Transmigrating into a Mob Character to Rehabilitate the Villain Plan extra 5

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Extra 5

Ling Xia gave a smile that is not really a smile at Yu Zhi Jue who had remorseful look in his eyes. This guy’s thing, cannot be underestimated at all in the bed. Pei! I really want to curse myself too for giving in to it.

He raised his hand and touched the chain pendant in his neck then poked Yu Zhi Jue’s shoulder with his fore finger: “This thing, what is it really? Why did it do that?”

“Did what?” Yu Zhi Jue fiddled with the gem hanging on front of the pendant with his long slender fingers and said: “It really look good on you Ling.”

When he saw Ling Xia brewing an unpleasant mood, he reaches his hands out and pulled Ling Xia to his embrace. He massages Ling Xia’s sore and limp waist and gave a simple explanation: “This ornament is capable of protecting you.”

This item is actually crafted with a forbidden dark art, and on top of that, Yu Zhi Jue imbued it with his own blood mark. So no matter what kind of danger Ling Xia runs into, Yu Zhi Jue can sense it and the pendant would activate its protective spell in time as well.

Yu Zhi Jue lowered his head and kissed the top of Ling Xia’s head. He softly whispered with his deep and magnetic voice: “Ling still haven’t told me, when did you last meet with Xiao Hu……”

“……” Ling Xia was speechless. When it was him asking, he didn’t get any answers. Yet Yu Zhi Jue wouldn’t let this simple matter go. He still jealous even though its Xiao Hu, just how shallow his bottomline is?

He replied with an exasperated tone: “I ran into them when I left the last time. It’s thanks to meeting Xiao Hu and Ah Li, I recovered my memories…..”

After a moment of silence, Ling Xia shot a worried glance at Yu Zhi Jue. All of a sudden, he jumped in fright. The Great Demon King is now wearing a distorted and broken-hearted expression like a husband who had accidentally witness an extra-marital affair.

“I tried so hard at that time, but Ling didn’t remember anything at all.” Yu Zhi Jue’s voice slipped out in between his gritted teeth, “Why did that guy, Song Xiao Hu, made you remember when you met him?”

“…..How would I know?” Black lines appeared in Ling Xia’s face. He can’t say for sure but maybe it’s because of the protagonist’s golden halo?

He was deeply troubled seeing that hurt and disappointed look on the Great Demon King’s face. He comfortingly said: “It’s not that important! And I was already recalling my memories little by little before that. It just happened that I met Xiao Hu when I suddenly remembered it all, it’s just a coincidence, that’s all…..”

Yu Zhi Jue’s face remained melancholic, but in his heart, he already decided to give that damn thing to Song Xiao Hu so he can quickly kick him out!

With that in mind, he turned Ling Xia facing him and pushed him down: “It’s still early right now, let’s do it one more time?”

Ling Xia’s waist is still sore so he hurriedly tried pushing him off with all his strength and said in exhaustion: “Aren’t you tired yet? It’ll be bright outside soon…..”

“Then let’s do it in my dimension.” Yu Zhi Jue kisses him on the lips and spoke in a slightly husky voice: “I won’t tire Ling out….”

Yu Zhi Jue’s actions were indeed a lot gentle. He did it in the most comfortable position for Ling Xia. He didn’t move too rough and only thrusts and stirred inside tenderly and slowly, as if he could do it till the end of time if he wanted to.

Ling Xia opened his hazy eyes and discovered Yu Zhi Jue staring straight at him. In Yu Zhi Jue’s eyes was single-minded devotion and tenderness, and in his clear and bright pupils is a small and clear reflection of him, no one else but him.

His heart pounded erratically, Ling Xia couldn’t resist coiling his legs around Yu Zhi Jue’s waist and match his movements. He could barely endure as he clutches on the bed sheets tightly.

The pleasure creeps up from his tailbone up to his spine bit by bit until it reaches his head and bursts. Yu Zhi Jue turned Ling Xia over and presses him down with his body. He embraces him and suddenly speeds up his movements.

Ling Xia gasps for air as he leaned on Yu Zhi Jue’s sweating chest. The sudden intense pleasure made his body jerk as if he was trembling. He couldn’t stop himself from moaning loudly and clasped Yu Zhi Jue’s arm as he climaxed.

