The Transmigrated Canon Fodder Overthrows the Male Protagonist Chapter 25

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Lan Ziyu held the hand tightly. Chaos reigned in his mind and there was unrest in his heart as many clashed inside his mind. However, not a single time did he have the intention of letting her go. That's right! Despite knowing their love was an unforgivable taboo, he refused to give her up. Although it was only the second time he tasted her, he was keenly aware that it was better for him to die than nothing having her by his side.

"The Princess' body is not suitable for intense exercises or prolonged labor. She needs to rest…" Head Physician Wang spat out the words while trying to tone down the meaning – sexual intercourse should not be done like a marathon, cannot be too frequent and had to take into account the health of the partner.

"I know." Lan Ziyu had the old man's embarrassed appearance. He gestured at him, indicating that he understood and there won't be a next time. When Head Physician Wang took his leave, Lan Ziyu suddenly called him back. "Head Physician Wang, you know what you should remember about today, right?"

"This old subordinate… has no memory of today." The old doctor looked distressed at his monarch whose gaze showed lust to his sleeping little sister in his arms. If Head Physician Wang guessed correctly, the man who caused the princess to be in such a sorry state was none other than his sovereign. To discover such an outrageous secret scared him endlessly to the point of collapsing. This is incest and immoral!

"I heard your daughter had just come to age. She also happened to be the same age as the princess. The Princess doesn't have a conversation companion. Bring your daughter into the palace, she will be my imperial sister's companion. From henceforth, you will be the Princess' personal physician. If anything happens to her, I will bury alive all nine generations of your family to accompany her!"

His words made Head Physician Wang kneeled in fear. He pleaded with trepidation. "Your Majesty! Your Majesty! This old one will his best to treat the Princess. Please let my daughter go. Please…"

"What? I let her be my imperial sister's companion is wronging her?" His tone turned harsh in a split of an instant. It gave people the impression he would slaughter them the next instant.

"N-n-no… This lowly subordinate doesn't have such meaning. I fear that my daughter is too clumsy and agitated the Princess!" Head Physician Wang knew that Lan Ziyu wanted to use his daughter as an hostage to silence him. He had to bear the consequences of knowing such secrets. He sighed. "This subordinate shall obey."

"Get out. Three days later, I want to see her here…" Lan Ziyu said coldly before adding, "As long as you do what you should do, your daughter will be granted a good marriage. If not… the harem can still accommodate another idler."

"T-this subordinate will do my utmost. I swear my undying loyalty!" His heart throbbed. Since he knew the Emperor harbored affection for his little sister, how could he be willing for his daughter to be part of the harem. Even without such knowledge, he already didn't want his daughter to enter the palace. His whole life was centered in the palace taking care of the nobility and people in the harem. He had seen the fate of the deceased Empress and saw countless poor girls dying of illness or what not. He knew how deep mind everyone was, so how can he let his precious daughter buried her life in this kind of hell?

After Lan Ziyu sent out Head Physician Wang, he took off his clothes and lied down next to Zhou Min. He pulled her into his embrace. He had no fear of gossips. If he said a word, someone would die. If he said two, two would die. If all the gossipers could die, wouldn't that be good?

He didn't want his loved one to be unhappy because of unsavory rumors. His mind wandered back to their current problem. In fact, there was something deep in his heart he didn't dare to probe ever since he saw his parents making love in the garden when he was 10. Perhaps, his feelings for his little sister had germinated at that time. However, due to various reasons and life being unpredictable, these feelings were buried deep into his heart until they grew out of control.

At that moment, Zhou Min was in pain. Every inch on her body wasn't spare, especially her lower part which made her feel a searing pain. It roused her from her slumber. When she opened her eyes, what came to her sight was bright yellow. She was obviously not in her room. Exhausted by the fever and feeling as if she was run over by a car, she started to sob, aggrieved.

"Host, what are you crying for?" 484's emotionless voice was heard.

"You still know to come back, huh?! Why don't you wait until the male lead fucks me to death before coming back?!" She snarled at 484 in her mind.

