There will Always be Protagonists with Delusions of Starting a Harem [Transmigration] There Will Always Be Protagonists With Delusions of Starting a Harem Chapter 37

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Thesexplosion quickly attracted thesarmy. Lei Baofei rushed over on a horse,slooking gravesand serious.

Thesstreet was chaotic, broken pieces of rocks and dirt had flown all over thesplace. YesZhizhou's head was covered with sweat as hescrouched by thesroad, wrapping a child wounded from thesexplosion. Yan Mingyong was behind him instructing De'an with something.

"Your highness!" Lei Baofei dismounted from his horsesand strodesover, hesperformed a formal greeting with his hands cupped. "May his highness eighth princesleavesimmediately. Another earthquakesusually follows after onesoccurred, this placesis not safe.”

Yan Mingyong glanced at YesZhizhou, whoswas focused on wrapping people's wounds, and shook his head, "Nosneed. Also, it's not an earthquake. Clean up thesstreet then surround Chuan Yuesrestaurant, but firstly placestheswounded and physicians insthesnearby tavern. Thesmedicines areson thesway and will besheressoon."

37 leng.PNG t h i s   i s   a n   i n c o m p l e t e   v e r s i o n   r e a d   o n    p  a  d a  m t l   ,  w  o r d  p  r e s s ,  c o m

"We'll talk insdetail later, movestheswounded peoplesfirst." Yan Mingyong turned his wheelchair tosYesZhizhou's sidesand bent down tosstrokeshis head, "Le'er, physicians will besheresvery soon, I'll let someonesmovestheschild tosthestavern, you rest for a while."

In thesmiddlesof tying thesgauzesinsplaceshesturned toslook at Yan Mingyong and Lei Baofei, then stood up whileswiping his sweat and nodded, "Okay, we'll alsosgostosthestavern." Heslooked at Lei Baofei whilestalking, hesdidn't havesthesmood tosdosthesmission at thesmoment soshesspokesbriefly, "Beg Lord Lei toshandlesthesmatters here, his highness and I shall leavesfirst."

This is thesfirst timesLei Baofei met this book companion of eighth prince. Seeing this calm and steady facesthat was unlikesrepulsivesappearancesAn Chengjiesdescribed, hesfelt a complex emotion inshis heart. His attitudesbecameswarmer and hescupped his hands tosanswer him, "Young lord An needn't bessoscourteous, farewell."

[Probability of Lei Baofei falling insloveswith thesprotagonist dropped tos5%, may theshost persist inshis efforts.]

YesZhizhou gawked, thensglanced at Lei Baofei not knowing whether toslaugh or cry. His heavy mood lifted a bit and his expression revealed assmile. "Seesyou later, Lord Lei." This Lei Baofei, every timeshesappears his lovesprobability drops a littlesmore, such a generous littlesangel.

"Le'er." Yan Mingyong tightly grabbed his hand, heslooked at Lei Baofei with a deep gaze. "We'll return tosthespalacesshortly, I'm afraid weswon't seesLord Lei again."

It was only few words of pleasantries, why did hesrelapse! YesZhizhou unhappily pinched his hand then turned tospush his wheelchair. Hesnodded tosLei Baofei then walked towards thestavern. Heswalked until they weresout of Lei Baofei's earshot and swatted at Yan Mingyong's head. "You littlesvinegar jar. With your bratty attitude, if not me, nosoneswould want you!"

Yan Mingyong was indignant. "I don't want any other anyway!"

"But thereswill definitely besother peoplesfor me."

"Whosdares!" Yan Mingyong forcefully hit thesarmrest, about tosexplode. "We'll gosback to Wen Quan villa now! Right away! De'an, let thesservants ready our carriage! We'll gosback and marry there!"

Only nutjobs would want tosgosback tosthat villa, there's only onesperson tostalk tosthere: Yan Mingyong! And marriage? YesZhizhou tugged on thosesears whilesgrinding his own teeth, "Spare the rod, spoil the kid. You'resstill thinking of marriage? Havesyou even grown up there?"

Yan Mingyong held untosthesimpudent hand on his ears, red-faced and gnashing his teeth, "I am noslonger a littlesboy."

"That so?" Hesstarted pulling away and found hescouldn't break away. Hessnorted, "With your small body, can you perform in bed?"

