The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: 漏更一章,重新看

(Chapter 170: Finishing a Paper Without a Mistake, Reviewing it Again)

The boy's complexion wasn't good; his lips were a little pale as he nodded his head and chattered, "I've submitted it, teacher, is there something else you need me to do? The exam….I haven't finish it."

"The exam? You still want to continue? Child, your sister is still kidnapped, your dad's in jail, and your mom is waiting for you to return. Are you sure you still want to look at the exam paper?" Red Scorpion laughed coldly and patted the boy's shoulder, "Smart children will know their priorities, go ahead and explore the university."

The scout confirmed the conversation between the teacher and student. As the subtle sound of conversation continued, Xia Jinyuan wrote down the information on a slip of paper with these six words: sister kidnapped, father jailed, mother waiting.

After looking over the information silently, he translated it to English and handed it to the Interpol officer. "It's a lead."

"OK." The European police officer said, his arrogant face glancing at the information before throwing the piece of paper away. He chuckled lightly, "But I believe we don't need these so-called big leads. Okay, buddy, you can take a rest now at the side and leave the rest to us."

His light laughter was full of ridicule, treating the piece of paper as if it was a child's nonsensical scribbles instead of a lead.

Xia Jinyuan also replied with a calm and elegant light laugh. In a leisure and confident tone, he replied, "OK, I hope your operation will be a success." He then turned around and firmly told his comrade, who wore casual wear, "They say that they'll take over to observe from here, we can head back and rest".

Naturally, it is important to have a good rest to stay alert and sharp.

The European police officer continued ridiculing them while laughing and telling his coworker, "God, I have never met soldiers like them. They can't do anything; they're like children. It's giving me a headache."

"That's enough partner, for God's sake, don't speak anymore. They're pitiful enough, there's no need for us to assault them." The tall, buff, and brown-eyed man replied as he swept his eyes across the backs of the men who were leaving….God, they are so skinny!

Xia Jinyuan had already opened the door when he slowly turned around. His icy dark pupils seemed as if they were stained in blood, the bloodlust easily making one's heart sink instantly.

But, before the man could meet his eyes, Xia Jinyuan's composure had regained its elegance and was plastered with a cold smile.

What had just transpired seemed to only be an illusion.

Ten minutes after the Vietnamese student had left the main room, another student also left the competition area.

However, the Chinese students were still engrossed in solving the answers, furrowing their eyebrows occasionally as they attempt the questions. And whenever one was solved, a faint smile would appear on their faces.

Throughout the Olympiad history, the Chinese contestants were ranked at the top as their answers were always detailed and logical as compared to their opponents'.

Teacher Li smiled as he replied to the Australian TV stations' interviews. "It doesn't matter if the results are good or bad; I believe in them. Every one of the students ardently loves math and each time there is a test, it's an opportunity for them to explore; therefore it doesn't matter if the results are good or bad. "

"What's important is that they love math. If they are only here for the prestige, then they had misunderstood the real meaning behind math exploration."

Friendship is number one, and competitions are ranked second…..but those are only fancy words!

Every one of the Chinese students gave their all, fighting to at least leave a mark in this competition. Who would want to fall behind? No one dared to consider that possibility.

But, it was certain that they did ardently love math.

After having an epiphany in the midst of racking their brains, it felt like they had been able to clear the fog and see the moon, and they finally understood Pythagoras's satisfaction when he stated, "All things are number!"

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