The One and the Only Chapter 3: If You Have an Afterlife, Don't Be a Fool for Love

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Zhou Ping looked at Lin Yun in disbelief and murmured, “You are a stupid sword slave. How did you make it?

The factotums of Sword Washing Chamber who were busy with their own affairs seemed even more thunderstruck. They couldn’t accept the result.

Reaching the third level of Martial Realm could qualify one to be an outer disciple of Jadeon Sect. This slave's position was suddenly much higher than theirs.

Looking at Zhou Ping, Lin Yun didn’t say a word, and then turned to the Sword-washing Chamber.

Zhou Ping wanted to chase him. But he gave up with chagrin when he saw that Lin Yun had entered the Sword-washing Chamber. He gave an angry punch to the ground.

Sword-washing Chamber was a separate loft and also a forbidden ground.

This place was not accessible to the outer disciples and factotums. It was responsible for washing and maintaining the swords of the inner disciples. This room was full of exquisite and even higher-level magical weapons.

The maintenance of these weapons was beyond the average factotums’ knowledge. They could have damaged the sword.

This place was only accessible to Lin Yun. Even Zhou Ping dared not to enter.

“Brother Zhou, are you all right?”

“Now Lin Yun got his chance and I’m afraid he might level up too fast to be stopped.”

“It’s over. We always laugh and taunt at this guy. We are in trouble now.” They all gathered and murmured.

“Stop gossiping! He reached the third level only accidently relying on Sister Su’s elixirs. After all, it isn’t easy to become an outer disciple of Jadeon Sect.”

Zhou Ping was unconvinced by Lin Yun. He thought he was just careless.

Now, he lost face because of Lin Yun. If he didn’t beat this bloke, who would obey him in the future.

Zhou Ping looked coldly at the Sword-washing Chamber, and then went away immediately.

“Lin Yun will be miserable. He's going to suffer later. Zhou Ping's father is the elder of the outer disciples, and his eldest brother is the superior of the outer disciples.”

“This slave has been suppressed too much in daily life, he is so arrogant that he does not know who he is. How dare he beat the Brother Zhou!”

“Anyway, Brother Zhou was really ashamed just now. He usually bullies us a lot before. I think he deserves it.”

Hundreds of factotums discussed for a moment. And then they went back to their work: maintaining other outer disciple’s swords

Lin Yun felt the chill of the Sword-washing Chamber when he pushed through the door.

The chill came from a cold pool in the middle of the hall.

A dozen swords were placed upon the ice floating on the water, and freezing fog pervaded all over the pool.

According to the memory of the owner of this body, Lin Yun knew that this cold pool was very mysterious. The floating ice in the pool was colder than thousand years of ice in the Star Moon Lake of Sky Water Empire. Few people in the Sect knew the secret here.


On the other side of the cold pool, an old man was sharpening a sword.

Ten spiritual liquids of different colors lay besides the sword grinder. The old man took out different liquids and mixed them together, or injected them separately into the grinder where the sword was sharpened skillfully.

Lin Yun didn’t make any sound and watched the elder sharpening a sword in silent. When the elder finished and started wiping the sword’s surface, Lin Yun said respectfully, “Elder Hong, I have reached the third level of Martial Realm and will leave the Sword-washing Chamber soon.”

The elder was the real leader of the Sword-washing Chamber who didn’t like management, so the mediocre Zhou Ping had the chance to bully others.

Lin Yun’s brilliant sword-maintenance skills all came from Elder Hong, who also granted Lin Yun the qualification to enter the Sword-washing Chamber. So he got the privilege to maintain the swords belonging to inner disciples alone.

Elder Hong was slightly surprised and sighed softly, “It is not surprised that although you are poor qualified, using many elixirs that Su Ziyao gave, you’ll naturally break through.”

“However, the real beginning of Martial Realm is when you reach Xiantian Realm on cultivation. It’s so hard for you to go on cultivating because you got a poor talent, still an impasse for you.”

“You have a predestined fate with sword and can communicate with magical weapons. In outside world, I could help you to become a magician (Not to be confused with magicians in western cultures, here it refers to a master who knows spiritual tattoos). When you reach the top of it, those powerful ones also will ingratiate you.”

The words of Elder Hong made Lin Yun very confused. What was a magician? Why was the Xiantian Realm just a start of the journey of cultivating martial arts?

