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Female Match Novels refers to a genre of reincarnating or transmigrating female leads who are the ‘match’ of the original female lead to take their advantages and/or to wreak revenge.

Pit Authors are authors who abandon their novels so that the readers fall into the ‘pit’ of an unfinished novel.

Chapter 1: Female Match Novels

Rong Jing didn’t know how long she stayed at the entrance of the subway station, surrounded by high-rise buildings.

The crowd around her moved without rest, everything is in a hurry. People gathered here, intersected, and parted. All of them had their own destinations. Yet she didn’t know what direction to go.

How long had it been since she had seen such a sight? It’s been a little more than a year. This vibrant bustle is already breaking, mirroring the world…

How did she come here? Rong Jing remembers very clearly that T4’s claw which pierced her back. She also remembers that she jumped down to save her Han Xiuzhen, whose eyes showed consternation, pain, and disappointment…

But when she opened her eyes this time, she found herself standing here, as if everything from before was a dream. But she is out of sync with this world — she quickly realized that no one can see her or touch her.

When a person walking straight towards her passed through her body, Rong Jing finally realized that she was dead after all.

Yes. She was really dead. At the time when the zombie was besieged, Su Li pushed her down the city wall. It was difficult killing the zombie, yet suddenly a speed type T4 appeared… She can no longer see her mother… She doesn’t know if Han Xiuzhen, who is desperately trying to save her, can escape from the T4’s claws. Clearly it’s so dangerous outside the city walls, when did he become so impulsive… Clearly, she already rejected him, why did he still treat her so well…

“Eh, Pei Pei have you read ? It’s pretty good, Qiang~Lie recommended it!”

Several high school students appeared at the entrance of the subway station. People far away could hear the voice of one of the girls with a ponytail.

But her friend called Pei Pei isn’t interested. Others slyly replied, “There have been too many Female Match* novels recently, it is hard to muster enthusiasm.”

"This novel is really good!" The ponytail girl shook Pei Pei's arm, "I'm not lying!"

Another tall and slim girl ruminated thoughtfully then she connected,”Is it the one where the female lead is called Rong Jing, and the transmigrator is called Su Li?”

“Yes, yes, that is the one!”

Rong Jing. Su Li.

The two names that appeared in the dialogue between the girls who passed by made Rong Jing’s consciousness to suddenly return. She almost reached  the speed of light following them.

“The truth is they are really good to read, even though Female Match novels are now rampant, this genre of books really is stimulating.”

The girl who was thin and tall obviously got the approval of the ponytail girl, “En en en! Yeah, watching the female match steal the golden finger and destroying the female lead’s halo is too enjoyable!”

The two excited girls didn’t notice Pei Pei’s twitching mouth, nor could they see the beauty restlessly moving behind them whose mood was becoming more and more chilly.

With a pale face, Rong Jing closely followed the girls, even onto the subway. Snatch away the golden fingers? Destroying the female lead’s halo? What on earth does this mean?

“Brr, it’s so cold. The air conditioner on the subway is really cold today.” The ponytail girl shivered.

“It’s alright. No one told you to not like exercising, you cute frail big miss.” Pei Pei joked.

The ponytail girl snorted, “Alright!” She lightly pinched Pei Pei’s waist, “Pei Pei, you’re laughing at me again!”

“Ok ok, there are many people in the subway car, don’t make trouble. In my opinion Pei Pei, you should read the novel. Anyhow, there have been no good books to read recently.” The tall and thin girl saw some dissatisfied eyes around her so she quickly stopped the two friends’ fight.

“Okay. If I have time I’ll read it. But some Female Match novel routines are a little bit tiring. It feels like the female match must be a good person, when the original female lead and the female match are both vicious people. In that case, what is the difference between that and the original routine?

“Ai, that is true,” the ponytail girl pouted, “But with web novels, you only need to be satisfied reading it! Why think so much? Besides, don’t you like to read apocalypse novels? Pei Pei do you not love me anymore? You won’t read the book I recommend ~I’m a ~”

“Kkk, darling Jia Jia, I will read it when I get home. You know that I love you the most ~be good~” Pei Pei rolled her eyes and used the same disgusting voice to say exaggeratedly.

“You two, enough! I’m freezing to death, my goosebumps are all raised.” The tall and thin girl rubbed her arms, “Hey, haven’t you guys felt it getting colder?”

No one knows that in the middle of the crowded subway there is a short haired girl standing, wearing a combat uniform stained with blood on the front and back. Rong Jing was originally an ice system. Now that she’s become a wronged ghost, naturally her whole body exuded the chill of her ice power.

She is anxious to know the contents of the books these girls were talking about. She wanted to know if Rong Jing and Su Li were really herself and that person.

After the three girls went down the subway, Rong Jing didn’t hesitate to follow the girl called Pei Pei — didn’t she say she would read “Pit Author Turns into a Female Match” tonight?

So that’s what happened…

So that’s what happened!

