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Handsome Broken Legged Little Military Advisor [2]

As soon as Mosaic started up, the images that were originally flesh and blood turned into a blur.

Chen Liguo is sat on the wheelchair with a persistent indifference.

Yan Jingyi didn’t think that Chen Liguo’s reaction would be so dull, it almost seemed like he didn’t see the bloody pictures in front of him. He glanced at Chen Liguo and found that he seemed to have underestimated this military adviser.

The two no longer talked anymore in the heavy snow, but instead formed a strange tacit understanding.

Half an hour later, the sentence was over and the already silent spy was dragged down by the sergeant.

Chen Liguo was cold all over, his eyebrows were covered with snow, his lips were cold and a little purple, but his back in the wheelchair was still straight as if he could not bend down no matter what happened.

Yan Jingyi suddenly became interested in the life in front of him.

Chen Liguo was not aware that he was acting out of character1. If he had followed Ji Shang's original course, he would have thrown up and directly fainted in the snow after seeing the spies being tortured.

But Chen Liguo did not, because he did not see any flesh and blood, but a sheet of harmonious2 mosaic.

Yan Jingyi said: "Lord Ji, the wind and snow is strong out here, let me take you back.”

Chen Liguo nodded slightly and said, “I have troubled Third Prince.”

Yan Jingyi smiled and said, “Lord Ji is modest.”

After that, he pushed Chen Liguo back to the tent.

In the tent, there was a fire basin burning. It was very warm. Yan Jingyi pushed the wheelchair to the bed and asked, “Lord Ji, remember to change clothes. The wind and snow wet the clothing, be careful not to catch a cold.”

Chen Liguo nodded.

Yan Jingyi said: “Then I will go out first.”

Chen Liguo said, “Le Qi, see his highness out.”

Le Qi, who had stood on the side not daring to speak heard this and got up to see the third prince to his tent.

A moment later, the boy returned to the tent. He looked at Chen Liguo with tears in his eyes, looking as if he had been bullied.

Chen Liguo looked at the child’s tearful eyes and felt that he was both lovely and pitiful. “What’s wrong?” he said.

Le Qi shook his head, but he refused to speak.

Chen Liguo said: “If you still regard me as your lord, then obediently tell me.”

Le Qi heard this and only then stuttered to tell Chen Liguo what had just happened outside the tent. It turned out that when he returned Yan Jingyi to his tent, others had actually mistaken him for Yan Jingyi's plaything. There were no women in the army, and the boy was very beautiful. No wonder some people had some crooked thoughts. But this person deliberately did this in front of Yan Jingyi. Obviously, the person he really wanted to insult was not Le Qi, but the master behind Le Qi, Ji Shang.

Chen Liguo listened as boy sobbed and choked out what had happened with a red tint on his ears, seemingly a little embarrassed. Chen Liguo said, “Don’t bother with these rough people. We’ll go back in the spring after a few months.”

The boy nodded piteously.

Chen Liguo looked at the boy’s pitiable appearance and said quietly in his heart, to have let go of this child, what is coming for me…

With the continuous heavy snow, the eastern army that lived off of animal husbandry lost no few amounts of people to starvation this year. The start of spring was still a long way off yet there was already no grain, and thus the war began.

However, the whole populace of Yan Country valued the military and quickly responded by dispatching the General of the main army and the emperor’s army.

Yan Jingyi, the third prince, is no more than seventeen years old this year, but even before coming of age, he has already a regular visitor in the army. His military talent was so high that the emperor attached great importance to him.

Ji Shang, the owner of Chen Liguo’s body, was forced into the army by the second prince, so to be disliked by Yan Jingyi was normal. According to the trajectory of the original world, Ji Shang, though slightly weak, can walk upon the group, but somehow after Chen Liguo came here… the legs wouldn't work.

Chen Liguo asked the system, but the system also said that it did not know why, but Chen Liguo could only think that was a conspiracy from the system——a plot to keep himself from being with men!

But would Chen Liguo give up his dreams without legs? No! He won’t! He is a man of dreams!

The first day of his arrival in the world passed in such a way. After Chen Liguo returned to his tent and changed into clean clothes, he drank the porridge cooked by Le Qi and fell into a sweet dream.

The next day, the snow stopped.

Chen Liguo was awakened by a clamorous noise outside the tent. He hazily opened his eyes and was startled by the person standing in front of him.

“Your Royal Highness?” Ordinarily, Yan Jingyi was very polite to Ji Shang, but their relationship was not good enough that they could hang out in the other's tent without saying hello to each other first.

Yan Jingyi saw that Chen Liguo’s expression was a little strange and said, “Has Lord Ji wake up?”

Every time Chen Liguo woke up, he would be muddle-headed for a while. This time was no exception. He nodded his head obediently and said, “Woke up.”

Yan Jingyi said, “General Chen has invited Lord Ji to discuss important matters.”

Chen Liguo said, “Oh…”

Yan Jingyi looked at Chen Liguo’s foolish appearance and laughed, “Ordinarily, such an unexpected side of Lord Ji can't be seen.”

