The Strongest System Chapter 1001: Big Brother, We Were In The Wrong!

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Chapter 1001: Big Brother, We Were In The Wrong!
Translator: Lam_ Editor: Hitesh_

"What pills are these? They smell so good!" When Jin Zhengu held the pills in his hands, he found himself invigorated with just a slight sniff from them. It felt as though he was about to ascend to the Heavens!

"This is a Mixed Yuan Powers Pill. In the blink of an eye, it can recover all the powers that you have expended." Lin Fan said.

The luffa munching Qiu Zhanyu kept the luffa in his hands and took the pill over to examine it with a surprised expression, "This is some good stuff!"

"That's only natural!" Lin Fan chuckled out.

The two of them had a strength of Immemorial Ancient state middle level.

This was something that was considered to be normal, not extraordinarily strong. However, with that Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon, the Heaven and Earth Net of theirs, even True Immortal state beings wouldn't be able to win against them.

If anyone were to be caught in the net, they wouldn't be able to budge even a single inch.

The fact that these two fellas were able to stay alive to this day was all thanks to this Heaven and Earth Net.

"Little Brother, come over here." Qiu Zhanyu beckoned with his hands.

The two men stood some distance away as they huddled their heads together in conversation. It was as though they were discussing something serious as they cast glances over at Lin Fan from time to time. The topic of discussion clearly seemed to be revolving around Lin Fan.

"This fella is way too understanding! I'm really finding it hard to do anything to him!" Qiu Zhanyu said.

"Big Brother, I think the same way as well! Back in the past, the people that we've netted in were all clamoring and trying to kill us. Therefore, we couldn't have just let them off. But this fella! Firstly, he did not scold us. Secondly, he isn't trying to pull anything on us either! I think that he's quite the good person!" Jin Zhengu nodded his head in agreement.

"Should we let him off?" Qiu Zhanyu asked in an undecided manner.

"Let him off then!" Jin Zhengu replied.

"But then again, what if we were to let this fella out and he suddenly strikes out at us? What should we do then?" Qiu Zhanyu suddenly added on worriedly once more.

"Big Brother, that IS indeed a troubling thought."

And just as the both of them were discussing about this matter, changes were happening up in the void.

A ball of black smoke covered the entire area. There was black light flashing out within as an extremely potent Demonic Qi emanated out. The black clouds then took on the shape of a skull. When that toothless dark jaw of the skull opened up, a wild roar boomed out.

"You two darned fellas! I've finally found you guys!"

The Demonic Qi was torrential and filled with a deep grudge. A sinister, dark wind coiled over, sending forth an endless amount of fear surging through the hearts of everyone present.

When Lin Fan looked at the situation up in the void, he was also curious, wondering who it was that had arrived.

"Big Brother! An enemy has come knocking on our doors!" When Jin Zhengu caught sight of those dark clouds, he exclaimed out.

"I can see! Don't panic now! Let us hurry up and prepare for battle!" Qiu Zhanyu yelped out as well before stuffing the luffa back into his mouth and chomping it down in a single swallow.

"Who are you?" Qiu Zhanyu's rotund body shook as he looked up into the void and shouted out.

"Hmph! Two little pieces of trashes! Did you guys have a lot of fun that day?"

After the sinister voice trawled out of the dark clouds, they clouds started converging into a single figure.

When the two brothers caught sight of that figure, their faces changed as they gasped out, "It's you…!"

That figure bore a frosty expression and had an extremely sharp aura. That cultivation state of his was at True Immortal state middle level!

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu were somewhat nervous right now. This fella was a powerful being from one of the six residences, the Heavenly Demon Residence.

"The both of you little pieces of trashes! How dare you take advantage of the fact that I was heavily injured back then while dueling with someone else to use that treasure and sneak in an attack on me? Because of that, you guys took advantage of me! For that matter, even if I were to slice you guys up into a thousand pieces, it will not be enough to quench the rage in my heart!" Yin Zhenfeng barked out as his heart was burning with wrath.

At the same time, he had remembered that treasure deeply in his heart.

That was a net not to be underestimated. To think that it would be able to trap him and even seal the powers within his body! How could he not try and snatch over a treasure as such?

Therefore, the moment he was done healing with his injuries, Yin Zhenfeng had been searching all over the place for these two fellas.

Initially, he could not have had found them this easily. But, these two fellas had taken away a treasure from Yin Zhenfeng, and they would take it out from time to time to check it out.

That treasure had Yin Zhenfeng's aura. The moment they took it out, he would be able to sense it.

"Big Brother, what should we do!" That sickly dry face of Jin Zhengu was anxious as he asked.

"Steady! We must hold ourselves steady!" Qiu Zhanyu was also worried at this moment. The strength of this fella before them was way more formidable than theirs.

Their only source of support was that Heaven and Earth Net. But now that the Heaven and Earth Net had already bound up a single person, if they were to let it loose, the other guy would definitely escape.

