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This is the first chapter of my new translation. Please hit the “TOC” for some notes and summary. These chapters are very long so enjoy!

Chapter One

A young man sat on the sofa in a hotel suite. The warm yellow light cast by a wall lamp left half of his body in shadow. He kept the position, not moving an inch. It was unknown how long he had been sitting on the couch for.

It was now already 12 midnight, but the person he was waiting for still had not come.

Shen Ye lowered his eyes slightly and his gaze fell on the mobile phone in front of him. There was no response to the text message he had sent. He licked his lips and there was an uneasy expression in his eyes.

This time father went overboard. All these years Han Xu had put his sweat and blood into the Shen family group, everyone had eyes and knew this but now because a small matter, they wanted to use this ridiculous excuse to force Han Xu out of the company. If this happened to anyone, wouldn't they become deeply angry?

Once Shen Ye heard this news, he immediately rushed back and arranged to meet Han Xu here. He can't be indifferent towards his father's actions.

Inside the lonely room, the second hand of the wall clock made a "tick tock tick tock sound", just as though it was knocking on his heart. Why hadn't Han Xu come yet? Why wouldn't he pick up his calls? Was he angry with him or did something happen to him? These thoughts played back forth and in his heart.

Shen Ye suddenly stood up and went towards the door. He had to see him! He couldn't continue to stay here like this.

Just at this time there was a sound and the door was suddenly pushed open. A man in gray suit came in slowly. He raised his head and revealed a warm and elegant face, there was a light smile on his lips. "I'm so sorry, I had some business so I'm late."

Shen Ye stopped in his tracks. His face was filled with a complicated joyful expression. He said in a hoarse voice, "I thought you were angry and didn't want to see me…"

The man smiled and shook his head. His manner was very casual and relaxed, his eyes were tender. "You heard about those things? Why would I be angry with you, it's not your fault."

Shen Ye stared at the man in front of him, his eyes were filled with passionate love.

A day full of anxiety, distress and nervous waiting vanished in a moment like smoke. This was his older brother. Ever since he was a child he had protected him and spoiled him. Even though he was facing this kind of injustice, he would never become angry with him.

{T/N: It's not literal older brother. Chinese people often like to call people in seniority "brother" or "uncle" etc.}

Shen Ye suddenly reached out and embraced the person in front him. After seeing the pale lips of the other person, he couldn't control himself and kissed him forcefully. He loved him so much, he didn't want to be even separated for a second, however they had no choice but to hide their relationship. Only when embracing him can he be sure that this person is by his side and also loving him.

After some time, Shen Ye finally released him. There was a determined expression in his eyes. He said seriously, "Don't worry. I won't let father drive you out from the company. Let's go back now, and tell him clearly about our relationship. I'm sure he'll understand. I will take care of everything, I won't let you be troubled, my everything belows to you…. I love you."

[Ding! Shen Ye's affection + 1, right now the affection level is 100]

[Ding! This world's target Shen Ye has been successfully romanced, you have received 10000 experience points. The host will leave this world within 3 days.]

Ye Ming heard the sound of the system prompts in his mind, and knew it was time for him to leave again.

His identity in this world was called Han Xu. Ever since young he had grown up with Shen Ye. In order to increase Shen Ye's affection level, he had been constantly acting in a "good older brother" role. Right now he had finally achieved a full affection meter. Once the affection meter maxed out, that was the time for him to leave the world.

Ye Ming looked at the youth in front of him. The young man was handsome with clear brows. Although he was young but his personality was as sharp as a treasured sword. Only in front of him would he reveal this kind of warm, affectionate and cautious side…. It really was a shame.

Ye Ming's expression changed color slightly. He stroked Shen Ye's face as though he felt a sense of regret. When he spoke there was a deep undertone of laughter in his throat. "I have a present to give you."

She Ye gave an expression of surprised joy. He had waited in agony for a entire day so the fact that Han Xu wasn't angry had already fulfilled all his desires, and now there was a present? He was filled with anticipation and said eagerly, "What is it-"

He hadn't even finished his words when he felt something cold against his chest. When he looked down he saw it was a black handgun, faintly exuding a cold light.

