Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 455: An Old Friend That Came Back

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Nero habitually chewed her gum for several seconds. Her palms kept moving up the tube; when they came up to the top, she pressed the tube lid.

The thing inside didn't belong to her; she just inherited it… but had never forced the 'Yama' to accept her.

Even so, she was still considered as one of the twelve powerful generals that inherited the name of the tyrant. Of course, Nero didn't care about the fame.

The situation now was that---this knife wasn't ferocious anymore, but as obedient as the 7-year-old her.

"Tofu shop right?" Nero stood up suddenly, putting the tube back on her back and fixing it.

In Luo Qiu's opinion, she was interesting and wild, reminding him of the frank swordswomen in those martial art circles.

Perhaps this character was what Nero desired.

"Oh, remember to keep these souls carefully."

As if nothing ever happened, Luo Qiu tied up the small bag for souls, "It can preserve the souls, but it's a bit too simple."

Boss Luo said softly after pushing the bag to Nero, "If you don't preserve them well, it will reduce their energy and devalue them. That will be a waste and a pity."

Nero took the bag, throwing it up and holding it, "It's not a big deal… Anyway, there are countless fresh and extra souls in the world.

Luo Qiu didn't say anything but just nodded, "I think Ms. Nero will be a great customer."

"The club said that it's better not to contact you." Nero shook her head, "But I think it's alright, at least it's convenient… What I mean is... I'll be back."

"OK." Luo Qiu stood up and gave a bow, "We will be waiting to see you again."

Nero left with her hands stuck in the pockets of her clothes.

As she stepped out of the door of this miraculous shop, she thought that the boss had terrifying power to have 'Yama' bow its head but was still polite to the customers. It seems that he was surely holding himself back.

Nero looked up at the night sky, then moved her eyes to the tube at back. She suddenly whispered, "If he got angry, it'll be a real disaster."

What kind of disaster?

Nero found that the thought generated from her mind made her tremble, which had never happened in her 20-and-a-half years of life.

It was a clear, direct feeling. She knew it was fear.

So she thought, "Can he destroy the club thoroughly?"

Suddenly, a whisper of the devil was heard from 'Yama'… Usually, it meant it felt hungry and needed some food.

After all, it was a ferocious sword; when it whispered, horrors always came after that---but both of them didn't have that tacit understanding, so Nero needed to talk some words to awaken it.

"Comparing the ferociousness now with the weak you before, you look shameless."

The devil's whisper seemed to become louder… 'Yama' didn't like her criticism, but it just murmured.

Nero suddenly touched her belly while murmuring, "I'm hungry, I want Kimchi and Gukbap (Rice in soup)

At that time, the tube shook more seriously. Nero gave a start, she knew this guy's temper and some habits. It seemed that it had smelled some food and it was exactly what it liked.

Nero looked towards a direction in this city, "This way?..."

A group of mice squeezed together, finally it turned quiet.

Shu Xiaoshu had time now for a rest… but not for long. She then started to do something again.

Such as cleaning.

Theoretically, cleanliness was not good for them, but Shu Xiaoshu concentrated on doing this actions that she usually would not perform.

If she cleaned the room completely, she would be cursed at… if Shu You was still here.

If Shu You was still here.

Shu Xiaoshu covered her face with the duster cloth subconsciously and started to sob.

But a sound outside the room stopped Shu Xiaoshu.

She opened the door and walked upstairs but didn't see anything except the shadow of the tree waving…

'Is it the sound of the wind?'


Shu Nailao (Cheese)'s voice came. The sewer lid beside was opened, the young but oldest male in the mouse monster family held a lot of stuff but still climbed out quickly.

There was some canned food in his arms--- even a bar of real cheese… Of course, it had gone bad.

"Mum, it's very windy, let me help you back."

Cheese knew the reason Shu Xiaoshu came out---she always thought the person she longed for---Shu You, had come back.

No matter how tiny the sound, even it was a wildcat.

She kept saying that Shu You didn't die and would come back.

But Cheese knew the reality more clearly than Shu Xiaoshu. Since that day they were expelled by Su Zijun, he had known the situation they encountered.

Shu Xiaoshu didn't say anything but nodded. Cheese held his mother and walked down the stairs.

"Didn't you see anything when you came back?" Before opening the door, Shu Xiaoshu suddenly grasped Cheese's hand and asked.

Nothing else but the shadow of a tree.

Cheese shook his head, then the basement door was closed, and another day without Shu You was over.

It was right 12 o'clock at midnight.

A shadow 'climbed out' of the eave--- why did it climb?

That was because it was squirming slowly like a snail---and it left muddy and thick liquid along the way.

Under the dim street lights, it climbed out gradually and revealed its appearance.

It had an extremely twisted head, like the head of a dried carcass. It didn't have pupils, but only two black deep holes.

The meat on its body was of different colors, which looked like it was sewn together, yet there were so signs of patchwork on it.

Its joints looked weird but had very strong power… At this moment, its body was eating something.

Why was its body eating?

That was because its weird and ferocious faces were arranged at its belly, each face had one mouth.

Those mouths were eating.

Geckos and moths, mice and cockroaches… they were its food--- but it felt that these were not enough; its body glided down along the wall.

It started crawling like a snake after landing---even if it had strong legs.

Finally, it moved towards the basement stairs… faster and faster!!

At last, it reached the stair, it knew that once the door was opened, it could find more food… tasty food.

Something in its body told it… that the mice inside were very flavorful.

However, when it was about to leap down, some of its legs buried themselves into the mud and its movement stopped.

It happened again.

It happened today again, this part of its body.

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