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Chapter 14

The person that came in was a middle aged man. He wore a pair of old black glasses and there was a lot of white in his hair. It was the headmaster of the orphanage that Fang Xiao had grown up in.

Ye Ming looked completely shocked. He stammered, "Head… headmaster Liu?"

Headmaster Liu looked at him with complex eyes that were both excited and sad. He sighed and said, "Child… why didn't you say anything about being sick?"

Ye Ming felt very guilty. He didn't have a mother or a father so the orphanage was his family. Headmaster Liu was like his father. But when he went overseas he cut off contact with everyone… this was his wrongdoing.

Although his heart very muddled he still asked calmly, "You… how did you know I was here?"

Headmaster Liu's expression was very accusatory. He said, "How long did you intend to hide things from us? If President Qin didn't tell me then I would have had no idea you were sick! And I definitely wouldn't have known that the one million donation I received back then was from you."

Ye Ming's color changed. "You… you know? Qin Yi told you?'

Headmaster Liu saw that Ye Ming's expression wasn't right. He said questioningly, "Yes. What's wrong?"

Ye Ming forced himself to smile. "It's nothing…."

Headmaster Liu said gratefully, "President Qin told me that you've always been very concerned about us…" Headmaster Liu's voice had a quaver. "He also said you missed us very much so he asked me to come here to see you."

Ye Ming's eyes had become somewhat red.

Headmaster Liu looked at him compassionately. "Although the money you donated was a big help to us, even if you hadn't donated it it doesn't change the fact that I care for you very much. It's only a shame I didn't know where you were."

"I'm… I'm sorry." Ye Ming lowered his eyes.

It was his selfish decision to leave. Not only had he forsaken his lover but he had also left behind the people who cared about him. This made his heart fill with guilt.

Headmaster Liu saw the state he was in and softly sighed. "You probably don't know but at that time the orphanage was in dire financial straits. If it wasn't for your donation, many of the children wouldn't have been able to go to school. If you have time you should come and have a look. Everyone is very grateful."

Ye Ming nodded.

Headmaster Liu didn't want to bring up anymore sad memories so he only talked about happy things with Ye Ming. He talked about how recently many of the kids had gotten into university, and some had been adopted. After discussing for a while and making a date for the next time he would come by the hospital, he left.

Not long after the door opened again and Qin Yi came in.

Ye Ming raised his eyes and looked at him. His expression was very complicated.

Qin Yi walked over to Ye Ming's bedside and sat down. His dark pupils gazed at him and after a while he said slowly. "You told me you used the money for treatment. You said that the only reason you were with me was for my money."

Ye Ming had no reply to this. As things currently stood, there was no point to deny the truth any longer.

Qin Yi's eyes were filled with sorrow. He said, "I would have rather you had really taken the money for treatment."

[Ding! Qin Yi's blackening -10, the current blackening value is 20]

Ye Ming opened his mouth but his throat couldn't produce any sound.

Qin Yi saw his grave and silent expression and suddenly his eyes became red. He said strenuously, "Why didn't you take care of yourself properly and obtain treatment? Why didn't you treat your body seriously? Why did you have to leave? Do you think leaving like this really awesome and self-sacrificing? You're only being a coward. The kind of coward who admits defeat before even starting a fight!"

Ye Ming stared at him. He had never so clearly realized how his actions had deeply hurt Qin Yi. Each of his question was like a knife on Ye Ming's soul. He completely had no words to refute it.

He had his reasons for leaving. At least at the point of doing it, he had thought what he was doing was right.

But now, he wasn't sure.

Qin Yi tightly grasped Ye Ming's wrist. "Talk ah, why don't you reply? Why don't you continue to spin your foolish lies? Tell me, why did you leave! Don't tell me it's just because you were sick!"

Ye Ming's lips moved as though he had something he wanted to say but in the end he only made a hoarse sound. "Since you already know everything, what more can I say."

Qin Yi stared at him and his eyes were filled with disappointment. He took a deep breath and laughed at himself mockingly. "I know everything.. But unfortunately you miscalculated. I won't thank you for anything you did."

From the moment I chose to be with you, what I wanted was a relationship with honesty and mutual respect. I hoped that no matter if it rained or hailed we would face it together and never leave each other.

But you chose to leave by yourself.

I love you, but I can't forgive you.

Ye Ming's eyes darkened. Qin Yi's reaction was understandable. Everything he had done up to know amounted to nought in the end. His selfish self-sacrifice only served to further hurt the person he loved… but he still wanted to try and save something at the end.

He said, "I don't need your thanks. Everything in the past is already not important. We have already ended."

Ye Ming hesitated and then forced himself to say, "You should walk forward in life. You have your own career and your own fiancee. You shouldn't waste your time on me."

Qin Yi's chest puffed out. He suddenly grasped Ye Ming's shoulder and violently kissed his lips as though he wanted to bite him!

Why did this person never want to say the words he wanted to hear!

Ye Ming was kissed until he could barely breathe. Finally he tried to push Qin Yi but it took some time before Qin Yi released him. He looked at him with an expression of utter despair and said slowly, "How I should spend my life, how I should use my time, and who I should love… it's not up to you to decide for me."