Nonetheless, Lin Yun could clearly feel the concern and worry in his words.

It seemed that Lin Yun had indeed benefited a lot from Su Ziyao’s elixirs, since elders Hong sad that too.

“Thanks for your concern, but I have determined to become a cultivator no matter how hard and difficult it could be. I’m living not for fame, but to follow my heart and lead a life without regret, so that I could live free and easy.”

Lin Yun had two lifetimes, so he was not bothered by those problems.

Hearing this, Elder Hong was stunned and smiled, "Will you truly feel at ease by following your heart?”

In his words, he wanted to say more but he didn’t.

“From the sword slave to the third level of Martial Realm, it is a big success. I’m greatly delighted you can still remember me. I have nothing else but a scroll of picture to congratulate you, you can take it.”

Lin Yun was surprised because he knew that scroll was a treasure to Elder Hong, who lost himself observing it from time to time.

Lin Yun treated Elder Hong as an important mentor, how could he take his precious scroll? So he hurriedly refused it.

But Elder Hong said, “For this scroll I ran out of my spirit trying to crack its secret but failed. Now I’m an old man who will die at any moment, so the scroll is useless for me. I wouldn’t take it with me to coffin.”

“If I’m right, you are cultivating the Tiger Fist. No matter what, the scroll will help you in a way or another.”

Elder Hong gave it to Lin Yun directly and strongly. Waving his hand, he said, “Now you can leave, don’t come back. No matter what people think of you, you are not a Jadeon sword slave anymore.”

Elder Hong stressed the last sentence strongly, which shocked Lin Yun suddenly. Yes, Lin Yun thought in his mind, from now on, no matter what others thought, he couldn't look down upon himself.

He took the picture and bent over solemnly, then left.

Elder Hong looked at Lin Yun’s back, and sighed heavily with pity.

Getting out of the Sword-washing Chamber, he found that a group of factotums were sitting on the floor. They all looked at Lin Yun complicatedly, some were jealous, some were envy.

Everyone knew that whatever Lin Yun would be in the future, he didn’t need to come back here.

Zhou Ping was gone and didn’t find try to pick a fight, which surprised Lin Yun quite a bit. After staying for a moment, he left this place without looking back, and then walked to his own wood cabin.

Humble and remote as it was, it looked extremely inconspicuous in this gigantic Jadeon peak.

In this humble house, Lin Yun took his pen to write something.

A hundred Body Nourishing Elixirs, twenty Energy and Blood Pills…All amounted to 50 grams of gold altogether.

That was right. What he was writing this moment was elixirs and money given by Su Ziyao in charity in these two years.

Lin Yun was good at sword-maintaining. For a long time, Su Ziyao's sword had been maintained by him all the time.

In these two years, these scattered rewards were quite a lot.

As other people said, the previous owner aptitude and comprehension may be stuck in the third level of Martial Realm all his life without these rewards.

No matter how strong he insisted, he could not break through.

Lin Yun's memory was excellent, but actually that was hard to recall as the previous owner clearly remembered every reward from her.

Indeed, he also clearly remembered what made Su Ziyao bring her sword to him for maintenance, even the specific hour and weather every time she came.

Just recalling a little bit, all the things about Su Ziyao came to his mind.

Lin Yun felt a little confused, the previous owner was not foolish, and even had an immense perseverance. But why couldn’t he recognize the fact that she only gave the rewards as mere courtesy.

It was hardly politeness. She did it with superlative indifference, and never cared a little.

The word “love” was sincerely incomprehensible.

When Lin Yun thought of Su Ziyao, an image of her wiping the whole body of the sword and her indifference came to his mind. He shook his head slightly and tried not to think about it, then continued writing earnestly.

After finished, he blew softly to the paper to dry the ink. Then Lin Yun put it in front of him, her indifferent expression popping up again. He felt a twinge of hopeless for the previous owner.

The obsessiveness of the previous owner of this body was so powerful that it still influenced Lin Yun now.

“Easy man, when I enter the outer sects and have a little achievement, I would give it tenfold back to her.”

Lin Yun withdrew his sight and muttered to himself. After a long time, he kept this paper well.

After saying that, the obsessiveness from his mind was obviously reduced, and gratitude emerged.

However, Lin Yun couldn’t laugh. What was his unreasonable love for?

“If you have an afterlife, I wish you would not be a love fool again.”

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