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Qin Dong cast a surprising look at Qin Feiyan, "Seriously? But Gu Yunting seems to hate me so much."

Qin Feiyan rolled up her eyes at him, whispering, "You don't understand girls. Let's wait and see, the story between you and Gu Yunting just begins."

Qin Dong did not know women very well and simpered at Qin Feiyan's prediction.

"Grandpa!" Qin Feixiong came to Qin Zongheng and kneeled down.

Astonished, Qin Zongheng pulled up Qin Feixiong, "What's wrong with you?"

Qin Feixiong answered in guilty, "Grandpa, I fail your careful instruction and don't deserve to be a member of Clan Qin. I was dejected after the little setback and disappointed you."

Qin Zongheng sighed and patted Qin Feixiong's shoulder in delight, "You did not fail me or the ancestors of Clan Qin. Setbacks are common in our lives, but the most important is to cheer up afterwards. Your setback is worthwhile this time."

Qin Feixiong shouted in excitement, "Grandpa, I need to cheer up not only for myself but also the honor of our clan! Please help me!"

Qin Zongheng nodded and flicked a look at Qin Dong, "It's your turn now."

As the saying went, if you wanted someone to cheer up, you needed to rekindle his hope. Qin Dong had come up with the method to reshape dispirited Qin Feixiong earlier. But the best method did not make sense at that time. Therefore, Qin Dong stimulated Qin Feixiong by Gu Yuetao.

The first step was accomplished. The following procedures could exert their effects.

A grin etched across Qin Dong's face.

Qin Feixiong was bewildered, "Grandpa, what's going on?"

Qin Zongheng waved hands, beaming, "Don't ask me. I don't know either."

"Big brother, you need to bear the harshness that others cannot endure, if you want to fully recuperate!" Qin Dong talked to Qin Feixiong earnestly.

Thrilled, Qin Feixiong nodded, "I'm not afraid of harshness, as long as I become stronger and don't disgrace our family. I can bear anything!"

"Alright! From now on, you just listen to me. I ensure that your cultivation base return to your former peak and even higher!"

Neither Qin Feixiong or Qin Zongheng dared to believe Qin Dong's words.

It was miraculous if Qin Feixiong's cultivation base would come back to its normal state in one month, let alone higher than before. It was daydream.

"Xiao Dong, are you…you kidding me?" Qin Feixiong murmured.

Qin Dong shook head gently, "Follow me!" He just went straight forward.

Qin Feixiong was lost, as if dreaming. Qi Zongheng nudged him several times and urged, "Silly boy, follow him!"

"Oh, yes!" Qin Feixiong scuttled outside.

Qin Feiyan also followed them with disbelief and wanted to explore how Qin Dong was going to achieve the goal that Qin Zongheng was incapable of.

Qin Dong walked directly to the Xuan Icy Cave with others.

The cave was enwrapped by chill air and the herbs around it were covered with thick ice and frost. It was entirely white just as freezing winter, however, steps away from here was green in spring.

"Xiao Dong, what do you bring me here for?" Qin Feixiong asked in confusion.

Qin Dong chuckled and stared at the cave releasing frigidity, praising, "It's Clan Qin's luck to possess this valuable cave. Big brother, your cultivation base can recover fast with its help."

"Xiao Dong, it's dangerous here. Are you certain that it's beneficial for Feixiong's cultivation?" Qin Zongheng was puzzled. As the master of Clan Qin, he knew very well about the natural conditions of the cave. If the millennium cold air intruded into the bodies of inferior cultivators, they would be seriously harmed even keeping their lives. Besides, the ice outbreak occurring sometimes lent more dangers.

Qin Dong frowned, "Grandpa, you don't believe me?"

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