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In the blink of an eye, the steel bridge broke. The suspension bridge shook violently, and the three people on the bridge were frightened out of their wits.

The suspension cable bridge has the heaviest balance in design because it has no pier support.

And the big cracks between the strong wind, the suspension bridge design pay more attention to the sense of balance.

A steel cable broke, and the balance of the drawbridge was immediately broken. The entire drawbridge instantly began to shake.

And the strong swing, so that the second and even more cable will appear the domino effect and then break off successively.

If they were to make a mistake in this place, the chances of the three of them surviving would probably not exceed 10% without Parkland's sniper.

Without any time to hesitate, he used all his strength to prop himself up on the bridge.

His body bounced like a rubber ball towards the second cable that was already starting to break.

At the same time, the wire rope that was as fine as a child's arm finally broke.

With a loud shout, rank 2 strength enhancement ability was exerted to the limit.

He opened his hands and grabbed the two ends of the broken rope, using this force to barely hold the rope to prevent the drawbridge from deteriorating further.

However, this did not last long. After all, it was only rank 2 strength enhancement.

His strength had reached its limit almost the instant he grasped the two sides of the broken cables.

"Let's go."

Zero said through clenched teeth to the two women on the bridge.

Monnie burst into tears. Naturally, she knew the purpose of Zero's action.

She was stunned, too, and almost all the people she'd been in touch with about outsiders had been linked to greed and selfishness.

But now, as an outsider, Zero had come up with the idea of sacrificing himself to protect them.

Seeing that the two women were still on the bridge, Zero shouted, "Run!"

What are you guys standing there in a daze for!? "


Monica screamed, but in the next moment, she was picked up by Arisa and followed Zero's figure into the distance. It was Arisa who pushed her speed to the limit.

By the time Lankey reloaded the sniper and adjusted the trajectory, the two men had left the drawbridge and were on the safe ground on the other side of the crevasse.

He didn't mind, since his goal was zero anyway, so what if he let the two women go first?

As a result, when the sniper aimed, the crosshairs locked onto Zero's head.

At the same time, Zero also turned his head to look at Lan Qi.


Lan Qi thought to himself as he pressed down on the machine.

With his own body, he connected the broken steel cable, which made him a ready-made live target.

He had no way out, unless he jumped down into the crack, but that was no different from dying under the Blue.

However, as Lan Qi pressed down the trigger, Zero revealed a playful smile.

Suddenly he let go of the rope and allowed himself to fall under the bridge.

Naturally, the sniper bullet did not hit him. Instead, it broke another suspension cable beside where Zero had been.

Without his body to connect it, and another cable broken, the bridge could no longer hold.

Amidst the earth-shaking cracking sounds, the violently swaying suspension bridge was broken in half. The cables on both sides of the bridge constantly split apart, causing the sides of the bridge to slam into the cracks on the mountain walls, causing intense vibrations.

The entire Death god's Ridge trembled slightly.

Along with the debris of the suspension bridge falling down into the bottomless chasm, there was a smile on his face.

His body rapidly descended. A moment later, he disappeared into the darkness of the crevice. It was as if he had fallen into hell.


Monnie threw herself on the edge of the crack and let out a piercing scream.

Tears welled up in her eyes. The moment she looked at the abyss, Monnie realized that this man who acted as her protector had occupied a very important position in her young heart.

The man who was also his brother fell into the crevice with a smile on his face.

"Plop!" Lan Qi hit the tree trunk with his hand.

For some reason, Lan Qi didn't feel as good as he did after taking revenge when he saw Zero fall into the embrace of death.

What occupied Lankey's mind was Zero's smiling face.

The smile on the man's face seemed to say, Look, in the end you still can't kill me!

That's right, Lankey knew that zero wasn't supposed to be killed by him, but rather a result of his own choice.

Although he was bound to die, Lankey could not for a moment forget this troublesome opponent.

It made Lankey feel like he was taking a bite of bread and eating a cockroach.

"You're proud of it, aren't you?"

Alright, I admit that I wasn't able to kill you personally. Then, I'll just take care of the other two women as well.

Lankey cursed, pressed a sniper, and locked the sights on Monnie on the other side of the crack.

A sharp whistle suddenly sounded behind Lan Qi.

Following that, a strong wind blew in the distance. The sudden change caused Lan Qi to feel a sense of danger. The black man immediately jumped down from the treetops without any hesitation.

Before he landed on the ground, he saw a few bolts of azure lightning slicing through the area where Lan Qi was just standing.

Energy fluctuations rippled through the air. The cedar tree that the three were embracing was cut off by the electric light just like that. The broken tree flew past the leaves on the side and crashed onto the ground, shaking up a thick layer of floating soil.

Lan Qi looked towards the forest behind her. A low growl came from the jungle. It was a threatening growl.

Lan Qi understood what he meant. Just as he pointed the muzzle of the Berserk Vulture towards behind him, a gale instantly blew in the depths of the jungle, and a small hill filled Lan Qi's eyes.

A mutated beast with a lion's head and eagle wings flew out from the jungle.

It had broken through countless fir trees, and some of the mutated man-eating trees couldn't move away in time. They were also knocked away by the beast.

As soon as Lan Qi raised his spear, he saw the giant beast's front limbs crisscrossing in the air.

Suddenly, six arcs of lightning intertwined in the shape of an X and shot towards Lankey.

The black man could no longer shoot out his spear. Even the tall cedar trees could not withstand the electric arcs. Lan Qi asked himself if his body was as tough as the cedar trees.

If he were to be hit by the electric arclight, the White-headed Eagle would probably turn into a pile of minced meat.

Lankey rolled sideways, bounced up, and hid behind another fir tree.

The series of tactical moves were dazzling, but Lanqi knew he couldn't kill the mutated beast.

At the very least, Lan Qi didn't have much energy left to deal with the ferocious mutated beast that could use energy attacks.

Thus, the sound of someone breaking through the barrier could be heard in the forest. The wild wind blew the fallen leaves and dust in the forest, and by the time the dust settled, Lanqi's figure had already disappeared from the eyes of the mutated beasts.

The battle in the direction of Death's Ridge caught Mony's attention, especially when she saw the figure of a behemoth suddenly fly out of the tall cedar woods.

After circling in mid air for two weeks, it swiftly flew high into the sky. It was a mutated beast that had disappeared into the thick rainbow clouds, and Mo Ni seemed to recognize it.

Suddenly, a name appeared in her mind.


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