The Villager Who Grew Up Drinking Elixir Fountain Chapter 1

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Heya guys. New novel here. I decided to pick this up since no one translating it. Oh and I got a editor yey. And I’ll update this series every sunday if you guys wanted more. Tell me on the comment.

[Editor: Arhael]

1: The Beginning of My world adventure

A small hill with a view of the horizon, a soft fresh green grassland. A stream is flowing at your feet, and a big forest is ahead of it. The sky has clear weather with no clouds, little birds are flying freely.

It's warm and sunny, and I am doing a stretching.

“Fufufu! Finally I went on a journey!! Everyone is worried too much ~”

I screamed with a bright face, and seemed proud as if I had been released from something. This little girl travelled from a village located at the edge of the world, and another hour is about to pass.

Walking along the grassland while humming, the destination is a big city that I dreamed of.

Her name is Sheila.

It became a gradation from light blue to white, fluffy long hair. Looking from a distance there are long ears. The blue eyes that seem to be pale pink by the change of the light are big and lovely.

A thin cloak with an off-white hood is tied with a pink ribbon on the side back. A big shoulder bag, there was a Fenrir doll that was made by brothers in the village as amulets. For her who has a height of 152 centimeters, it's a pretty big load.

She’s only 15 years old, but her inner belief is stronger than anyone else's.

She was adored in the village, and it's also has been unexpected for her leaving the village.

“In order to go to the city, I have to go through that forest, right?”

Sheila, who was happily walking in the grassland, suddenly stopped. The problem is here.

At the end of the peaceful grassland, which followed the stream is a dark forest called “Eternal Forest”.

Although the sun light should have reach enough, there were moss that grows in dank place. There are many rare plants, but in proportion to it, there are few dangerous plants such as cannibal plants.

Of course, strong monsters also inhabit the place.

Sheila has some battle experience, but was quite uneasy because she is the weakest in the village. If it was just a single monster, it can be defeated somehow and if I can't do much, I can escape … … it will be hard if I get surrounded.

— Well, I will manage it somehow!

“I'm just afraid because I'm cowardly, I also think I'm quite strong!!”

Positive thinking is originally Sheila's character.

It may be a terrible forest, but it will not start unless we go forward.

If it seems to be hard to get out from the forest than expected, I ask one close spirit to help. When it comes to this, I will ask myself.

” Okay, do your best…… hmm?”

Now, entering into the forest!

I thought so, I got into the entrance of the forest, and there was a slime about to die. Perhaps it was done in by strong monsters.

“Uwa, it’s terrible !!”

Sheila rushed down to the slime and confirmed that it was still alive and felt relieved.

“But, what harmful monster bullies the weak…… like slime?"

I will tilt my head, but now I feel relieved if it's already gone.

Crouching down in front of the light blue slime, Sheila used healing magic by holding the palm of her hand.


The warm light enveloped the object, the slime recovered and became healthy.

She was relieved of its appearance, and said, “Be careful,” and let the slime escape to the grassland. There may be dangerous monsters in the forest.

“But that Slime, did it became bigger?”

Pyon pyon while looking at the slime that disappeared into the grassland, she tilt her head.

I felt that the slime I saw was always a little smaller. Of course, because a slime is also an individual, there are individual differences.

“Oh well, slimes are not all the same size either.”

If it is exactly the same size, it would be scary.

Now. I also did a good thing helping a slime – now, I'm going into the forest!

“Well, before that …”

I cover my head with the hood.

“Yosh, now it's fine.”

Even if there is anything, it's a necessity that we should not forget. Because there are many insects in the woods. And perhaps if I fell down, it is not something that happened accidentally.

When Sheila steps into the “Eternal Forest”, she was attacked by the unpleasantly boggling appearance in a moment.

There is no doubt that monster is a strong existence in the grassland. U wa~a, is it okay? You didn't come with a group of monster, do you? That thought came to my mind.

“No, I came to this forest to defeat monster too! It's okay!”

I am scared though, but the village and this forest are unexpectedly near. Of course, it was not the first time I came here.

I told myself it's alright, and walking forward to the forest.

Then, as I walked for a while, I entered the area where the root of the tree sprung out from the ground. Because the moss grows on thick roots, it isn't slippery and easy to find.


Sheila was walking carefully, but she accidentally stepped on the part of the root and slipped. The only way to avoid this is to put your hand on the ground and fall.

“Ouch ouch …”

I got scratches on my palm because I got a hand on the ground and protected my body.

But, such a thing was gone from Sheila’s body in a blink.