The muzzle was aimed at his chest and the long, pale finger holding the trigger was something he couldn't be more familiar with… previously they had countless times entwined their ten fingers and talked about their feelings with each other.

In that moment all time seemed to stop. Even the air seemed to solidify.

After a moment, Shen Ye raised his head slowly. With a complicated expression he looked at Ye Ming. His mouth moved, "Is this a joke?"

Ye Ming smiled. He raised his eyebrows. The usually gentle eyes had changed and there a previously never seen coldness in them. "What do you think?"

Shen Ye stared fixedly at Ye Ming's eyes and gradually the color faded from his face. He said, "Why?"

Ye Ming lifted the corners of his mouth. He laughed, "Why? Of course it is because I want your Shen family. I've been at the company for so many years, even if I didn't achieve anything then I still have experienced hardships for it, and now you want to send me away so you just drive me out? Is there such a cheap bargain in the world? I'm not a dog raised by the Shen Family?"

{T/N: "Even if I didn't achieve anything then I have still experienced hardships for it" – it's a phrase that means something like "at the very minimum I have done these things". He's not literally saying that he's not made any achievements at the company, as I think he has done plenty. He's saying even if I hypothetically didn't, you still owe me for my effort.}

Shen Ye's expression was extremely painful. "Father was wrong in this but I have never wanted to drive you away. I never wanted to fight with you over anything. Didn't we say before that we would not separate anything between us, and be together forever?" He loved him so much that he was willing to give up everything with both hands, even his own life but why… why he he want to kill him? There was clearly no need.

"I remember." Ye Ming laughed softly. Just as Shen Ye dared to hope again, he enunciated each world clearly. "But I don't need your unnecessary sacrifice. As long as you're dead, then everything of the Shen family will naturally belong to me."

Shen Ye saw the calm determination in Ye Ming's eyes, and heard his indifferent speech. His eyes slowly darkened, as though it at lost all its laight.

Ye Ming saw the painful expression in She Ye's face and couldn't help laughing. "What? Did you really think I loved you? I was lying to you! I was only indulging you for the sake of taking everything from you. If it wasn't for you co-operating and taking a retreating position, then how could I have so easily risen in the company these years? Speaking of that I should really thank you. However… I am tired of pretending to love you. Since your father wants to drive me out of the company then I'll kill you, and naturally seize everything! Everything that should rightfully have been mine!"

Shen Ye's face was pale white. Every cold word was like a sharp blade piercing his heart. The deep love he thought he had was just a ruthless deception from beginning to end? Even though you only needed to say one word and I would have given you everything, you didn't need to do any of this….

"You're lying to me…. aren't you…" Shen Ye's voice was trembling, his eyes were empty as though he couldn't believe what he was hearing….

Ye Ming's looked disdainful. Without any hesitation he pulled the trigger. With a muffled sound, Shen Ye's body toppled to the ground, vivid blood blossomed from his chest and spread throughout his clothes…. like the flowers blooming in hell.

With difficulty he turned his head, staring fixedly at Ye Ming. Inside his dark pupils, the darkness slowly grew… With this gunshot, he could no longer deceive himself.

Ye Ming looked calm as though he hadn't done anything important. He slowly wiped his gun with a handkerchief before tossing it in the garbage can. Then he turned away and walked towards the door. When he reached it he turned around to look at Shen Ye again as though he remembered something. He smiled and that smile was extremely cool. Smiling he spoke.

This smile, those words…. Shen Ye would never forget it in his whole life. Even if one day he sank into the deep abyss of death, he would engrave it into his soul, so that it would follow him to reincarnate, staying with him forever.

Ye Ming said, "This is my break up gift to you. Do you like it?"


At twelve midnight there were few people on the street. Ye Ming walked out of the hotel and casually entered an empty side street.