Chen Liguo did not respond. He wanted to sit up as a conditioned reflex but found that his lower body was not strong enough. He paused for a moment before he realized that his legs were out of order.

“This one understands.” Chen Liguo finally came to his senses and said, “May I bother Your Highness to call Le Qi in?”

As if nothing had happened, Yan Jingyi said: “Your little fellow can’t come for the time being. Let me help you instead.”

Chen Liguo is such a reserved person, how could he have the nerve to be with a cutie who hasn't even come of age? So he quickly declined with a few words.

But Yan Jingyi seemed to have made up his mind and ignored Chen Liguo’s reasoning. He said, “Lord Ji, General Chen is in a hurry. You and I are both men. There is no need to be suspicious. Unless Lord Ji has a problem with me?”

Chen Liguo seemed to be a bit distressed, but with Yan Jingyi's insistence, he still agreed.

So Yan Jingyi went to pick up Chen Liguo’s clothes and prepared to change his clothes for him.

When his clothes were taken off, Chen Liguo was somewhat embarrassed. He looked down and avoided Yan Jingyi’s eyes.

Yan Jingyi’s eyes rested on Chen Liguo’s feeble legs which were whiter and thinner than ordinary people’s legs, but they were not deformed. If they weren’t hanging on the bed powerlessly, perhaps Yan Jingyi would not believe that Chen Liguo really couldn’t walk.

Yan Jingyi lifted Chen Liguo from his bed and began to help him change his clothes.

Chen Liguo leaned back on Yan Jingyi and felt that Yan Jingyi’s breath enveloped him and felt somewhat uncomfortable. Then felt Yan Jingyi lean towards his ear and ask softly: “Does Lord Ji feel pain?”

Chen Liguo said, “No feeling.”

“Is that so,” said Yan Jingyi. As he spoke, he reached his hand to Chen Liguo’s waist and gave him a heavy rub.

Chen Liguo shook violently and snapped, “What are you doing?!”

Yan Jingyi smiled as if nothing had happened: “I didn’t expect Lord Ji to be so sensitive.”

Chen Liguo: "……"

Yan Jingyi said again, “Lord Ji is already twenty and four. Have you ever thought about marrying a wife?” In their time, to marry at the age of seventeen or eighteen was already considered late, but Ji Shang was still unmarried because of his body.

Chen Liguo said coldly: “This is not for Third Prince to worry about.”

Yan Jingyi smiled and said, “I am concerned about Lord Ji……"

Chen Liguo saw that the clothes were just about on and removed Yan Jingyi's hand: “Thanking You Royal Highness for caring, but Ji’s own business is his own business, have some proprietary.”

Yan Jingyi did not care about Chen Liguo’s bad attitude. If he as a man, were to be asked such a thing like this, perhaps even he would not give a good face either.

After Yan Jingyi’s hand was removed, he stood beside the bed and watched Chen Liguo buckle his buttons roughly one by one. His eyes were full of interest as if he had found some interesting toy.

Being stared at with such an impressive look, Chen Liguo couldn’t help feeling——excited and stimulated, he said to the system: “System ah, System ah,  is my leg really unable to be saved?”

The system said: “What are you planning to do?”

Chen Liguo shyly said, “Don't you think that the third highness is a little interested in me…”

System sneered: “I think he’s just trying to think of a way to get rid of you.”

Chen Liguo: “Eh? Then what if I don’t leave?”


Chen Liguo: “Then does he really want to towards me, do……what? Ah, so scared~~~”

System: “Beat it!!! Put back that wave line at your sentence!!!"

Chen Liguo: "Hee hee hee."

System: “…” He is so annoying.

Chen Liguo buckled the last button, lifted his head, and said coldly, “Let's go, Your Highness.”

Yan Jingyi bent down and picked up Chen Liguo again. This time, instead of putting Chen Liguo down directly, he deliberately sniffed Chen Liguo’s hair tips and said softly, “I don’t know what sort of incense is used by Lord Ji?”

Chen Liguo blushed. He didn’t want to tell Yan Jingyi that he hadn’t washed his hair for half a month, so he said, “Haven't used any.”

Yan Jingyi looked at Chen Liguo’s face that seemed to have flushed red from humiliation and shame. In a better mood, he said, “Oh? Then this smell is the fragrance of Lord Ji’s body?”

Chen Liguo: “…” Brother, don’t smell it anymore, I'm really embarrassed.

Yan Jingyi sees Chen Liguo’s slight frown, seeming as if he were about to explode, and he directly put Chen Liguo in the wheelchair. He said, “Let’s go, Lord Ji.”

Chen Liguo: "……" Go go go!

Yan Jingyi pushed Chen Liguo, and the two slowly came out of the tent and headed to the tent where General Chen was located.   

Translator Notes:

[1] acting out of character – 自己装逼装出事了 something wrong with his clothes? But from the context, and that fact that he’s “wearing” a different body it might mean being out of character

[2] harmonious – 和谐 is also a euphemism of “to censor”, but I wasn’t sure how to incorporate it into the sentence so it was left as is

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