As if nothing happened, the scars made on the palm disappeared without leaving any traces.

Sheila’s body has a very high self – healing ability thanks to the Elixir that was misunderstood as drinking water and was drank. Therefore, a slight injury will heal in a moment.

“Thought I was walking with caution …”

For this reason, Sheila is more prone to falling than to getting herself injured.

“No, I can't be weak!”

If she scrapped here then there does not show any meaning here.

Sheila stands up right away and steps one step further to walk through the forest again.

“Yosh, Let's proceed while thinking about something fun for the time -”


“U hii~! What!? Monster!? Enemy!?”

Suddenly, the grass in the direction of travel which she thought was going to move swayed and a strange voice came out. At the same time, her shoulder also jumped up gently, and the shaking was felt throughout the body of Sheila.

– All right, not scary!!

Even monsters can be defeated properly, and my escape legs are quite promising.

I glared at the bush and stretched my hand forward so that I could shoot magic at any time – it was a man who appeared, his arms are injured.

Both of them were wary of each other.

I lost my words for a while and opened my mouth.

“Eh, human …?”

“Why in such place … ….”

It seems that the place I thought was the same.

The man who appeared was a two-block short hair with a red mesh.

I think that a trained body is desirable – except for the arm that first got in his eyes, everywhere was caught in a bruise. Equipment is worn out in some places, and it smells that they did something like a big battle.

The age is around the late twenties and the back is much higher than Sheila.

“Who …?”

– Oh, that’s suspicious!

I was relieved that it was not a monster, but the situation worsens if this man is a bad guy. It is stronger than a single monster because he can walk alone in a forest where strong monsters live.

Sheila was frightened, the man returns the dagger he had in his hand to the sheath on his waist. He raised his hands with the meaning of not attacking and told “I will not fight”.

“I am Klaus, not a suspicious person … … I need medicinal herbs, I was looking for it”

“Oh, medicinal herbs?”

“My fellow has been injured, and can't move”


When she listen to Klaus words, Sheila was honestly having a hard time. A wound that will not recover with self-healing is grave because it will lead to death if you leave it alone.

Does Klaus saying a lie?, thought Sheila.

“There should have been no town or village around here … you are?”

“I am Sheila, I just started a journey to leave the village and go to the city”

Just a little while ago.

“Sheila, … … in such place?”

Klaus says that this isn’t a place to be. but it's unnecessary. I do not know that there is no village, so I didn't lie.

Nonetheless, if my friend is seriously ill, I don't even have time for a long talk.

– Herbal medicine, you have it.

Moreover, it was raised in the village, it is a very good medicinal herb.

As I was planning to go to the city and thinking that I would exchange something for something, the number is as it is.

In addition, there are five high-elixir made by compounding. This is a potion of miracles that will restore everything unless you are dead, no matter what severe wounds or you break your arms.

You can give medicinal herbs, but it is also fair to give them free because there is only the preceding ones.

In the first place, Sheila can also use healing magic for that guy friend's. If so, there is no need to consume herbs. If it is not so bad injury, there is a high possibility of curing.

“Is there no friends who can use healing magic?”

“No, there is. One of the best healers in the world.”

“Oh, is that so? great …”

Listening to Klaus’s words, Sheila was obviously surprised.

How much is the most capable healing wizard in this world? Will it be possible to resurrect if it is about a week before death, as well as parts and organs of the body that have disappeared?

– There are some great people in the world.

But that would be useless with healing magic like Sheila.

Probably you should need medicinal herbs to help promote healing magic recovery. If Sheila’s fine medicinal herbs, it will surely be useful.

– I wish I could have helped with my healing magic ….

Unfortunately, Sheila’s healing magic skill is … not much better. Everyone in the village can connect the cut arm, but Sheila can't cure unless it is connected with a piece of leather.

My wounds are different, but Sheila was not very good at healing magic.

– ―- That’s why everyone objected me to going on a journey.

Shelia herself is not weak, but her presence was weak because the other villagers were overwhelmingly strong.

In any case, it seems to be the first decision as to what to do with medicinal herbs who seem to have been injured now.

Thinking what happened, she blushes instantly.



“If you have medicinal herbs you can have it, you can give it, but instead … … will you tell me the way to the city?”

“………… After all, a lost child”


By no means.

There was no map in the village of Sheila.

It is a village where a traveler who passed through the forest arrives by chance at a rate of about one person in the year. Now that we got to know that there was a big city on the other side of the forest with the information we got from them.

That’s why I never hesitated.

Because I did not know the way originally ….

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