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Chapter 5: Girl Chase Boy? Official Pressure Citizen?

Two weeks later, Song Xiyuan married me into his family with great fanfare. He invited all the notable people in Yangzhou to the open banquet, which had no dishes repeated in the three days of the banquet.
For a while, my relationship with Song Xiyuan was circulated as a girl chase boy story. It even confirmed the saying of “a mountain separated a boy from chasing a girl, but a layer of muslin separated a girl from chasing a boy.” Those former admirers of Song Xiyuan were regretting not jumping into the river themselves. So the distinguished Song Xiyuan was so easy to climb on top of that he was trapped with a light jump into the water.
I was already numb to those theories where even explanations were useless and only smeared my reputation even more. Besides, those rumors paled in comparison to Song Third himself. How would I tolerate him if I couldn’t even handle those little rumors? Just treat it as if I’m biding my time.
Another incident occurred on the wedding day.
A batch of people charged in after our bows.
The first time this happened was unknown, but the second time was familiar. So this time, I didn’t even grumble that the one they stole was not me, the bride.
Moreover, the people this time were government bailiffs. The head officer respectfully gave Son Xiyuan a bow and said, “Magistrate Wen Quexian embezzled stolen goods and accepted bribes, totaling eighty thousand liang in silver. The Emperor was enraged when he heard and commanded the government office to investigate thoroughly. Thus, this case involved and implicated many businesses. Master Pei is requesting you to follow me back to the office for a chat. This little official feels very apologetic to have to disrupt your wonderful night.”
He finished the nuptial wine in his hands and laughed, “You’re too polite. You messengers were only acting under orders. Luckily, my wife and I had already exchanged bows.”
The officer’s face changed.
Speaking of the wedding, Song Xiyuan had, on a sudden impulse, started it half an hour early. I’m afraid he would be taken away in the middle of the bows if he had not, just like last time.
Song Xiyuan turned toward me and said, “Don’t panic, my wife. I will come back shortly.
I responded with indifference, “I’m already used to it.”
Hence, the groom was kidnapped on the wedding night. I just didn’t understand why I had to take off the red veil myself. If I knew earlier, I wouldn’t have put it on.
I had long known interrogations were complicated and were not finished in a short span of time. In the past, Pei Yanzhen often came back a few days later when he first started a case. So I cleaned up and rested first. Sure enough, I slept in late the next day and Song Xiyuan still wasn’t back.
And so, two days passed. On the third day, I was about to prepare clothes to be sent to the government office when Song Xiyuan came back. As soon as he walked through the door, he embraced me and tenderly said, “My wife is virtuous. Come, let me pamper you.”
“Uncle Song is so loathsome. How many days has it been since you showered? Your stench will send me to my deathbed.” I playfully beat his chest. The only way to deal with a thick-skinned person is to be even more obstinate. Besides, I can adapt to any situation.
As expected, Song Xiyuan laughed and didn’t say any other weird things. He just pinched my face and whispered, “Indeed, I haven’t made an error in judgment. My little wife truly suits my heart.”
Shortly, he happily introduced me to the wooden-faced middle-aged man standing behind him, “This is the Song family’s housekeeper, Uncle Chen.”
That man bowed, expressionless, “Madame.”
“From today on, the lady’s words are my words and must be followed,” Song Xiyuan earnestly warned.
The servants immediately complied.
Unexpectedly, Song Xiyuan had just finished a bowl or rice porridge when a servant came in, reporting, “Third Young Master, there’s trouble. The warehouse caught on fire!”
Song Xiyuan was startled, he ground his teeth, “The government official drives the people to revolt.” With that sentence, he energetic went out.
This trip lasted six days. I was sound asleep in the middle of the night when I felt a mountain crushing my chest. I was suspecting if it was sleep paralysis when I heard a coquettish voice, “Wife, come to wait on your husband.”
I moved my neck and caught a wisp of his traveled worn scent. I had yet to answer when he raised my chin, drool nearly dripping out of his mouth, “Why, is my little wife not willing? Then let this husband serve you!”

The next day, I heard the Pei residence caught on fire in the middle of the night. I suddenly realize my fate could not only suppress my husband, but it could also suppress my former husband.
Just like a chicken never understood a duck’s happiness, or a stone never experienced a log’s sorrow, I reckon I will never comprehend Song Xiyuan’s crazy reasoning. Every day, I thought I would see his fullest extent, yet he would make new advances the next day. I could only remain dumbfounded.
There is no finish line for mental self-cultivation. This Song Xiyuan, I believed only the heavens would understand him. People could only sense and not convey.
For instance, we were eating dinner with the entire family when suddenly he delivered a sentence, “Miaomiao, a wife who throws herself at her husband is a good wife.”
The rest of the Song family didn’t even bat an eyelash and continued to eat.
I paused, then silently stabbed a sea cucumber and put it in his bowl. Changing the subject, I said, “Husband, sea cucumbers are nutritious.”
On the side, Old Chen expressionlessly agreed, “Madame is right. Sea cucumbers supplement the kidney and boost sex drive.”
Thus, I lost my appetite.
In another instance, Song Xiyuan sent a servant at night to tell me, “Madame, Third Young Master permitted this little one to pass on that he will not be back tonight.”
I naturally answered, “I got it.”
Unexpectedly, before I went to sleep, Son Xiyuan came in with righteous indignation and showered me with, “Wife, how could you act this way?”
“Huh?” I looked at him, stupefied.
“Actually only three words! ‘I got it’ those three words! Why didn’t you ask me why I would not be back tonight?” Song Xiyuan propped himself on the table behind me and leaned over with a grieved look, “You don’t care for your husband at all. I’m broken-hearted. When I’m heartbroken, I’ll take a concubine. When I take a concubine, I’ll waste money. When I waste money, I’ll feel distressed. When I’m distressed, then…”
“Then why didn’t you come back at night?” I bluntly interrupted him. So it was because of that, then I’ll generously go along and ask him.
He immediately straightened and fixed his clothes, pleased with himself, “Your husband is going to the brothel.”
“Oh.” I had thought a major event occurred. I set aside my concerns and started taking off my accessories to get ready for bed.
Song Xiyuan stared at me with wide eyes for a while then said with gritted teeth, “I’ll be going then.”
I grunted before slipping into the sheets and heard Song Xiyuan close the door and walk away. A few minutes later, he returned to sit on the bed and heaved like an angry cat.
Thus, I got up to ask, “What is it?”
He stared at me and said, “Didn’t bring enough money.”
I laid back down, pointed to a cabinet, and said, “The second drawer has money.”
Song Xiyuan unwaveringly stared at me for so long that I broke out in cold sweat. He suddenly pulled me into his embrace and said into the crook of my neck, dejected, “Wife, are you captivated by a new lover or an old affection?”
“Neither.” Okay, I admitted that I was slow. I really couldn’t understand the essence of Great Master Song.
“Neither?” Song Xiyuan returned to staring at me and I stared back, unflinching. Thus, Song Xiyuan smiled with his eyes, as if he was a child who successfully stole some honeyed hawthorns. He came close, kissed my lips, wrapped his arm around me, and said, “Wife, be good. Jealousy is a fundamental womanly virtue. A wife who isn’t jealous is not a good wife. Feeling jealous starts with trivial things. From today on, if I come home late, you must interrogate me. If there is a woman within a foot of me, you must get angry. If I smell like cosmetics, you must investigate. If you see a woman’s hair on my clothes, you must suspect me. If I go out drinking, you must seeth in anger. If…”
He kept going until I was lost in my dreams. I suddenly wondered if I could believe in this thing called happiness, where he pays particular attention to the heart.

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