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For the fourth time, Yunge turned forty-five degrees to look at the clear blue sky. Xiao shimei finally couldn’t stand it anymore and shouted, “Da shijie, what are you looking at?”

“… …” Showing off. Of course, these words cannot be said out loud. Her image is the flower of Gaoling. Although it was not the result she wanted, she found out that when such a reputation went out, there was less trouble. Yunge tried her best to maintain her high and cold image and believed it would not break the work, but the sky that is so cloudless is really the favorite of people living in the fog!(1)

“…” Unable to hear her martial sister’s answer, Lin Ling frowned and then thought of something. Her brow loosened and she came over. ” Da shijie, I heard from third shixiong that you are going down the mountain tomorrow… …”

“Xiao shimei, is there anything you want?” I will give it to you.” Yunge retracted her gaze and looked at the cool little sister with a bit of softness.(2)

“Can Da Shijie take me down the mountain? I also want to see the scenery below!” Lin Ling’s eyes expressed curiosity about the outside world. She has not yet crossed the border. The other brothers and sisters described outside. The world is very curious.

Yunge laughed and patted her head. The little girl’s face turned red. “I knew that you had this idea. Shizun has already said to practice well. If you don’t advance, Shizun will put you in the mountains.”

Lin Ling whispered, “Shizun is too much!” When these words were said, her eyes didn’t dare look at Da shijie. Da shijie is the legend of Yunfu school. She is also the target that she can’t hope for in her mind.

Yunge looked at Lin Ling, but did not open her mouth. She has been here for more than ten years. When she first arrived, she was only a 5 or 6 year old child. She was picked up from the outside by Shizun. At the time, Xiao shimei was a newborn. Now, ten years have passed…

Because of her state of mind, she has always treated Xiao shimei as her own daughter. Yunge frowned. She must try to prevent Xiao shimei from colliding with the heroine. Right now, Shizun only has four disciples. When the protagonist comes, it really is small. When it is time to follow the character of Xiao shimei, it is really easy to have conflicts ah!

The fierce creature of the heroine should not be provoked. Yunge suddenly remembered the sad ending of her body, and couldn’t help but feel cold in her heart…

She has been in this world for ten years now, but her heart is was still not calm. All her understanding to the plot is attributed to the 5,000 words describing the death of the villain, Yunge. The heroine is this world’s universe(3). Yunge also knew that the heroine had been in her sect for a while and was insulted by her own Da shijie. Because of that time, the heroine wanted to let her feel despair. The heroine asked her if she still remembered Xiao shidi, Lin Yuan. Yunge knows almost nothing about it. Precisely because of this ignorance, it was difficult for her heart to calm down.

The next day, Yunge brought second shidi Lin Han, and third shidi Lin Pu, down the mountains. Xiao shimei was thrown to the back mountains by Shizun.

This generation’s disciples are pro-literal. According to the rules of Yunfu school and to the disciples of each generation, the others must be named according to the generation. This is why Yunge was not called Linge.

“Da shijie, can we go stroll around in the market?” Second shidi is a typical monkey character. He couldn’t relax for even a moment. Shizun respected the water spiritual roots of second shidi and sighed innumerable times. The person with such a pure root was so… impetuous…

At the time, Second shidi had a sneak peek at the side. “Water that doesn’t move is dead.”

Shizun was angered to the point of wanting to pump people. Fortunately, second shidi was also eager to compete. Such a young age and already six levels of refining. Shizun had no words to say.

“Go to Yuanjiazhuang first.” This time, the task for going down the mountains is actually very easy. The owner of Yuanjiazhuang sent a letter to Yunfu School to ask for help. Shizun sent three people down to them. In fact, the most important purpose that Yunge still knows, is that Shizun wants to bring two shidi to hone and hone. Yunge Wangtian can say that Shizun often does this. Does Shizun often do things that are tuneless?

“Okay… …” Second shidi nodded dejectedly.

“Well, when the mission is completed, I will take you to the market to see.” Yunge said with a smile.

In the minds of the two shidi, Da shijie was an unattainable existence. On the day they came to Yunfu School, they saw Da shijie standing on the stone steps and bowed down their heads. All the inner disciples wore white clothes, but no one could wear Da shijie’s scent of the fairy(4). As if a fairy not eating humans among fireworks(5). Even looking at them showed cheerlessness. No desire.

If Yunge finds out what the two shidi thought about her, she will praise the two shidi’s good brain-replenishing ability. She has only practiced everyday, passing at least ten years of high school life… …

No desire?? Hehe, she wants to kill the woman!! Hehe, incorrect. It is to hug the heroine’s thighs!! Right!! Hug the thighs!O(∩_∩)O How could she oppose the darling of heaven!