“You are mine.” Yu Zhi Jue whispered with unsteady breathing. He grasped Ling Xia’s butt and presses him closer to himself, supporting the two of them with his straightened back.

Ling Xia felt that he had quickly turn soft as boiled noodles, his legs kept shaking uncontrollably. While Yu Zhi Jue was washing him in his arms, he was entranced in staring vacantly at the Great Demon King’s face.

Sigh, this shortcoming of Yu Zhi Jue’s fondness of flying into jealousy indiscriminately….

Bonbon TN: Original phrase was ‘eating vinegar indiscriminately’ but I notice not all of you understand that term hehe~

Good thing that the time inside the space runs much slower. Ling Xia felt that he taken a very long sleep, though his strength almost fully recovered when he wakes up. His pitiful appearance doesn’t seemed like it had gone through an excessive indulgent in debauchery. But his exposed neck was filled with densely packed love bites, trailing down to his neckline that was concealed in his clothes.

When Ling Xia was about to give him a reproaching look, the Great Demon King leisurely turned around to reveal his back. On the toned muscles of his back, in contrast of his fair jade like skin, are distinct bloody scratches piled on top of each other. Ling Xia’s face immediately burned up, he hurriedly pulled up Yu Zhi Jue’s clothes. He couldn’t remember at all when he made those scratches…..

The sealed Mu Xiao is located at the abyss of the Dark Arts Sect. It is confined behind layer upon layer of spell arrays and surrounded with a miasma that wards off cultivators alike in approaching it.

Yu Zhi Jue didn’t want to take Ling Xia along with him, but Ling Xia persists on going as well for fear that Yu Zhi Jue may be influenced by the voice of that object once he takes it out and then break into a fight and so on with Song Xiao Hu again. Yu Zhi Jue considered it for a moment then he agreed. Right now, he don’t even want to part with Ling Xia even for a single second.

Yu Zhi Jue embraces Ling Xia’s waist as they ride the Two Headed Flying Serpent’s back. Meanwhile, Song Xiao Hu was riding Ah Li and following closely besides them. Even though the scene yesterday was somewhat embarrassing, but thanks to Song Xiao Hu’s rather open-minded optimism, it was evident that he already overlooked it.

Ah Li shot a provocative glance at the Two Headed Flying Serpent, but the Two Headed Flying Serpent tilted its eyes to the side and merely returned a quick glimpse with its lazy slit eyes, its wings flapping unhurriedly.

Ling Xia found it funny witnessing a wave surge up between these two magic beasts. The difference in temperament with these magic beasts are, Ah Li closely resembled that of a haughty child, Da Bai is more or less a moody teenager, and this Two Headed Flying Serpent, is without a doubt, imposing an air of an adult.

Ling Xia could feel that the Two Headed Flying Serpent is not at all as vicious and brutal as it appears to be in the surface. Most of the time, it would always be in a state of laziness as if it was hibernating.

He suddenly remembered that time the Two Headed Flying Serpent formed a partnership with Yu Zhi Jue to deceive him. He snorted loudly and jabbed Yu Zhi Jue whose behind him with his elbow. He quietly said: “You guys’ acting sure is impressive.”

Yu Zhi Jue pretended that he didn’t hear anything. He kept his composure and calmly embraces Ling Xia’s waist.

He didn’t know how long had they been flying, but a thick red-purple fog emerges ahead of them. Yu Zhi Jue casts a protective circle on Ling Xia but him and Song Xiao Hu doesn’t need to do so as their body both have a sufficient resistance. Ah Li and the Two Headed Flying Serpent continues to overtake each other onward without a slightest bit of fear.

Nothing can be seen through the thick purplish mist, moreover, it was like they’ve been flying since forever yet not getting nearer to their destination, making Ling Xia’s heart feel heavy. Yu Zhi Jue noticed his distress so he held Ling Xia tighter into his embrace. Ling Xia blushes, nevertheless, his restless heart also calmed down.

At last, they passes through the thick fog. A dense forest shrouded in mist appeared before their eyes. Maybe because the miasma is blocking the sun’s rays, but the place’s vegetation seemed to be washed out, without any of their bright and beautiful pigments.

The Two Headed Flying Serpent clearly knows its way around here. It soon leads everyone pass through a ravine, then landed in front of a gigantic closed metal door.

