


The names were once again the same, but their effects were way better than those in Pelun's store. Still, for Myeonghu these were far from satisfactory.

"Looks like the best they have here are also Medium potions."

He looked around some more to see if they had anything better, but soon gave up and left the store.

"One with percentage healing would be ideal…."

He wasn't looking for one which healed a fixed value, but rather one which was percentage based. But unfortunately he had yet to see any of those.

"Maybe if I go to the Temple…."

He suddenly remembered that it was the Temple which supplied these stores, so maybe they would have higher level potions.

"Let's go!"

After arriving at the temple, he was directed to their shrine which sold the potions. After examining one of their items, a smile blossomed on his face.

Immediately recovers 30% of Maximum health upon consumption

Increases Recovery rate by 3X for 5 minutes

He then checked the price.

"10 gold… should be fine, right?"

Most players would struggle to purchase them, but with the current 30,000 gold in his account, it wouldn't be too much of a burden.

"Could I get 50 of them please?"

He bought the 50 potions then headed to the Warrior's Guild.

"I need to learn more ranged skills."

The main reason he was going there was to learn new skills, but there was another.

"I'm almost level 200, so I need to do some research about my class promotion."

The third class level would usually begin around level 200, but with his unique stats distribution, he had to know ahead of time what his options were in order to plan it out well.

Bla bla bla!

There were another group of players at the Guild which he passed by on his way to the front desk.

"What can I do for you?"

The NPC asked Myeonghu and he decided to first learn about his third class.

"I'm curious what kind of options a Berserker can promote to for their third class.

"Oh, for all queries regarding third classes, go see Pastor over there."

The NPC pointed at Pastor which was in the corner of the room. It was the same one which had given him his secondary class promotion.

Myeonghu walked up to the man and greeted him.


"Yes hi, what have you come for?"

"I'm curious as to what options a Berserk has for their third class promotion."

"Ah so it was that! Then please tell me what it is exactly that you would like to know?"

"I'd like to know the different classes, their descriptions and requirements."

Pastor smiled back and began his explanation.

"There are three different options which a Berserker can choose from for their third class. The first is the Blood Knight, the second is the Barbarian and the third is the Brawler. Would you like to hear their descriptions?"


"Okay, let me begin with the Blood Knight. Just as the name says, it is a Knight, so you are qualified to join the Knight's Academy. However, unlike regular Knights, they aren't affected by reputation and their abilities are all related to blood.

"And the requirements?"

"Level 220, 1700 Strength, 1200 Stamina and 700 Intelligence."

Hearing the requirements he could only nod back and ask him to continue.

"What about the Barbarian"

"The Barbarian is a great choice for Berserkers and also the class the resembles the former the most. It will Increase your Attack Speed and Power as well as allowing you to equip some light armors, which help offset the low Defense.

"The requirements?"

"Level 210, 1500 Strength, 700 Agility and 700 Stamina."

'It also requires Strength.'

He realised that both the Blood Knight and Barbarian focused on Strength. It looked like a common theme in the Berserker's class promotion.

"The last one is the Brawler. This is a class which focuses on survivability and is a bit more well rounded that the previous Berserker. Of course its increased survivability is only with regards to Berserkers, compared to other classes they ares still quite vulnerable.

"And the requirements?"

"Level 215, 1300 Strength, 800 Agility, 800 Stamina and 300 Intelligence."

After hearing all the details, he bid him farewell and returned to the counter in order to buy some skillbooks.

'It looks quite promising, let's go with that one!'

He had already decided which class to pick. Of course it wasn't set in stone or anything, but at the very least it was the one which interested him the most.

"What can I help you with?"

The NPC replied with a smile as Myeonghu arrived before him.

"I wish to purchase skillbooks."

[Skillbook: Hardened Muscles]

[Skillbook: Rage]

[Skillbook: Double Attack]

[Skillbook: Crazy Explosion ]

[Skillbook: Strike]




Myeonghu frowned upon seeing the exhaustive list, noticing that skills for all the professions were listed.

"I'd like to see only skills which I can learn.

The list instantly became much shorter, as Myeonghu began to scroll through it looking for any new skills which he could use.


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