The people of Yuanjiazhuang was at the door to welcome their arrival.

When the three people appeared, the owner kneeled down. “Begging the immortals to save lives!”

Yunge walked foward. “Lead the way.”

When the owner stood up, he realized he was out of his mind. “This group of immortals, this way in please!”

The person standing behind the owner, who heard the sound of a clearing, did not dare look up!

(T/N- Woosh?)

“Immortals, things started to happened about a month ago.” The owner re-arranged his emotions. With his head tilted down, he said “Half a month ago, in Zhuangnei, a man was found hanging in the kitchen.”

Lin Han yawned. Fortunately, the people below didn’t dare look up, so no one saw it.

The owner quickly finished his speech. In summary: every night, there will be one person who would be hanged in the kitchen. The owner had invited a cultivator to solve the problem. The result was the dead cultivator in addition to a hanged man in the kitchen!

“Lead us to the kitchen.”

The outside of the kitchen had been taped all over with paper talismans.

The owner and the person next to him saw the kitchen in front of them. Their legs began trembling. Yunge, who did not make things difficult for people, said “You people can stop here. We will go in by ourselves.”

Yunge took the two shidi with her.

When she walked to the front door, Yunge waved her hand and the lock on the door automatically unlocked.

Yunge slowly walked inside.

“Lin Han, are there any problems here?” Yunge remained calm and collected. Then, she looked at Lin Han, whose face was full of excitement.

“Shijie, there’s so much delicious foods here!” Lin Han eyes emitted light. Yunge’s forehead was had black lines (6). Shizun taking two people down the mountains was a really wise choice.

“How about Lin Pu?” Yunge looked at the uncommunicative Lin Pu. From childhood till now, Lin Pu put up a face when Xiao shimei’s face had an expression. Other times, it was standard face paralysis!

“Shijie, this place is not normal.” Lin Pu looked at the clean and neat kitchen. “There is heavy devil qi.”

“You two deal with it. I will wait for you guys outside,” said Yunge after hearing what he said. Then, without waiting for Lin Han to cry and grab the ground, she immediately exited the kitchen and closed the door.

The two shidi are big. She, a 21st century preschool teacher, is very suitable for bringing children! Not disciples!!!

The disciples of other uncles had already been thrown in the trial field to kill, only her shidi looks like a baby.

Must face this serious topic now!

There was a shaking noise, followed by the wonderful screams of Lin Han. Yunge couldn’t afford to bury her face in her hands. It really is her fault. Two level 6 disciples against a cat demon. It has been so long! The actual combat ability of these two really gives one a headache.

Alright, there’s a problem with her way of teaching… …she has to admit. But many years of preschool education habits made her unable to lower her hands. Every time she saw three little radish heads, she couldn’t help but want to touch them. But every time, she knew she couldn’t do this! So every time shidi and shimei looked for her, she used practice as an excuse to dodge the situation. As a result, the entire Yunfu school learned that elder Chang Feng’s oldest disciple was a unattainable existence. Whether it was the gap between the level of her cultivation base and her peers or her cold personality… …

Regarding cultivation bases, Yunge only wants to say to try it. If you know that you will one day become the lowest level of prostitutes, do your best. Believe you will cultivate every day and night! As for the latter, when Yunge heard it, she couldn’t help but bury her face in her hands. Was it really a good (?) misunderstanding?

The Author has something to say:                                                                                                (*/ω\*)  Really liking this stalk~~

(1)- “云歌就尽力维护她的高冷形象了,说了不就破功了,不过这样明净万里无云的天空真的是一个生活在雾霾中的人的最爱啊!”     Unfortunately, I have no clue .-.
   I’m guessing the second half is a saying that means that people want what they cannot reach?
(2)-  ” 云歌收回视线,看向旁边单纯明媚的小师妹的目光清冷却带着几分柔和。”                      Not sure about this one too…..   
(3)-    Im guessing it means this world revolves around her.

(4)-  Fairy means Otherworldly beauty
(5)-  “仿佛不食人间烟火的仙子,连看向他们的目光都是那样的冷清,无欲无求。”                 So much doubts…… I guess I’ll get back to dissecting this once I’m not busy.

(6)- Black lines

^^^^something like that :3

Finally done with chapter 1 😀      Now I can get some more sleep. Feel free to suggest better translations of some sentences or errors. Thanks for reading!

( My laziness tells me to proof read this tomorrow )

Some helpful terms (thanks Yandere
Devil) :
Xiao shimei- younger female disciple
Da shijie- older female disciple
Shixiong- older male disciple
Shidi- younger male disciple
Shizun- teacher/master

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