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Chapter 4 Battlefield (III)

Lanxin looked back at the young warrior from earlier, her expression still revealing some regret. Why was someone who lacked Qi showing so much potential?

She sighed at the whims of fate, but she didn't know the truth was far from what she believed.

Yang Jiu continued to stand where he sliced off an enemy soldier's ear.

Strong currents of killing energy coursed through his body now; if he got close to other people, he couldn't be sure he wouldn't kill them, too.

"Before the Qisha cultivation is done, it's hard to control wanting to kill people . . ." a lingering sense of reason made Jiu muse.

He faced away from the others; his eyes were like gems soaking up any source of light and pulsing with an energy.

Inside his body, the third round of cultivation in Qisha was moving faster than any cultivation known to humankind; after each rotation, the killing light dimmed a little, replaced by a human glint.

As the cultivation continued, three pentagram-shaped black marks, no bigger than two centimeters across, could be seen on the right side of his chest, and a fourth one was beginning to appear, too.

. . . Killing was indeed the best way to cultivate Qisha! Jiu thought. After just a few battles, he was almost close to the fourth round. If he killed some more people now, he could get there, and that'd be close to the eight-leaf warrior level, right?

A tempting idea . . . but he didn't do it; it was not a lack of courage, but the five mystics standing nearby that threatened him.

He believed that if he showed even a little inkling of wanting to kill the generals, the mystics would destroy him. The mystics were still too powerful for him.

Of course, without the constant fighting, how could he, who had only cultivated Qisha for three years, break through to the third round and get close to the fourth after just one month?

He hoped the war would continue for his breakthrough to round four. He prayed the Luosheng Kingdom was not too weak an enemy.

He curbed his urge to kill and resumed his calm expression.

The plains between two mountains were lit with a smoky fire. A massive pile of bodies were incinerated with the help of special fuels, leaving behind charred remains and mangled plastic debris.

The pungent odor flew toward the inner parts of the Luosheng Kingdom. Only people who had fought here knew the meaning of this kind of fire and vicious scent.

The leaders who ordered wars only read abstract reports filled with numbers; they didn't know the true face of war.

The work of cleaning up the battlefield was drawing to a close.

The plains, which had been littered with bodies, were now free of them. The frontrunner brigade set up tents, started heating lunch boxes, and began the most leisurely part of the day: resting.

Reports requesting reinforcements were already dispatched. The surviving warriors, with enemy ears in their collection, were reporting their work to their superiors for any rewards.

Those who wanted a promotion would have to wait for approval after the general report was filed.

Although, the brigade led by Lanxin was usually rewarded as soon as they made a request it was a way to keep the warriors motivated.

Most warriors chose to use their credit to exchange for the warcraft manual and begin cultivating Qi.

Most of them were already at the three-leaf level and close to the four-leaf level, and would be able to break mountains with their Qi. The warcraft manual was most valuable to them.

A few warriors who didn't have enough credit chose to save up for the warcraft manual.

At most, they used a tiny part of their earned spoils to exchange for a low-level energy crystal to use in the next battle.

Anyone who had ever fought a war knew that, if the battle escalated, these crystals, as low-level as they were, were still enough to save them some time.

The credit exchange station was filled with warriors. Everyone waved around their credit coupons outside the military tent, which resembled a stock exchange more than a battlefield.

All of a sudden, the crowd quieted.

The warriors were laughing and talking when someone reminded them to stop making noises. They all stood on tiptoes and looked back . . .

A corridor formed among the crowd. Yang Jiu, with his black sack, walked slowly forward. His steps separated the crowd, which closed only after he passed.

"I have 3,000 credits here. Give me three high-energy crystals," Jiu said as he stood at the tent's entrance, tossing out the bloody ears.

Even if the rumors said he couldn't cultivate Qi, even if some warriors looked down on him, he was still the strongest warrior here. He was like a killing god on the battlefield; even the four-leaf warriors didn't dare slight him.

Jiu frowned at the lack of response from the tent. "I want to exchange these for three high-energy crystals," he repeated as he stepped inside the tent.

Now the reply came fast. "There isn't any."

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