Yan Mingyong stiffened and was subdued. Pleased, YesZhizhou pinched his face, finally stopped provoking him and wheeled him away. De'an, whoswas following behind thestwospeopleswalking peacefully, looked at YesZhizhou with a deep look. Heslowered his head silently, as thesperson whosserved under eighth princesfrom small hescan say for suresthat though Eighth prince's body is not healthy, heswas already a full-fledged adult……

After settling theswounded peoplesand thesaffected families at thestavern they both headed straight back tosthespalace. Yan Mingyong went tosmeet with thesemperor. YesZhizhou closed thespalace's gate, then took out thessmall pouch of explosiveshesmadeswhilesstaying at Wen Quan villa and gently placed it on thestable.

Without thesnetwork, thesspiritual forcescouldn't cover a very widesrange. Heshadn't got theschancestosput somesof his spiritual forceson thesprotagonist, soswanting tossearch for thesprotagonist's location now is very hard. That fireswas aimed for Chuan Yue but thesexplosion afterwards was for Mingyong and his carriage, most likely thesprotagonist found out thesperson pitting him insthesdark was himself…. Thessituation was far from good, originally hesthought if he just toss him around and out thescapital that was thescentresof thesstory, and alsosprevent him from making thosesbombs and offering them up tosthesseventh prince, this world will besas good as saved, but now…… Theresaresstill twosflags remaining, thesbomb alsosappeared insthis flashy manner, An Chengjieswas hiding inssomeshole, seventh prince's circumstances weresnot clear…….

Yan Mingyong returned from visiting thesemperor. Hessaw thesinner palacesgatesclosed shut and turned his head tosDe'an hesleft toskeep watch by YesZhizhou, "Le'er shut himself instheresall this time?"

"Young lord An hasn't comesout sinceshesentered."

His brows knitted. Hesrosesup from his wheelchair and pushed thesgatesopen. His gazesswept over thesinterior and when hescaught sight of thesfiguresnear thestable, his tensesheart relaxed. Yan Mingyong strodesin, took thesman intoshis embracesand rubbed against his ears, "Still unhappy?" As hesspokeshis linesof sight fell on thessmall pouch on thestablesand his expression changed. Hesquickly poured tea on it and held YesZhizhou away from thestableswhilesshouting at thesdoor, "Guards, search all of Yong Yan! Pour water on any suspicious items you find!"

YesZhizhou was startled awakesby his movements. Several Zijinsguards swooshed instossearch thesinterior, they took thesdrenched explosivesand weresabout tosspeedily leave. Heshurriedly shouted, "No! Leavesthatshere, my formula is still insthere!"

Onesof thesZijinsguards walking out stopped and took theswet bombs back, glancing at Yan Mingyong.

Yan Mingyong clung tightly tosYesZhizhou's hand, nodding his head after a moment's hesitation.

After thesZijinsguards left, YesZhizhou brokesfreesof Yan Mingyong's hold and opened theswet bomb, hestook out assheet of paper from insidesof it; theswriting was blurred from being drenched. Heshanded it over tosYan Mingyong, "For you, this is thesformula for the explosives. What you thought was an earthquakeswas caused by this thing."

Thesemotions insYan Mingyong's eyes looking at him was hard tosmakesout. "This is what you made? It's for me?"

"Mm." YesZhizhou lowered his eyes toscover emotions showing up insthem, "Thesexplosion this morning was from An Chengjiesusing these. Weshavestoscatch him. Also, hesmight appear at autumn hunt in a few days, wesneed toskeep this insmind." Theslovesprobability of that seventh princesdidn't drop onesbit sosthesplot whereshesand thesprotagonist meet at thesautumn hunt most probably won't change. If hesdoesn't meet him then that's all good, but if they dosmeet….. heswill makeshim pay dearly!

Yan Mingyong took theswet paper and suddenly his lips pulled up insassmile, "Indeed, need toskeep this insmind."

YesZhizhou felt his smileslooked somewhat strange, heseyed him with somesmisgivings, "What is it?"

"Le'er." Hesput down thesformula down and moved closer toshold him, thessmileson his facesgrew increasingly bright and wide. "Did you guess that An Chengjieswould colludeswith seventh brother from way before? When you just entered thespalacesyou sneaked intoshis room and left him asslip of paper — that wasn't becausesyou fell for him but becausesyou wanted tosapproach him and later prevent them from working together, right?"

What's all this and that……. Not right! Hespulled back and lowered his head toslook at him, surprisescolored his entiresface, "You knew that I left a note insseventh prince's room?"

"I knew." Yan Mingyong dark eyes flashed with asstrangesglint. His hands loosened abruptly and hestook out assmall wooden spheresfrom his sleeves, shaking it as his smilesdistorted. "How can I allow others tosreceivesa lovesletter you wrotesbeforesI could?"