He unlocked his phone and quickly dialed 110 for the police. He pinched his throat and said in an exaggerated voice, "Oh! Is this 1-1-0? I am a passerby on the street. Just then I heard a gunshot coming from XX street corner's DiJing Hotel third floor's suite! I think it was attempted murder, someone could be hurt. Can you please hurry up and have a look! Remember to call an ambulance!"

After speaking he hung up the phone and put the phone back into his pocket.

Ye Ming stood in place for a few moments. Ai… previously I accidentally mentioned a light night snack and how I feel quite hungry. Since I'm going to leave this world, I may as well go on a full stomach.

He made up his mind and turned around slowly. His car was parked at a nearby underground parking lot, there was some distance from here.

The streetlight near the parking lot was broken and the street was dark and empty in the night. There wasn't anyone around him and as he walked Ye Ming suddenly felt like he couldn't walk any longer. It was true that he hadn't had dinner but it should be so much that he couldn't even walk, right?

His legs would not obey his commands. And even the vision in front of him was becoming blurry. He subconsciously touched his stomach and when he looked at his hand he saw it was filled with blood.

[Ye Ming:……]

[888: What happened?]

[Ye Ming: I got shot ahhhhhhhhh! How come you didn't warn me!]

[888: I've opened up the pain shield.]

[Ye Ming: It's because the pain shield appeared that I realized what happened! I didn't even know when I got shot! As my system, isn't it too irresponsible of you not to tell me about something important like this?]

[888 said coldly: Well you're leaving soon anyway, it doesn't matter when you die. Unless you think if I tell you, you can die better than on the way to eating a late night snack?]

[Ye Ming: ….Why do I get the feeling that recently you've not been happy with me?]

[888 said with a sigh: This is called saying it as it is.]

[Ye Ming: …..]

[Ye Ming: Maybe there's some misunderstanding between us. Listen to me explain, this is really for the greater good! Otherwise after I leave Shen Ye would be so heartbroken he might seek to hurt himself! Actually I can't bear it too. I feel responsible and very pained! Please believe me!"

[888: He he.]

[Ye Ming: …]

{T/N: The Chinese "he he" is not a humorous laugh but rather the obvious, a dry sarcastic sound made when you don't believe something or think it's not funny at all.}

Ye Ming felt that recently it was becoming very hard to communicate with 888. He remembered when he first became bound, 888 was like a responsible older brother. Although his personality was a bit cold, but he was a very impeccable high-class system when it came to work. But after a few worlds had passed by…

Cough… Well, what is past is past.

Ye Ming walked a few steps then his vision went black and he fell to ground. In his very last moments he saw someone walking towards him before he lost consciousness.

He felt a familiar feeling in his soul. Not long after Ye Ming appeared in a white room about ten square metres. This is his system space. After completing each mission he would come here and stay here for a short time before entering the next world.

However this time Ye Ming did not hurry to pick up the mission for the next world but happily calculated his points in his heart. He pumped his fist and said, "I think I've gained enough experience points!"

From the beginning he had been irresistibly attracted to this omnipotent item in the system store and that was the reason he had agreed to be bound to the system to complete the missions. In order to redeem this item he had already transmigrated to multiple worlds. Now thinking he was just about to obtain it and return to the real world, he couldn't control his excitement.

In world of the missions, Ye Hao needed to communicate to the system in his mind  but in the system space 888 could directly speak to him.

A stream of blue colored data appeared on the white wall and a cold, metallic voice intoned, "Yes. You have enough. Do you want to redeem it?"

Ye Ming said immediately, "Yes, yes!"

888 was quite for a few minutes and the data on the wall sped by quickly. After some time the numbers stopped. The usually calm and unperturbed system voice suddenly spoke with an impatient voice, as though it was gnashing its teeth. "You. Can't. Redeem. It!"

Ye Ming was shocked. "Why not?"

888 laughed coldly. "Because just now I found out that your experience points have been frozen and cannot be used."

These words were as though lighting striking down on Ye Ming! It was as terrible as a millionaire who had slept happily on a pile of money and then one day when he wanted to buy a luxury car, he discovered all his assets had been frozen by the bank, and he was penniless!

