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The atmosphere in the palace cooled downinstantly.

Qin Ruisheng andQin Ruilong behaved so aggressively to require Jiang Chongtian to give YuanyiSchool an explanation.

"I'm afraidthat you're not only for an explanation." Jiang Chongtian cast an indifferentglance on Qin Ruisheng and other people. He was clear that if Yuanyi Schoolcame here only for an explanation, Qin Ruisheng didn't need to disguise asother people and Qin Ruilong didn't need to hide in the vacant space.

Qin Ruishengpeered at Jiang Chongtian and replied nothing. Before he had gone to LuoyunSect, Yuanyi School's Leader told him that herbal remedies should be given to JiangChongtian in a "special" way; Yuanyi School's dignity couldn't behurt.

In the meantime,he needed to wait for a chance to sound out Jiang Chongtian's cultivationlevel. If possible, he'd better kill Jiang Chongtian.

At first, he hadplanned to wait for Jiang Chongtian to recover Jiang Shui's physique and to killJiang Chongtian at that time. However, Jiang Chongtian had recognized hisidentity just now. He couldn't help but be serious.

Nevertheless, hedidn't fear for he knew in this palace, Jiang Chongtian's enemies were not onlyhim.

"JiangChongtian, you can't obtain herbal remedies to recover Jiang Shui's physique ifyou refuse to give an explanation!" Qin Ruisheng sneered, giving up camouflagecompletely.

He believed thatso long as he and Qin Ruilong launched raids to Jiang Chongtian together, thenthe elder strong cultivators would not sit and watch; those cultivators wouldattack Jiang Chongtian with them!

"Heh, thisis your real personality, right?" Jiang Chongtian remained his composure.

The elder strongcultivators just observed the scene with a cold smile and said nothing. Theycame here for figuring out Jiang Chongtian's cultivation level, so they werepleasant that someone led the way.

"How horriblethat battle is! So many mighty cultivators from the northern area lost theirlives. Although you survive from that battle, I don't believe you suffernothing!" Qin Ruilong let out a froze laugh. He had a good knowledge ofthat battle though he didn't join.

In that battle,the sky had been almost torn up and countless formidable cultivators had died. JiangChongtian was actually strong, but there had been quite a few stronger cultivatorsthan him in that battle.

"Come andhave a try?" Jiang Chongtian replied in an aloof voice.

"That'swhat I'm thinking!" Qin Ruilong disappeared in the palace suddenly.

"VacantSpace Method!"

"VacantSpace Method of Yuanyi School is extremely notable. And Qin Ruilong does very wellin the method. He could silently deprive of others' lives by hiding in the vacantspace."

All cultivatorsin the palace were shocked. They had already heard of Vacant Space Method, but theydidn't see it before. Therefore, the Vacant Space Method launched by QinRuilong really surprised them.

All cultivatorshere were mighty, featuring high cultivation levels and their magic spiritcould intrude into the sky and earth. However, when Qin Ruilong got into the vacantspace, they couldn't feel him at all.

How terrible! Acultivator losing magic spirit was like a blind person; he would have no fightingcapacity and be merely beaten up.

"Hum. JiangChongtian, you're too pride! Your era has been gone! Go to die!" QinRuisheng sneered. As bright gloss ran over from his body, he launched fierceassaults to Jiang Chongtian.

Qin Ruisheng was so powerful! He was topcultivator of the northern area. His attack triggered a blockbuster.


A blood-red phoenixpopped up and was surrounded by red light, giving off terrifying energy. Itfixed cold eyes on Jiang Chongtian and rushed to him.

This was a scaremethod, which could generate a blood-red phoenix, utterly strong and dreadful.

"JiangChongtian, give me your life!" On the other side, as the vacant space shook,Qin Ruilong turned up. With a sharp sword gleaming cold light, he stabbed at JiangChongtian.

The raids of QinRuisheng and Qin Ruilong almost ran to Jiang Chongtian simultaneously,extremely difficult to fend off.

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