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The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus - C212Tang Zheng couldn't help but have a new understanding of the Li Palace and hurriedly asked: "Where is the Li Palace?"Since the Li Palace was the place with the most comprehensive information collection, then perhaps it knew where the cultivators had gone to, or where the conflict between the martial artists and cultivators had originated from.Mu Hongyan shook her head: "Since this is a mysterious place ,then of course ordinary people will not know where it is. If you want to know then you better just ask her."Mu Hongyan pointed at the walking Li Xiaotian.Tang Zheng gave a bitter smile, prying open Li Xiaotian's mouth was easier said than done."Eh, what bad words are you saying about me?" Li Xiaotian looked at Tang Zheng and asked: "What is it?"Tang Zheng glanced at the bra in her hand and said: "We are talking about your airport so do you still need to wear these things?"Li Xiaotian looked at Tang Zheng in shock: "What?"Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulders: "I am originally an airport so it is normal for a man to have an airport. As a woman, it is not normal.""How am I an airport? My chest is so big, it's perfect to wear this." Li Xiaotian looked at Tang Zheng and asked: "What is it?""Big?" "Why didn't I see it? If you have the guts, take it off and prove it." Tang Zheng provokingly said, since Li Xiaotian was always haunting him, he might as well get rid of her."I …" Li Xiaotian gave a cold glare and said: "I told you that men really don't have anything good, eating my Dofu on the train and now you want to look at my chest."As soon as he said this, the surrounding women glared at him. This fellow was too shameless. So, he had already eaten the Dofu of her, but now he actually made such a vulgar request.The man wanted nothing more than to beat his own chest. How could this kid be so lucky? Not only did he have a girlfriend that was as beautiful as a flower, he could also casually eat the Dofu of other beauties.Tang Zheng was greatly embarrassed, this woman really dared to say anything.Fang Shishi blushed as she pulled Tang Zheng to the cashier counter to pay. Li Xiaotian immediately followed, put down her bra on the cashier counter and unrestrainedly said: "Take mine too."Tang Zheng rolled his eyes: "Why should I pay for you?""I said that I am penniless, not you. Who else pays?" Li Xiaotian said."I won't pay whoever who wants to. I've only known you for less than a day and you've harmed me enough. How can I pay you? No way!""Stingy! How can a man be so stingy!""Who said men can't be stingy?"Seeing the two of them contending against each other, quite a few men thought to themselves, "I'll pay! I'll buy a bra for a beautiful woman. What a blessing this is!"Mu Hongyan smiled and walked over, shaking her head: "You two stop arguing, you two are my guests so of course I am the one paying. Since you are here in Dian Nan, how can I let you two pay."With that, she handed over a bank card to settle the bill.Following that, the few people went to buy other clothes and daily necessities, but Tang Zheng and Li Xiaotian were still as sharp as ever, sparks flew everywhere.Finally, They finally got home and calmed down.As night fell, the small villa before the water became especially quiet, causing one's heart to uncontrollably sink. Tang Zheng laid on the bed for a long time, guessing that everyone else must have fallen asleep before he tiptoed off the bed and opened the door to Fang Shishi's room.When he passed by Mu Hongyan's room, he couldn't help but stop his steps as he heard a wav e of suppressed crying. If it wasn't for his amazing hearing and coincidentally passing by the door, he wouldn't have heard the crying.His heart trembled as Mu Hongyan couldn't have something happened otherwise how could she be so hurt? He had not intended to be nosy, but thinking of the care she had taken today, he could not bear it and decided to investigate.Dong dong!He knocked on the door.The crying suddenly stopped."Who?""It's me!"With a creak, the door opened and Mu Hongyan looked at Tang Zheng with her red eyes, barely managing to squeeze out a smile: "What's the matter?"Tang Zheng asked with deep concern: "Did something happen? I heard you crying?"Mu Hongyan awkwardly said: "It's fine."Tang Zheng felt his heart move as he asked: "Is it because of the matter with Long Tengyu during the day?"Mu Hongyan let out a long sigh and faintly said: "It has already passed."Tang Zheng could not help but feel angry, as Long Tengyu did not cover up his mouth, and wantonly slandered others. He simply was not a person to be trifled with."Don't be sad, it's not worth it to be sad for someone like that.""I know, Tang Zheng, thank you. You should rest early." Mu Hongyan's mood was still not high.Tang Zheng looked left and right but did not find any trace of Li Xiaotian. This woman was like a tail that followed him, causing him to not have the time to speak with Mu Hongyan alone so why not take this opportunity to ask about his husband."I have something I want to talk to you about," Tang Zheng asked.Mu Hongyan froze for a moment before nodding her head: "Then come in."The two entered the house, only to see Mu Hongyan wearing a silk nightgown with a faintly discernible scene underneath, which was extremely enticing. Tang Zheng hurriedly gave up on all