Ling Xia can’t help but start to let his imagination run wild. In the original version of the novel, this must be the place where Yu Zhi Jue unleashed the spell that destroyed the world. This Mu Xiao, it’s better to destroy it as early as possible…..

The were numerous cultivators guarding the entrance, all of them standing still like a puppet. They bowed at Yu Zhi Jue as their salutation and then unlocked the mechanism of the door. Yu Zhi Jue pulled Ling Xia’s hand and went in first while the Two Headed Flying Serpent and Ah Li was left outside.

The place they went into looked very similar to an underground palace. The three of them went straight into a passage that leads down and continued climbing the stairs downwards for a long time. Not sure how long had passed but they finally reached the exit and arrived at a hall. There, Yu Zhi Jue finally halted.

He poured a vast amount of his power to a mechanism in a wall, and very soon, the gear of the mechanism started to move. A magic device slowly rises up from the ground, a faint blue flame shrouding it. That magic device on the center is different from what Ling Xia remembered seeing before. It is now a beautiful crystal ball, emitting a bright silver light.

Although it looks very beautiful, Ling Xia could still feel that it can evoke evil feeling into someone so much so that he can’t help but shiver. He quietly asked: “How to take it out?”

Yu Zhi Jue pointed at that bright shroud and said: “First we will undo the protective spell, then we will lift the seal. There’s nothing for you to worry Ling.”

Three years ago, Shui Yue took the Mu Xiao, Darkened Stallion, and the Crest of the Dragon and perfectly fused them together. The three magical items counters each other so their effectiveness was reduced. Even though Yu Zhi Jue lost half of his strength in the past, he is still capable of taking the magic device out by himself.

Song Xiao Hu’s body is a light type, the foreboding evil influence barely affects him. When he heard what Yu Zhi Jue said, he pulled his arm back: “Ah Jue, I’ll do it——If you get affected by it again, me and big brother Ling will be in danger.”

The protagonists isn’t even aware that his words had hurt the ego of the great demon king. Yu Zhi Jue’s face turned gloomy and he ferociously glared at him. He quickly undo the protective spell and walked towards the magic device.

Ling Xia felt restless but the tension in his heart dissipated when the protagonists talked to him with simple yet straightforward words. He cannot even help himself from smiling.

The spirit of the thousand years old magic device felt the incoming danger with its keen senses, hence, it tried to call out to Yu Zhi Jue in his mind with that same familiar voice: “Destroy us, and you will never be able to conquer the entire world! And then you will never be a match to Song Xiao Hu! Will you still destroy us then?”

Yu Zhi Jue smiled in disdain. He turned his head around and gaze at Ling Xia, while the other person’s nervous gaze focused on him. When their eyes met, Ling Xia’s brows and eyes turned soft all at once, his expression very gentle.

Isn’t the answer very clear? If I could rule over the world but not have this man, would there be any joy in it?

What he always seeks, what he always had in his sight, from the beginning till the end, had always been only this man!

Song Xiao Hu saw a purple haze faintly flickered in Yu Zhi Jue’s eyes, he anxiously called out: “Ah Jue!”

Yu Zhi Jue glanced at him from the corner of his eyes: “Xiao Hu, let’s see who can take it out first?.”

As he said that, the silhouette of his body flashes. And in an instant, his hands are already about to reach out for the magic device’s external barrier. Song Xiao Hu exclaimed and hastily ran over while saying: “You are too sly as always Ah Jue!”

Ling Xia unconsciously chuckled. Sigh, now I understand a little why those girls(aka fujoshis) like to ship the protagonist and the villain as a couple of pairing.

The two of them evenly exudes their power. One is the power of darkness(yin), the other is the power of light(yang), and yet they fuses together flawlessly, like those times in their childhood where they fought together side by side. The blue flame condenses together with the bright light, and after a long while, the transparent crystal ball created several miniscule shattering sounds. From levitating in the air, it fell into the ground after losing its luster.

Song Xiao Hu hurriedly grabbed it and proudly declared with dimples appearing in his cheeks: “Big brother Ling, Ah Jue, it’s my win!”

Yu Zhi Jue didn’t even give him a passing glance. He slowly walked down and held Ling Xia’s hands tightly. A shallow smile he couldn’t contain appeared in the corner of his lips: “Ling, let’s go home.”

“Okay.” Ling Xia smiled back at him.

The place where he is together with Yu Zhi Jue, is the place he calls home.

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