Qin Yi looked into Ye Ming's eyes. The anguish in his eyes was extremely thick and suffocating. "If you still care about me even a little bit, then you should obediently continue to live for me."


[888: He already knows everything but there's still 20 blackening value left.]

[Ye Ming: He doesn't know everything yet. Don't worry, I have it under control~]

[888: I think your method might not be effective. No matter what excuse you use, leaving in that manner was your mistake. Honestly speaking you used love as an excuse to hurt him. Judging by Qin Yi's personality it's clear what he hopes for is that you would trust and rely on him, and not your so-called self-sacrifice.]

[Ye Ming: Although it was my mistake in the beginning, but he has already revenged himself on me ma. Then he made me engage in all those kind of humiliating things and even used his marriage to anger me. I'm also very heartbroken and sad la. If he doesn't lower his blackening then it's too unfair to me QAQ]

[888: ……]

Actually 888 initially had a little sympathy but now he felt like this was a case of you reap what you sow.

Whatever, he doesn't care about this anymore.

The second day when Ye Ming was eating breakfast the bodyguard at the door brought in a newspaper. He said respectfully, "President Qin told me to give this to you."

Ye Ming glanced at the newspaper. The headline was that Qin Yi's engagement had been called off. He coughtly lightly. It was really very effective ah. He had only given Qin Yi a reminder the day before not to forget about this matter.

In order to improve their circumstances how could he let the engagement continue standing. The most important thing is that Qin Yi's behaviour of avoiding the spotlight will inevitably cause some people's concern and retaliation.

Ye Ming raised the corner of his lips and placed down the newspaper.

Qin Yi was very busy but in order to come to the hospital to spend more time with Ye Ming he would often bring his work to the hospital to do.

These days there was a familiar scene at the hospital. Ye Ming would focus on his own things while Qin Yi worked by his bedside. If you ignore the somewhat strange atmosphere and the rather inappropriate environment, then it was a scene of an old husband and wife, very harmonious and peaceful.

This evening Qin Yi brought his pen and documents over as usual. He casually laid the items on the sofa, took off his jacket and hanged it up in the closet, as though he was returning to his own home.

Ye Ming finally couldn't take it anymore. He raised the newspaper in his hands and in a rare occasion, spoke first. "What is the meaning of this?"

Qin Yi glanced at the newspaper and said calmly, "The meaning is already written."

Ye Ming sighed deeply. He asked, "Why would you do this?"

Qin Yi looked at Ye Ming and then smiled softly. "Should it be clear to you why?"

Ye Ming looked at Qin Yi in the eyes. Those eyes were warm and filled with emotion just like many years ago. But… how could that be? He had left for three years! What was the point of doing this kind of foolish thing for him?!

He coldly said. "It's not clear. I only know that this kind of behaviour is very irresponsible. You're not being fair to the female party."

Qin Yi's lips moved and he laughed lowly. "You're really a saint. Your own life hangs in the balance and you're still worried about my marriage and if I'm living well. Since it's like this I may as well tell you."

He walked until he stood in front of Ye Ming. He said in a serious tone, "The engagement was fake. It was only to placate my family. I don't have any relationship with her so there's no question of responsibility. Rather than a strange woman, I think it's more important to be responsible to you."

Ye Ming froze. He muttered. "Fake….?"

Qin Yi's eyes were very warm. "Yes ah. It was fake from the beginning. Whether it be three years ago or three years after,  the only person I want is still only you. It's impossible for me to get married to anyone else."

Ye Ming chewed his lip heavily. He looked into Qin Yi's eyes. There wasn't a single shadow in those eyes. His tone had such sincerity. His expression was so warm.

Even though they met again three years later and the world had turned upside down, everything was still the same.

He still loved him this much.

This kind of love was so heavy he almost couldn't breathe. Ye Ming's tears spilled out uncontrollably. He said in a broken voice, "You fool! No matter what the reason is, I still left and abandoned you! What's the point of still loving me?!"

"I goddamn don't love you anymore! Don't you remember how you revenged yourself on me?" Both of Ye Ming's eyes were extremely red. "You still want to be with me? Stop dreaming! Get out! Get out!"

Qin Yi's face drained of color. But he still stood there stubbornly, not willing to even back away one step.

Ye Ming bent over and began to cough violently. Fresh blood splattered onto the floor in front of him. It was as though he wanted to cough out his entire lung!

Qin Yi's face changed. He immediately went to help him but was pushed away vigorously by Ye Ming!

Ye Ming glared at him and then suddenly laughed mockingly and miserably. "If you really care about me this much then why don't you fulfill my wish?"

Why don't you understand that I'm about to die. This time it's for real, there's no more second chances. Why do you want to waste your time on someone who is destined to leave you? Why do you insist on stubbornly clinging to a love that is destined to bear no fruit?

Don't you understand? What I want is for you to let go.

Qin Yi stared at the first in front of him. He almost felt like he had lost the ability to stand. The scene in front of him was blurry.

Fulfill your wish….? To let go of you, forget you, let you leave?

How is it possible…. How is it possible for me to do that?! Because I know if I let you go then I'll really never see you again.

I'm sorry. I don't expect you to forgive my actions but I can't let you go.

[Ding! Qin Yi's blackening -5, currently the blackening value is 15.]

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