distracting thoughts as his gaze was unconsciously attracted by a word.Under Heaven!These two words were exactly the same as the one he saw in Chang Heng City when he was in Mu Hongyan's room. Moreover, they were hung up on the bed and could be seen with a single glance as a majestic aura gushed forth.Mu Hongyan followed his gaze and said: "When I returned from Chang Heng City, I also brought it back."Tang Zheng nodded his head and went straight to the point: "Actually, this time I came to Dian Nan other than to go sightseeing and have some fun."Mu Hongyan calmly listened, indicating for him to continue."I have already found the culprit behind the harming of Nannan." Tang Zheng said with great shock.These words caused Mu Hongyan's expression to greatly change and she unconsciously stood up, unable to wait any longer and asked: "Where is the murderer?"Tang Zheng lightly said: "He has already been killed by me.""Who is he?""Daoist Tianji." Tang Zheng truthfully said as he stared straight at Mu Hongyan, wanting to see if there was any change in the name she heard.Mu Hongyan was at a loss as she had never heard of this name before. Sure enough, he heard her say in bewilderment, "Who is this person?" Why do you want to harm her? "Tang Zheng did not directly answer but asked: "Let me take the liberty to ask you a question, how much do you know about your husband?"Mu Hongyan's expression revealed fluctuations as she said: "I know him very well.""Oh, then is he a fighter?"Mu Hongyan shook her head: "No.""Eh, Long Tengyu is a eighth grade Refining Body martial artist, and your father-in-law is an extreme master, why is your husband not a martial artist?" Tang Zheng asked curiously.Mu Hongyan's face revealed a hint of wariness as she stared at Tang Zheng and lightly said: "I am not a ma rtial artist so I do not understand these things."She's lying!Tang Zheng affirmed that even though her ability to lie was high and there were no obvious flaws, Tang Zheng was still able to determine that she was lying.Tang Zheng lightly smiled and said: "Then I will change the question, how did your husband die?"Mu Hongyan's eyes flashed with pain as she said: "He was killed by someone." ""Did you catch the killer?"Mu Hongyan shook her head: "The culprit is too crafty, there has been no clues.""Then I will say that the killer is the person who hurt Nannan, do you believe it?""What, the same person?" Mu Hongyan was shocked, "Why would he want to kill my husband and harm my darling?""If you don't tell me the truth, I'm afraid I won't be able to tell you the reason."Mu Hongyan's gaze trembled as she stared straight at Tang Zheng. From the start she was unable to see through him and even though Tang Zheng had done her a great favor, this conversation still made her wary of him."Tang Zheng, I don't understand what you mean.""Your husband is not a martial artist, but his strength is not any weaker than a martial artist. Am I right?"Mu Hongyan's eyebrows twitched as her eyes flashed with shock that was hard to hide. She then hurriedly shifted her gaze and said: "Tang Zheng, I do not know what you mean by those words.""I've already said it so clearly, are you still going to hide it?"Mu Hongyan bit her lips and hesitated for a moment before saying: "Tang Zheng, I am grateful that you saved Nannan and also killed the assassin. No matter what, I will not repay your kindness." "But your words still confuse me. I don't know how to answer you."Tang Zheng let out a sigh, it seemed like her wariness was not ordinary. Since it was like this, then he could only give her a fierce medicine."The murderer is the same kind of man as your husband. He killed him to take the treasure from his hands." Tang Zheng threw out a heavy bomb.Mu Hongyan's pupils dilated and her legs gave way as she fell onto the chair: "How is this possible?"Tang Zheng looked at her with a smile that was not a smile, these words finally caused her to have a violent reaction. It seems like she clearly understood that her husband was a cultivator and that cultivators were of a different kind in this world."Anything is possible." It seems like you know about your husband's situation ,as these people killed him for the treasure but did not get the treasure, so in order to vent their anger they burnt their anger on Nannan. ""Why? Why are they so ruthless? We have no enmity with him, why would he treat our family like this?" Mu Hongyan mumbled to herself in great pain."This person is crazy, killing is a trivial matter to him." Tang Zheng lightly said.Mu Hongyan abruptly raised her head and asked: "How do you know about these things?""Of course it was the murderer that told me before he died, but don't worry, I don't have any enmity towards you otherwise I wouldn't have saved Nannan. Moreover, I also like Nannan."Mu Hongyan's vigilance towards Tang Zheng grew. After all, this matter was of great importance and even if Tang Zheng had done her a favor she would not dare believe him.From her eyes, Tang Zheng could tell what she was thinking but he did not care. If it was anyone else, they would have the same reaction as her."Your husband is a cultivator, who else knows this secret?""Cultivator." Mu Hongyan's lips trembled as she has not heard of these two words in many years. These two words were like a nightmare and because of this identity, her happiness was turned into nothingness.
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