"Big Brother, in my opinion, I think we should try to compensate the fella that is being trapped in our net right now and ask him to not f*ck us over." Jin Zhengu said.

"That makes sense. Little Brother, your suggestion is brilliant!" The eyes of Qiu Zhanyu shone brightly. He then hurried before Lin Fan's face.

"Brother, my apologies! We had netted you wrongly earlier on! Here, let me return you your pills along with some stuff as compensation from both of us! You should hurry up and leave this place. This fella is extremely ferocious. If the fight were to break out later on, it would be absolutely outrageous." Qiu Zhanyu felt that he was pretty down on his luck right now.

To think that they would be pestered by a guy that they had netted down in the past! This was one hell of a sh*tty situation!

Lin Fan looked at Qiu Zhanyu before shaking his head and sighing out. He did want to take a look at how these two fared with their strength though. Given the great difference in cultivation state, how were they going to try and tide through this calamity?

"Don't put it to heart." Lin Fan replied. Seeing both of them, he did not know if they were faking it or they were truly that silly.

"Hey, you over there, fella! Don't get too brazen now! If we can net you once, we can net you twice!" Qiu Zhanyu looked over at Yin Zhenfeng up in the void and scolded out.

"Is that so? Show me what you're capable of then! That treasure of yours is something that I'm going to get my hands on for sure!" Yin Zhenfeng was a disciple of the Heavenly Demon Sect, and had a strength that was far from ordinary. Every single move he made brought with it a rumbling momentum. Under a single palm strike, the entire place was coiled around by Demonic Qi.

This Demonic Qi gathered to form a gigantic demon. Gripping down with both hands, it hammered down.

"Little Brother, let's join our forces!" Qiu Zhanyu shouted out.

"Yes, Big Brother!" Jin Zhengu replied.

"Hegemony Ocean Wave!"

At this moment, Lin Fan had finally figured it out. The martial arts mystic skills of these two fellas were something that belonged to the mystic water series of the connate Five Elements.

Instantly, a formidable Water Qi surged out from behind the both of them which then turned into a torrential wave.

The wave split apart as a gigantic Water Spirit God trod over. The aura that was emanated from this gigantic Water Spirit God was relentless, each layer higher than the previous as though this was a series of waves with one taller than the previous one. There was a sharp killing intent contained within it.

"Little Brother! Let us use our ultimate move!" Qiu Zhanyu shouted out. As he opened his mouth wide, a jade green boat floated above his head and gave off an aura of the mystic water series.

It was the same for Jin Zhengu at this moment as well. The same jade green boat appeared above his head before they fused together. One was gentle while the other was brash; these two different types of aura from the water series intertwined together.

Lin Fan nodded his head. Seemed like this was a martial arts mystic skill that worked with a combination technique.

The mystic water series was one that encompassed every single living thing, and yet could destroy every single thing as well.

"I'll send you flying with a single fist!" Qiu Zhanyu hollered out as his palms turned into fists that rained down on Yin Zhenfeng.

The gigantic Water Spirit God that was treading over raised his hand as that colossal fist of his shredded the void and slammed ahead.

"Hmph! Courting death!" Yin Zhenfeng scoffed out coldly. When one was at the True Immortal state, what they depended on was their powers. Just that alone could kill these two fellas with pure brute force.


Indeed, just as he had expected, the gigantic Water Spirit God disintegrated. In the face of absolute power, no mystic skill or anything could make up the difference at all.

"I'm going to net you…!"

At this moment, the Heaven and Earth Net soared up and emitted an Immortal glow before striking out at Yin Zhenfeng.

"Do you really think that I'll fall for the same thing after being taken advantage of once before?"

Yin Zhenfeng swept his robes as a series of bright light spots burst out. These white spots were like little round balls that exploded out the moment they made contact with the Heaven and Earth Net.


These were the Extreme Yin God Thunder Pills that were formulated specially to counter this Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon.

The moment they exploded, the force produced by it halted the Heaven and Earth Net in its tracks immediately. As for the remaining shockwaves, they had even turned into an attack by themselves that rebounded on the bodies of Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu.

"Big Brother, I can't hold out anymore!" Jin Zhengu shouted out.

"Little Brother, hold steady!"

"I'm going to extract out even your souls!" Yin Zhenfeng said ominously.

"Big Brother, we were the ones in the wrong! Please talk things out properly! We'll just return you your items! Wouldn't that do?" Suddenly, Qiu Zhanyu yelped out. He was truly fearful right now.

He hadn't expected that this Heaven and Earth Net that had brought for them a hundred percent success rate so far would actually fail before this fella!

"It's too late…" Yin Zhenfeng laughed out coldly.

The strength of these two fellas wasn't strong enough. Therefore, they were unable to unleash the true potential of this Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon. But, if he were the one who had his hands on it, this Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon would definitely be able to reach even greater heights.

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