Ye Ming immediately became furious. "These are the points I used my sweat and blood to gain in the missions, do you think it was easy? You want to freeze so just freeze? Is there no law in this place? Are you some kind of shady, black organization? Today you had better have a good explanation otherwise I'm going to sue you guys!!"

888 said without hesitation, "Do you want to talk about laws? Because every time after you successfully complete the romance, you give the target a "break up surprise", so after you left they all became blackened! And just now, all the target's blackening value all accumulated to reach a critical point. All the worlds are now out of control and extremely unstable. Because the consequences are so serious the main system has decreed all your missions a fail and frozen all your experience points."

888 paused and then added, "You should be grateful it hasn't directly cancelled it."

The air became very quiet.

However 888 hadn't finished it. After a taking a deep breath it said, "As your system, not only did you fail multiple missions but you also caused the worlds to become unstable. This has directly led to the lowering of my system evaluation to the lowest grade E! Not only did I lose all my bonuses, I also didn't gain a single experience point. Even my year-end performance had been deducted. This is the most embarrassing moment of my life. Do you know how much I have lost? In the beginning I warned you to complete the mission properly and don't cause problems but you just wouldn't listen to me! Now are you happy?"

Ye Ming grabbed his chest painfully. Thinking of how all his effort being for naught, even though he was only a soul but he felt he was a having heart attack. But he couldn't get angry with 888… because 888 had been pulled down by him!

After several moments passed, Ye Ming said guiltily. "Cough cough… then… is there anyway to remedy the situation?"

888 said angrily, "Wait, let me check."

Right now 888 was filled with regret. Back then why did he put up with this junk host for so long? It really was a big loss!

After a few minutes, 888 said coldly. "Yes there is away. You have to return to each world and reverse the blackening of the target. As long as the blackening value disappears, then the world will return to its designated path, and the mission will be considered completed and your experience points will be unfrozen."

Ye Ming, "….."

He really had to go back to those worlds? This result was something he couldn't imagine. He suddenly deeply regretted all the things he had done. If he could be given another chance, he would definitely turn a new leaf and be a good person.

888 said impatiently, "This is the only way. Do you want to go or not? If you don't want to go, then I'll send you back to your main world, and we will never meet again."

He emphasized these five words.

Ye Ming's expression was stiff for a while then he patted his chest and made a vow to fight to the death. "I'll go! Why not! I'll definitely go. I'm a perfectly good young person! The mess I've made I'll clean it up myself, I won't shirk the responsibility to others. I will go back to the world and use my love to change them, and protect the world's peace with all my might!"

888, "He he."

Ye Ming felt he had lost 888's confidence. But because of his experience points he definitely wouldn't give up! He laughed merrily and said, "Then which world should we return to first? Should I decide or will you arrange it ?"

888 was quite for an entire minute then he opened his mouth. "I just received the main system's notification. Because those worlds are filled with instability, so you can't choose on your own. The main system will decide. Once it's chosen it will find an appropriate time to send you back."

Ye Min didn't hesitate. "Okay, I'll listen you!"

Blue data flowed ceaselessly on the white wall. After a dazzling array of lights, the sound of 888's voice was heard. "The world has been chosen, preparing transfer. But I should warn you, this is your last chance. If you mess up again, then there won't be any more chances to go back to those worlds to fix things."

Ye Ming said seriously, "Rest assured! This time I will definitely do it properly-"

After his words fell, he felt a whirlwind around him. His soul continued to plummet and the transmission had begun.


[Ding! Transmission complete.]

Ye Ming opened his eyes. He found he was in a narrow and dilapidated little house. He didn't hurry to look at where he was but instead he got up and found a mirror to look into. The mirror reflected a delicate face and he immediately knew which world he had come to.

This was the first world he had transmigrated to.

In this world his identity is Fang Xiao. He is a hardworking orphan who successfully entered and graduated from a prestigious school. As a newly graduated university student and in order to facilitate better access to the target, at that time Ye Hao had decided to enter the Qin Group as an intern.

