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Chapter 36 The Second-Generation Spiritual Beast

A little tiger was laying sick on the ground and looked very weak.

Seeing Zhuang Hao, the little tiger seemed to have a little more spirit and rubbed against him.

Qi Shaorong tilted his head. His mother was as big as a house. The little tiger was only the size of an adult Tibetan mastiff. He was thin and looked thin and pitiful.

“How thin! Has it always been so thin? Qi Shaorong asked Tang Tian Ying.

Tang Tian Ying shook his head and said, “No, at first it became fat. Somehow it started to get thinner and thinner, and her appetite also became worse and worse. It used to eat before.”

Qi Shaorong rubbed his forehead. It was a truly troublesome to be a veterinarian. The spiritual beast could not speak. In his previous life, he could directly do an examination. However, beside him, there was a large and majestic Tiger, glaring like a tiger watching his prey with large lantern like eyes. Qi Shaorong could not move at all.

The little tiger yawned. Qi Shaorong glimpsed something and frowned.

Qi Shaorong pulled Zhuang Hao’s sleeve and said, “Zhuang Hao, let the little tiger open its mouth and let me see.”

Zhuang Hao answered “Okay” without hesitation.

I don’t know what Zhuang Hao and the little tiger exchanged. The little tiger opened its mouth wide. Qi Shaorong looked at the black teeth of the little tiger and took a deep breath. Many decayed teeth! What can it do if its teeth hurt!

Tang Tian Ying looked at Qi Shaorong and said, “What is it Ghost Doctor?”

“What does the little tiger usually eat? To have so many teeth decayed? You don’t need to worry. He’s going to be a toothless tiger!” Qi Shaorong said.

Tang Tian Ying said indifferently, “Don’t worry about it. It will change its teeth in the future. If it doesn't change its teeth in the future, it will not be given food that needs teeth.”

Qi Shaorong: “…”

Qi Shaorong took a deep breath and looked at Tang Tian Ying. “Can I have a look at the little tiger’s diet?”

“Certainly.” Tang Tian Ying summoned one of the attendants to go get the recipe.

Qi Shaorong looked at the menu and sighed. On the menu, golden Hibiscus cake, rose and glutinous rice rolls, wine-brewed dumplings, golden sugar buns, etc.

Everything is series of various desserts. Seeing this Qi Shaorong almost started drooling. Then seeing the number of portions behind the menu, Qi Shaorong took another calming breath. It really ate a lot. This beast is a spoiled thing. Ordinary people are afraid to raise it as they can’t afford it. It eats so much yet it doesn't put on any meat on its bones. It’s really… I don’t know.

Tang Tian Ying looked at Qi Shaorong and asked, “Is everything all right, Ghost Doctor.”

Qi Shaorong raised his head and said, “It’s all right, just fourth prince, the food of the little tiger is really good!”

“Yes! It’s not only good, it’s even better than the food given to the imperial concubines in the palace. Fortunately, The King Tiger only gave birth to such one tiger. If she gave birth to ten or eight, the royal family would go bankrupt." Tang Tian Ying said.

“You indulge it?” Qi Shaorong frowned.

Tang Tian Ying took a look at some fierce tigers on one side and spread out her hand, saying, “You can’t help but indulge it!”

Qi Shaorong nodded in understanding and said, “I understand.”

In this year, not only people payed attention to the birth, but also beasts. This tiger, a proper second generation of spiritual beast, was born! With such a tough dad around, if others want to treat the little tiger badly, isn’t it simply looking for death?

Tang Tian Ying looked at Qi Shaorong and asked, “Do you see anything, Ghost Doctor?”

“Maybe it’s a disease of wealth.” Diabetes, the little tiger, should eat meat, but ate so many sweets, did not exercise. How can?

“Disease of wealth?” Tang Tian Ying was puzzled. “Can it be cured?”

Qi Shaorong looked at Tang Tian Ying and said, “I’m just guessing, after all, spiritual beasts are different from other people and I can’t ask them.”

Tang Tian Ying looked at Qi Shaorong and said, “What do you need?”

Qi Shaorong frowned and said, “I have to go back and make some medicine. Whether it works or not depends on the situation.”

Tang Tian Ying nodded understandingly and said, “I see.”

Zhuang Hao went out after Qi Shaorong and said, “What’s the matter? What kind of disease is that disease of the wealth that you mentioned?"

“A diseased caused by eating. This disease has no early symptoms, is fat, has a strong appetite. Then drinks a large amount of water and soon appear thin, dehydrated. With the progrestion of the disease, there will be skin thinning, coma and other problems… Good environment, plenty of delicious food and no exercise are all the causes of the disease." Qi Shaorong said.

“Yes, that’s it. I said long ago said the royal family was too indulgent to that kitten and that it would be indulged regardless of the law and of natural morality.” Zhuang Hao said.

Qi Shaorong said somewhat puzzled, “Shouldn’t the Green Winged Tiger King train his son from an early age?”

“The Tiger King only had a baby son after nearly a hundred years. It loves it dearly. What do you want form it?”

Qi Shaorong: “…” Not only do parents on earth like to spoil their children, but also in this world.

“Everything is just my guess. I can’t prove it. If only I could get some blood for a test.” Qi Shaorong said.

“You need the little tiger’s blood?” Zhuang Hao asked.

Qi Shaorong nodded and said, “If there is blood, it will be easier, but you will find that it is not easy.”

The little tiger will easily do it with Zhuang Hao’s ability, but beside the little tiger, there is also a big parent who looks at the little tiger covetously. Look at the head size, you know it’s not easy to mess with.

Zhuang Hao thought about it and said, “I’ll take you out of the palace first, and then I’ll take you the blood later.”

Qi Shaorong: “…”

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