After standing behind Pei Pei who read the whole novel on her computer, Rong Jing realized how the jade bracelet her grandmother gave her became missing. And how she was set up to experience danger.

It turned out that she should have been the female lead in a book about an end of the world reckoning. Before the last days, she accidentally dropped blood on the white ancestral jade bracelet. This opened a hidden space left behind by a mighty ancestor, containing a superior cultivation practice. As a mutant ice root, she cultivated quickly. Not even a year into the apocalypse, she reached the seventh level of refining equivalent to the beginning of a fourth order ability. She took her mother who raised her alone, and lived with a few friends during the apocalypse. Among them was the male lead Song Wei. However the novel was ruined just when the male and female lead had gotten together.

What she experienced was actually the contents of a more recent and popular novel! In the first half of the original story was a cannon fodder called Su Li. Because the original author transmigrated into her, everything that should have belonged to her was stolen! Even including Song Wei’s love…

Ridiculous, she’d always thought that was because of Song Wei’s character…

And Han Xiuzhen turned out to be a specially crafted excellent tragic second male lead. Although his hard pursuit of Rong Jing was unsuccessful, he was labeled a good man. Rong Jing’s mother always thought that Han Xiuzhen was better than Song Wei, creating some obstacles between Rong Jing and Song Wei. According to the author’s suggestion, this character who is as good as the male lead will die for the sake of saving Rong Jing. Although the original novel was smashed by the transmigrating author, it was true that before he died, Han Xiuzhen who jumped down to save her, was also killed by the T4. And her mother was abandoned by Song Wei and Su Li in the base that was attacked by zombies…

What a ridiculous situation!

Han Xiuzhen, I’m sorry.

Mama, your daughter was wrong…

Rong Jing was extremely remorseful that she didn’t see it earlier. Why didn’t she find out Su Li’s ulterior motives earlier, why did she only care about Song Wei, but couldn’t see that Han Xiuzhen was good. Under the ruthless appearance of Song Wei, is also a cold and merciless heart.

At this moment, Rong Jing couldn’t wait for everything to start over! The girl who had already become a ghost shed tears of blood.

“Do you want to start over?”

A crisp sound rang in the quiet room.

Rong Jing fiercely raised her head, after becoming a ghost, her darker and emptier eyes seemed to emit a strange light. But only for a moment, then the light faded.

She didn’t see anything like the black and white impermanence of Buddha, nor anything related to God. Only the girl sitting in front of the computer. Is it her? Who is she talking to? To herself?

“I’m asking you.” Pei Pei turned around, her smile that is not a smile watches Rong Jing’s unbelieving face.

Rong Jing’s eyes looked forward with a complicated expression and she didn’t speak.

“Rong Jing.”

“…you, you can see me?” And know who I am?” Rong Jing involuntarily retreated and made a defensive posture.

“Otherwise how would you and I be talking?” Pei Pei asked.

“Who are you?”

“Don’t worry about who I am, I only ask you, do you want to go back?”

But this time she didn’t get an answer.

Pei Pei saw Rong Jing’s silent and blank face, with a glance she understood what she was thinking, then she laughed. “I can send you back to when the story hasn’t yet started, how is that?”

Rong Jing lowered her eyes and hid her emotions.

After a while, Rong Jing finally asked, “What do you want?”

“Your soul.”

Rong Jing clenched her fist. After a long time she answered, “Before the time that I die, am I free?”

“Of course”.

“… Okay.” It doesn’t matter what happens, just count it as selling her soul to the devil for the sake of her mother who raised her alone for 15 years, and for the man who her his life. She must go back!

“Pu chi!” Pei Pei suddenly laughed, “Alright, I’m not kidding you. I just want you to fix the development of this world, otherwise there will be more and more rifts. If it gets out of hand I’ll have to personally fix it myself. I don’t want to go there where zombies are everywhere…”


“Yes, because Su Li transmigrated, the world that was originally wasn’t finished has produced more rifts. Originally you were the destined person in that space. After being stolen by Su Li, the operating laws of the world created the most distinct rift. So, you need to go back and fix it all.”

“The world is incomplete… is it because that novel is a pit?” Rong Jing’s brows slightly frowned, she thought about it before she asked.

Pei Pei’s expression was stiff, “En, you could say that.”

“So do I need to follow the original plot?”

“Not completely, only from the main story line to where the rift is. After that, you can act according to your own wishes. As long as you don’t let Su Li upstage you, the world’s law will automatically repair itself. Well, it’s now time for you to go.”


Pei Pei didn’t let Rong Jing finish speaking, white rays of light emerged from Pei Pei’s fingertips and flew extremely fast towards Rong Jing’s forehead. After Rong Jing was hit by the white light her figure gradually became transparent, turned into a silver star, then disappeared.

Pei Pei looked at the place where Rong Jing disappeared and playfully smiled, “Don’t let down my good intentions, I gifted you a big surprise.”

This is all I’m translating for this novel as I’m not able to access the chapters locked by VIP on JJWXC. Sorry, I’m a pit translator.

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