His mission target's name was Qin Yi. He was the heir to the Qin Group. He was older than Fang Xiao by two years. After returning home from studying overseas, he hid his identity and worked in his own company. Every day he would hang out with those ordinary employees. Although Qin Yi was a young master born with a golden spoon, but he didn't have the bad habits of rich people. His personality was cheerful and extroverted and he had a lot of charisma so everyone liked him.

Ye Ming pretended to not know Qin Yi's identity and quickly became friend with him. He worked hard to give the impression that although he was poor he was very talented. Qin Yi had very good feelings towards him, after getting to know each other for a while and developing their feelings, the two of them naturally became a couple.

After getting together with Ye Ming, Qin Yi never looked down on him because of their different status. He was even concerned that Ye Ming would not be able to accept him, so he didn't reveal his identity. His personality was gentle and considerate. At home he cooked and swept and the two of them were like an ordinary, loving couple spending each day peacefully… but just as the affection meter was filling up, Qin Yi's parents became aware of their relationship.

Qin Yi's parents couldn't accept their only son being homosexual, especially with a boyfriend who was such a low social status. They sent people out to destroy the relationship. After Qin Yi found out, he decided to leave his family for Ye Ming.

In order to increase the affection meter, Ye Ming was moved and agreed to leave together with him so Qin Yi abandoned everything and left with Ye Ming to go to a new place to start from scratch. Those days were extremely hard. Without the support of his family, Qin Yi truly understood hardship for the first time. But for Ye Ming he persevered because he wanted to give them a happy life. Even if he had to leave the Qin Family, he could still protect the person he loved.

Although it was hard, however Qin Yi was very capable. Slowly his business began to improve and after experiencing a lot of ups and downs, his feelings became even more strong for the Ye Ming who had stayed for his side without fail for the whole time. He thought that Ye Ming truly loved him and not his status.

One year on the day of the Star Festival, Qin Yi decided to propose to Ye Ming. At this time the affection meter had reached 100, the mission was successfully finished and Ye Ming obtained the experience points. Ye Ming heard the system prompt and knew that he had to leave the world within three days.

{T/N: Star Festival i.e. Qixi or Tanabata}

Although in the beginning he had treated the mission like a game but as the years passed, the person in front of his eyes was after all made of flesh and blood. This was also Ye Ming's first mission. After thinking that he had to leave without saying goodbye, he thought it was quite cruel.

At this time Ye Ming had a flash of inspiration. It was a extremely awful idea!

He  thought that as long as he could make Qin Yi not love him before he left then after he left Qin Yi wouldn’t be so heartbroken. That way he could quickly walk out from the shadow of this relationship and start again. So, before Ye Ming left he embezzled all the company's liquid capital!

This was the small company they had created after leaving together. Qin Yi had put all his sweat and blood into it. This fund was extremely important. If it is lost then it would be a devastating blow destroying the company, making all of Qin Yi's efforts be for nothing!

If Ye Ming took away the money then Qin Yi either had to start from the beginning again, or else he could cut his losses and return to the Qin Family.

If it was just this then it might still be okay, but Ye Ming thought about it carefully and though that Qin Yi's love for him was too deep. If he just did this then he might not give up completely. So he decided to leave a letter for Qin Yi.

These events happened a long, long time ago. After all Ye Ming had travelled to multiple worlds, but even know when he recalled the contents of that letter, he left very awkward.

If only he knew he had to come back…

[888: Have you recalled everything? Are you full of regret? Full of fear? Back then didn't I try to dissuade you, telling you not to write the letter and not to take the money and just leave quietly. But you just had to make trouble.]

[Ye Ming: …..]

[888: Do you want me to help you recall the contents of the letter? You wrote it word by word yourself.]

[Ye Ming: There's no need….]