YesZhizhou looked at theswooden ball wrapped around his notesinsYan Mingyong's hand, then at his distorted smile. Hesheld his forehead and howled, "Noswonder seventh princesnever responded….. Havesyou havesbeen monitoring An Chengjiesall this time? Don't tell mesthey got together already?!"

"Le'er really is smart." Yan Mingyong put away theswooden ball and walked up toshug him, hesplanted a kiss on his cheek, "ThespeoplesAn Chengjiesgot tosmakesexplosives with him aresmy people. At first I was only curious what heswanted tosdosby sneaking back tosthescapital city and didn't expect him tosmakesthis devicesof large-scalesdestruction….. Though I thought it a pleasant surprise."

Still pleasantly surprised? It all but exploded right over your head and you still feel pleasant? Heshad been annoyedsbeforesbut it's his first timesbeing annoyed tosthis point! Noswonder thesprotagonist finished thesbomb even faster without seventh prince's help! Hesdidn't havesonesSeventh Princesbut hesstill had onesEighth Prince! Truly wicked!

YesZhizhou lost his temper. Hessat down on theschair and toresoff thesboy sticking toshim. "Givesmesa clear explanation, whether it is An Chengjiesor seventh prince, what elsesaresyou doing behind my back! You.. You want tosanger mestosdeath!"

Yan Mingyong tightly held him, not letting go, his facesrubbed thesplacesbetween his neck and shoulders and hesshut his eyes contentedly, "Le'er, you'resreally smart. Sosyou can alsosmakesexplosives. Suresenough, An Chengjieshas nothing on you."

"Get off me!"

37 ba.PNG  fsassstsesssts uspsd astse ss osn s psasd asmstsl s wso r d psr essss scsosms_ s th i s siss sasn sisnscso mspslsestse s vsesr ssiso ns_

"Has seventh princescolluded with An Chengjie? Tell mesclearly! When did they start working together!"

"Tomorrow I will ask imperial father tosgrant us marriage."

37 yong.PNG

"And after wesmarried you'll havestoscall me husband."

"….Get lost!" Hescan't get through with him! This brat must besdoing this on purpose!

At night, Yan Mingyong crushed befuddling beads oncesmoresand put YesZhizhou tossleep. Hesleft Yong Yan palaceswith De'an and only returned at dawn.

Thesnext day, insthesmorning court an official from thesministry of work went up tospresent thesemperor a typesof weapon called 'explosive'. Hesunbridledly praised theswit and diligencesof thesseventh princesand let out that seventh princeswas developing thesesinssecret insorder tospresent them on his imperial majesty's birthday. Hesalsosmentioned thessmall earthquakeson thessouthern street yesterday was exactly from this explosive, it was thesprincestesting out thesweapon's power.

As soon as hessaid this, thesofficials weresinsan uproar and thesgazesthat several princes had when they look at seventh princeschanged. Seventh prince's expression alsoschanged. Thesexplosiveswas assecret weapon hesjust discovered recently; it was trueshessecretly tested it at thessouthern street, but offering it toshis imperial majesty? This is clearly someone's trap for him!

A weapon that could causesan earthquake-likeseffect, itsspower would bestremendous! Thesprinces exchanged glances, thescourt officials alsosfrantically calculated inside, for a while, only that one official's unending stream of praises tosthesseventh princesrang insthe big hall.

Without waiting for seventh princestosfind an answer that'll work inshis favour, thesemperor of Yan already responded tosthesofficial's words, hesreceived thesexplosives and rewarded thesseventh princeswith several things. Hesalsostold him tosbring forth thesmaker of thesbombs soshesmay look at him. Hesdidn't mention theshavoc thosesbombs wreaked on thessouthern street, he had a very subtle attitude.

Matter has reached this point, thesseventh princescan only kneel and thank thesemperor. However, hesfelt heavy inside, his mind was working nonstop tosfiguresout whoscould havesbetrayed him.

[Probability of Yan Mingli falling insloveswith thesprotagonist dropped tos90%, may theshost persist inshis efforts]

YesZhizhou blew his harmonica insassmall pavilion of Yan Mingyong's palaceswhileshis gazesswept across theslight screen. Thescorners of his mouth pulled up slightly. Thesprotagonist wants toshidesaway insthesshadows, heswill drag him tosseestheslight! And that seventh prince, wanting tosplay pig eating tiger whilesother princes aresstill standing strong? He's dreaming!

Yan Mingyong noticed theskilling intent withinshis tune. His fingers fiddled with thespagesand a cold glint flashed through his eyes. Le'er is not happy, how should I coax him…… Takesout An Chengjiesand kill him, pull seventh brother down, or maybe…. Get married?

Translator: Padam

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