"Oh my! Host, how can you curse yourself like that? You're not dead yet. You know an ox can die from thunder, but the earth can't be plowed until broken. Besides, I transformed your body, so there is absolutely no way you will ever be fucked to death, so rest assured. You won't die…" 484 stated bluntly.

Zhou Min felt as if she discovered something 484 had hidden from her. She blinked her. "Did I just hear something you haven't mention before? Did you just say that I won't be able to die from this much? ….484, did you tell me everything?"

"T-t-this… really? I really didn't mention it before? Oh… Hum… Ah! The connection is unstable. AFK!" 484's comical exit utterly exasperated Zhou Min.

"If you dare to run away, I will suicide. Anyway, I don't want to be fucked to such state every time. You saw how the two previous times were. I'm done with it. Ever since I took over Lan Min's body, I fucking spend most of my time in bed either from being humped or for healing!"

"Tee-hee~" At her words, 484 recalled and she was indeed correct. It let out an awkward laugh. "Oh well… You will know about it sooner or later, but I cannot explain anything beyond your level of authorization. I told you before that your mission here is to fulfill the cannon fodder's wishes and must do 360 different sexual positions with the male lead, replacing the female lead to do bed sports. This still holds true!"

"What do you mean by I must do it? I have the impression accomplishing the cannon fodder's wish is just a fake reason and the main point is to follow the logic of erotic novels!" Zhou Min argued back.

Cough! Cough! Cough! "You, 250! When I, this system navigator, talk, you shouldn't interrupt. Otherwise, I won't tell you more and let you will find out by yourself later!"

After Zhou Min unmasked the inconsistencies, 484 stuttered, making her rolled her eyes at it. "Just say it, I'm listening."

"Each cannon fodder who died with gargantuan grievance would be detected by me. When detected, a mission task would be created and sent to you. However, in order to keep the system running, you must collect the world energy which is canalized inside the world protagonists – blessed aura. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the cannon fodder's wishes, there will be enmity with the female lead, so you have no choice but to collect the system's energy through the male lead. In other words, you have sucked out his semen. Since you need to sleep with him anyway, I also help you look at any missions that could be done at the same time. This way, you will obtain more reward points, and when you return to your original world, you will gain more power. Everything I did is for you!"

When it explained, it didn't forget to justify itself. It absolutely must not let 250 know its true nature was an erotic system, and any mission pertaining the cannon fodder's wish was only for "marketing purpose" – to attract talented individuals to bond with it. In fact, a powerful soul that could provoke a response from a system was already rare enough. Unfortunately, no soul wanted to bond with an erotic system. If it didn't have any redeeming features, how can it attract the interest of those powerful souls? If it failed to level up again, it would be erased by the Main System.

Anyway, even as an erotic system, it still had all the functions any normal systems would have although not perfect. Its system biggest BUG would be the issuing of the main mission. It was regrettable.

"And? You didn't mention that dying thing. So, what can kill me?" Suddenly, Zhou Min spoke up since 484 didn't touch the topic.

"Hum… that is… You are using the cannon fodder's body, so your life is tied with hers. You will die when her previous life comes to an end. If you can't complete your mission before her life expired…" It shut up as it sensed Zhou Min's mood nose-diving into the abyss.

"Fuck you! Such an important thing, but it never crosses your mind to tell me?! Are you going to wait for me to die before telling me that?" She was completely infuriated because she thought she had more time to complete her mission. That was why she tolerate the male lead's unreasonable demands, didn't care much about his twisted feelings and went with the flow with the sadomasochism love-hate development between them. Lo and behold, that damn unreliable system just told her she only had a limited time to finish her mission! If her mission failed because of constraint, her existence would be erased.

Heck! All these past she passed in pain, hovering between life and death, was in vain! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I waste my time! So not worth it! She wasted a whole month! Wait, where is the female protagonist? When she first arrived, the system urged her to go intercepted the female lead but ended up getting "eaten" by that hateful and evil Lan Ziyu.


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