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On the day that Alto was slapped in the morning. This is a story from around noon.


I was holding on to a light little girl who was on my back. Just like last night and didn't leave.

...There is no excuse. What I was doing yesterday, what will she think? Will she come to the conclusion that I attacked her?...

It's a violent, unlucky partner. Fio was Definitely frightened by me last night. If a frightful ferocious man is pressing a non-powerful Fio, she will lose to fear and nod. Regardless of how unpleasant it is in the inner heart.

With that, I am just a sex offender. No, it is actually true.


Fio has been silent since morning. To be honest, I am scared.

In the morning, since my cheeks were bright red, I did not say a word. However, she continues to stare at me since morning.


Yet, nothing is spoken. I wonder if this is a silent protest.

· · Fio's gaze hurts. I wonder how to apologize to her.

No, nothing can be said. For her, I am a brutal rapist and a subject of fear.

"... sigh."

A sigh leaks out. Is there any way to redo these two days?

No, if I could have returned to the past, what would I have been doing that night? If you were disqualified as a man at the time you lost to your desire, the end will not change, no matter how many times you return to the past.

Memories are revived. Every nook and cranny of Fio's physique, which seemed to be broken, was awakened as a vivid image in his head.

Fio was certainly a woman. Over the past two days, I've known her body everywhere.

I forcibly took her consent and tasted her first time to my heart's content. I'm probably the first man to see the reach of Fio, who is blushing and sweating all over her body.

Even though it is. I was still desperately planning on whether I could not continue the action of yesterday somehow in a corner of my heart.

It cannot be forgotten. Um, memories that are too brilliant. The terrible Eros of a woman 's face behind you.

... I continued running without any conversation, while carrying Fio on my back, and we reached a city at the foot of a mine, that was quiet at dusk. Somehow, I was able to arrive in the town I was aiming for, before the sun sank. I do not want to move so much because my sense of direction is bad.

We entered a deserted city where only the sand dust blows. As soon as I headed to the inn, Fio descended from my back and followed silently next to me.

─ ─ ─ ─ my eyes wonder to the person next to me.

Last night, a woman was confronted with such a hail in my arms, with a straight face, and is imposing on the highway. I was fascinated by the scene for some reason, and my eyes met with Fio's.

She was very sexy to me now as if it was something I could not lose, and she who showed little skin, and suspicious eyes at me while wearing the White Mage clothes.

Depending As it is, I seem to be wanting to put my hands on her tonight. Now I'm like a monkey just waking up to sex. It's a very heavy feeling.

I cannot bear it and diverted my eyes from her. The contents of her clothes float in my head and won't disappear.

Last night, I could not finish it until the end. Today, I must handle it by looking at the gap somehow. I absolutely cannot hurt her.

I made up my mind to be firm.

We found ourselves the only accommodation in this town. The receptionist is an old man who is asleep at the desk.

The inn in this city was cheap. Travelers seldom seems to stop, and there is only a dingy inn like the old little roost. There is no cooking, and the beds are hard, but the room price is always quite low.

· · If this is the case, payment will be done even in a private room without borrowing a shared room. Should I prepare a private room for Fio too?

No, but. Is there any possibility that the price of inn will jump up in the town after this? If you have a luxuriously private room here, and you do not have a hotel tomorrow.

No, stupid. Because it is cheap, it would be better to borrow a private room. What was I thinking about just now? We're you not expecting from a corner of your heart that something will happen by borrowing a shared room?

"... What happened? Hurry up and rent the room, Alto."

"Oh, sorry."

It seems that my head has become rigid. Regrettable.

"Enough! Grandpa, give me the keys to a double room, and Alto pay the guy."

"Hey, Fio?"

Fio grabbed the keys from the old man at the reception, "every time", depending on whether or not the old man's broken voice can be heard, Fio quickly enters the same door as the key number.

"Alto, you're a little off. Sorry, I want to be alone until the night. Never open the door!"

"Fio ... I understand."

Because I was shocked, Fio borrowed the dormitory without permission. Without even a glimpse of my face, she left my side.

I can't say anything. What I've done to her is surely heavy.

A heavy feeling is weighting down my heart.

The old man at the reception tapped my chest with a fist.

"youngster, you seem troubled."

"... Old man."

"The young man who was shut out of the room from the girl, would you like to go to the eagle 's tea seat? Most of the travelers are silkeborg like you, only one night. Listening to those stories are my hobby."


"I'm sorry, forgive my selfish old self, can I hear it?"

"...If you're ok with me."


Catan. The old man shook his cane and the chair slid in front of me. He placed the tea with a tea bowl, a smelly tea is poured.

It doesn't look so good.

"Take it, youngster. Thank you for going along with my selfishness."

"No... think nothing of it."

"No, it looks like I have seen it."

The glow in his eyes show a of the gleam. Well, what did I have to do?

No, that's right. This guy was right.

"Yes, there was. I just didn't know what to do."

"Is it not crazy?"

He seems to be funny, raising his eyebrows, the old man mutters.

"She seems to have been angry for a long while."

"I lost to my desire. No, it might have been my will. I hurt her."

"I thought that it would be such a thing. Hey, is this your first time in this village?"

"What? Yes. That's right."

"You didn't know anything about Narhado. Do you have any idea why the Inn is the only place in this town?"

The old man smiles like he was teasing. To be told so, it certainly is strange. This is the street to the kingdom? Of course, travelers should be more.

So why are there so few accommodations?

After drinking his own tea, the old man puts a vacant mug on the desk. And then, grinning and distorting the lips,

"This town is ..."

──── It was at that time that he tried to tell me the answer.


The old man, still smiling that smile, lost all of his muscle strength. Slid from the chair, the wrinkled eyes rolled over, and collapsed to the floor.

The tea which he had just been drinking was dripping from his mouth.

"─ ─ ─ ─-eh!? Please, old man! Damn, hey stay with me!?"

I hold the old man without hair and I pay close attention to his face.

Only a few seconds after the incident happened. The breath of the old man has already stopped ─ ─ ─ ─.

"Fio!! Come out, There's a sick person!"

I raised my voice as high as I could. Immediately, I continue to compress the old man's chest intermittently with weight. It was such a feeling surely though it was a scattered knowledge of a previous life.

Now, what has happened? I wonder what I should do now.

I do not understand. Even though they say I'm a hero, I cannot help an old man in front of me!

Up down, up down! Continue cardiac massage, another minute has passed. The breath of the old man does not return. Once, it is not effective at all to try recovery magic that I have learned.

The complexion of the old man in front my of eyes has become deathly pale. It's a sign of death.

────Fio, come quickly.

"Oh, no! What are you saying?"

Along with the sound of opening the door, I heard the voice of Fio, my reliable companion. She wears white mage wearing clothes and opens the door and shows her figure.

I cannot help the old man in front of me, I who was incompetent cannot do anything. In order to help, she grasped the situation and ran up right next to me.

Her eyes have already turned into a rescuer, a thing to murder death it self.

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