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Chapter 200: Negotiation with Merchants 2 Part 2

「A~a.It's so boring here without Namari-chan and Nina-chan~」

On the beach which was a little away from the port of the nameless kingdom, impika sighed.

Nina these days was busy with exploring the labyrinth.

Namari who was accompanying Nina was having less time to play with impika.

「I promised that i would listen to Rena-oneechans words and would remember but i didn't think it would take so long」

「Marifa-onechan is busy with teaching the other onee-chans」

「I want to play with namari-chan.......」

「I want to eat the food and the cake cooked by king-sama!」

「「「I want to EAT!!!」」」

the children around also seemed to be dissatisfied and agree with impika.

「But but, the king-sama is at the port today right.right, mururu-chan?」

「Yes.When i was playing with pirika-chan yesterday, pirika-chan grandpa met with king-sama, they were taking with humans, discussing business? or so they were saying」

「Alright! Let's go quickly」

When hende, the oldest of the beast kids who were in this place urged them, hende's sister  Lethel and mururu nodded at each other and then caught their hands and started to run--

「reteru, wait!」

With a sudden shout from lethel's brother hende she hurriedly stops.

Mururu who was holding hands with them was also surprised and looked backwards, she could see hended and impika with ruffled hairs glaring at some people.

They were behind the two of them,  all the fallen demon tribe children, the fallen dwarves children and beast kin children were frightened while looking at them.

「Ga ruruu~!」

Although the voice of the child sounded more like a groan it still remained, impika raised a growling voice which was appropriate for a beast kin.


Reteru noticed that, hende and impika were intimidating with their eyes on someone far from themselves.

The form of people who were being glared at, looked at the two while they could be identified as humans.


Because the wind was an upward wind they were not able to sense of the smell of these people.


Hende cries out for them to come back,  Reteru grabbed mururu's hand and rushed back to hende.

「Who are you people! I will not forgive you if you place you're hands on my friends!!」

While saying that he would protect his friends, he spread his arms out and growls.

While like an animal, impika's posture was as though she would leap like a beast and throw herself at them at any moment.


These men were the merchant's escorts that had disappeared from building.

「ten, eleven, twelve......sixteen.This amount must be quite enough right?」

「Even if you ask me if it's enough, isn't that but a foolish thing」

「It can't be helped though right.You saw that back there, didn't you? that equipment of those demi humans were even better than our own.If it was just equipment alone then it would have been fine.Honestly if we tried to do something, then we would have immediately been killed」

「That's indeed true.They said that adults and kids alike and as many as possible to be kidnapped, but there is no way to kidnap those adults without dying.Even so kidnapping these brats should be enough to earn a good enough reward」

「Which kid will it be? the rest could be chopped and thrown into the ocean for the fish to feed」

「There are quite the few, but it would be good if we use some sleeping grass on them and pack them in a barrel」

The escorts were saying whatever they wanted without answering hende's question.

meanwhile. hende and impika were glaring at them, but they could not stop trembling while looking at the group of people who were armed.


The children had almost forgotten it.

The absolute memory that they had forcibly forgotten was being revived.

By the hands of humans,their parents, brothers, friends and even acquaintance were killed in front of them, their houses burned, them being thrown out of houses, they remembered the figures of men who were still chasing after them.

「O, On-i-chan, i-i'm s-scared」

「It will be fine! Because Big brother will protect you!」

The men had a obscene smile while looking at the children who were frightened.

「Hehehe.Do not resist or it will be quite painful」

「That's right.If you resist, then us older brothers...... will have to do something painful~」

「Hhihih, look here.This boy things he is grown up and is threatening us.When i see such a cheeky foolish brat, i can't help but kill him」

As the men start to scare the children, they swiftly unsheath their swords and axes.

Whenever the kids raised a voice saying "s-s-scary" the men's smile would further deepen.


For the children of beast kin, it was completely possible for them to escape this place.

But the fallen demons and corrupted dwarves children would not be able to escape.

therefore, hende and impika continued to growl and intimidate them, while taking the lead against the men.

「This is quite unsightly de-aru~」

「Who is that!?」

「The lying grandpa!」

The screams of men who could not hide their unrest and impika's scream overlapped.


When the men looked back, they could see the former swindler artist Frank abigail pulling at his beard standing there.

「How embarrassing, aren't all of you humans?, how could you scare those children?」

Frank does not stop, while walking exaggeratedly like a goose march, he walks right through the men and stands in front of impika, and then turns around while pulling at his beard and glancing at the men.


The children clung to his feet all at once.

「There there.i don't mind you all clinging to me, but please to spare my high class clothes with you're drool and snot, the clothes want some pardon too de~aru」

To the usual attitude of Frank, the smile returned to the face of the children as if the tense situation which existed previously was a lie.

「What to do?」

One of the men asked their comrade.


The unexpected entrance of his was an hindrance to their plans.

「Don't worry.You may have heard this already but that man is a slave and a former swindler and is not a strong man.We can take care of him right here」

When the men faced each other, they had a smile on their face while removing their previous impatience.And their weapons headed towards frank.

「Foolish people you are de~aru」

Separating from their children while telling them to close their eyes, frank muttered as if to pity them.

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