[888 had already started to read: My dear Qin Yi, by the time you see this letter I would have already gone. But you don't need to worry, I will take care of myself well. Thank you for all your care, but it's a shame that I'm already tired of living this kind of hard life. Originally when I got together with you  I thought I would be able to live a good life. After all you were the young master of the Qin family. Who knew that it would come to this. Back then you really shouldn't have left the Qin family, it wasn't necessary to bring yourself to this level. Actually the whole time I was hoping you would bring be back…. I'm not interested in the you that's not the young master Qin, so I don't want to continue. I've taken the money, I'll think of it as the compensation for all the time and youth I've wasted on you. In any case after you return home, you won't need this money anyway. I know you've always been generous. Let's not meet again. Fang Xiao.]

[Ye Ming: Did I really write it like this???] In his memory it shouldn't be this cruel….

[888: Are you questioning the system's unlimited memory capability?]

[Ye Ming: …..]

[888 said sadly: I pity the me from back then, not realizing this was the beginning of the end. Afterwards you kept going down this path, never turning back.]

[Ye Ming: Recently have you watched some kind of strange crime shows?]

Ye Ming's memory was complete so he started to consider his current situation. Actually the thing that surprised him the most was that his body was still okay! He only looked slightly more frail than when he had left, and he was living in a completely foreign place. His memory from that time ended at the time of him leaving the country, so what happened after that he didn't know.]

[Ye Ming: Speaking of things, after I left back then, didn't this body die? What's the situation right now?]

[888: If you die before you leave the world, just like Han Xu did in the previous world, then the body will really die in the world. Even if you go back, you can't use the same body. But if at the time of you leaving the body didn't die, then the main system will use the setting you left behind and take care of the body under the condition that you will won't meet the target again.]

[Ye Ming: Oh! That's high class. So what you're trying to say is my body didn't die. Even though I left, the main system has been keeping me on automated mode?]

[888: Approximately yes.]

[Ye Ming: Then what's the situation now?]

[888: Three years have passed since you left, please accept the memories from these three years.]

After 888 spoke Ye Ming felt memories rushing into his mind and quickly understood his current situation.

At that time in order to not let Qin Yi know his whereabouts, he chose to abscond overseas. However he left the world while at the airport and afterwards the system took care of his body. According to his memories he had lived quietly overseas. Because he as in automated mode so of course the body didn't do anything extraordinary and lived quietly and peacefully. He wasn't doing particularly well, it could just be said barely subsisting.]

[Ye Ming: Your caretaker system is too careless! This is antagonistic system!]

[888: The system is just a system, it can't replace you to make any decisions. It can't have any contact with the target and cannot create any matters in the world. It can help you keep the body functioning normally. You should be lucky that we didn't take any fees.]

[Ye Ming: ….. Then what's the situation with Qin Yi these three years?]

888 immediately gave the information to Ye Ming. Compared to the colorless ordinary life of Fang Xiao, Qin Yi's three years of life was magnificent.

His search for Ye Hao was fruitless and he bore the double destruction of his love and his career and finally chose to return to the Qin family. He channeled his despair into power and rose like a whirlwind in the business world. In these short three years, Qin Yi had taken control of the Qin family until even his father retired to the backbench. He was no longer the youth that had fantasies about love, but was now a cold and ruthless president.

After reviewing, Ye Ming was silent for a while.

[Ye Ming: How come I have this mistaken feeling that he's stepped onto the pinnacle of the world?]

[888: It's not a mistaken feeling. Under normal logic, once the protagonist has gotten rid of a stepping stone like you, they will achieve success and marry a "white-beautiful-rich" and reach the pinnacle of life.]

[Ye Ming: Then how come he hasn't gotten married yet? And has never been in a relationship?}

[888: Rest assured, I think it's definitely not because he still loves you. According to my standing, his blackening value is extremely high, he he.]

[Ye Ming: …] Right now is it impossible to communicate normally with the system?

[888: Have you thought about what to do? If you don't eliminate the blackening value, your experience points won't be unfrozen.]

Ye Ming touched his chin and revealed a smile. "The first step of course is to return to China."

(End Chapter)

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