Warrior's Promise Chapter 128: The End of The War

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Chapter 128 The End of the War

Su Mo's life was at stake.

The next moment, the sword radiance and saber radiance would tear his body.

The cultivations of the two Gale Island disciples were both at Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm, so it was impossible for Su Mo's to block their blows.

The two attacks had pierced into his skin.

Su Mo could smell death once again.

He felt a deep regret!

He had not rejuvenated his family, and he had not yet met Xi'er.

"Am I going to die?"

Xi'er's sweet and shy smile suddenly appeared in his mind.

"How is she?"

"Sorry, Xi'er, I will have to break my promise!"

Su Mo lamented himself. He was prepared to die.

However, God obviously did not let him die.

Just then, an unmatchable silver light pierced the air, instantly appearing at his side.

The silver light arrived at an incredible speed, like silver lightning.


The silver light removed the sword and the long saber.

It also fought the two Gale Island disciples back dozens of meters.


A tall middle-aged figure appeared at his side.

Su Mo pulled his sword back. He had killed the Ulti-mystery Sect disciple in one stroke.

Su Mo glanced at the middle-aged man, nodding thanks to him. He recognized this person: it was Fang Xiao's personal guard.

Su Mo knew why he was here at once.

Because of his high talent, Fang Xiao had been worried about his life, so he sent this man to protect him.

The middle-aged man showed no expression. In fact, he had been nearby the whole time.

When Su Mo was attacked by the long-faced youth and others, he had been ready to help.

However, Su Mo had broken through and made a counteroffensive just before he was ready to take the shot. He did not need his help in the end.

But this time, he did.

"Who are you? Why did you attack me?" asked Su Mo, looking at the two disciples.

His face suddenly became very cold, and his eyes were full of killing desire.

His killing desire was cold enough to freeze the earth.

He had almost died.

The two Gale Island disciples' faces became bleak when they found they were blocked.

Instead of answering Su Mo, they both looked at the middle-aged man and shouted angrily, "This is a Gale Island matter. It's none of your business."

The middle-aged man looked at Su Mo without speaking.

Su Mo nodded and said, "Thank you for saving me. I'll handle it!"

The man nodded his head, then disappeared in a flash.

Su Mo coldly looked at the two men. Killing desire was shining in his eyes.

"Su Mo, I can't believe that your abilities improved again!"

The two men glanced at the corpse of the Ulti-mystery Sect disciple who had been fighting with them just now with gloomy faces.

The dead Ulti-mystery Sect disciple was as strong as them, and he had been killed in one strike.

How could they not be astonished!

They did not know that Su Mo had broken through his cultivation.

Before coming to Guanwu City, they thought that Su Mo was at most as strong as a martial artist at the Peak Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm.

After the battle with the Ulti-mystery Sect disciples, they were shocked, but still thought that he was at most on the same level as them.

However, it became apparent this was not the case!

"Why did you want to kill me? Tell me the truth, or I'll turn you into two corpses!"

Su Mo's voice was very cold.

They did not try to hide their identities. The thin-faced youth sneered and said, "Su Mo, you're the Sky Alliance's enemy. You're still alive today, but your doom day will come sooner or later."

"Sky Alliance?"

When he heard this, a cold light flashed in Su Mo's eyes.

The Sky Alliance was really an inexorable haunt, it had actually sent disciples to kill him.

"Good! Very good!"

Su Mo suddenly laughed, but his smile was very cold. He said, "I'll remembered this. And I'll make Sky Alliance pay!"

Su Mo's heart was filled with infinite killing desire toward Sky Alliance.

He was not a timid person. Sky Alliance was powerful, but now that they wanted him to die, he would get his furious revenge.

Wang Hui had told him not to make an enemy of Sky Alliance.

Originally, if Sky Alliance had not provoked him, he would not have wanted to be the enemy of Sky Alliance and Duan Jingtian, who was the most talented person of Gale Island.

But now, both sides were in major conflict.

Su Mo had killed a lot of Sky Alliance disciples, and Sky Alliance had sent disciples to kill him.

They were caught in an endless situation.

"You? You want to fight against Sky Alliance?"

The two men sneered at him. The thin-faced youth continued, "Five of the top 10 disciples in the outer gate are our members, let alone Inner Disciples and Core Disciples. How can you fight against us?"

"Five of the top 10 disciples in the outer gate are members of Sky Alliance?"

Su Mo squinted his eyes and smiled coldly. Then he said, "I'll destroy them in the Outer Disciple Competition in a few months!"

"How over-confident you are!"

The youth grunted, then said to the other man, "Let's go."

The two flew away rapidly.

"You just tried to kill me, and now you want to leave?"

Su Mo moved like lightning to chase them, leaving a residual shadow.

Swish! Swish!

Sword radiance shimmered, and the two disciples became two corpses.

Su Mo devoured their blood essence completely.

No one noticed his abnormalities because the battlefield was in a state of chaos with a large number of corpses and blood flowing everywhere.

Now the war was coming to a close.

Both sides had suffered great losses.

There were half the people compared to before.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Su Mo's mind was still full of killing desire. He killed again.

He could only devour secretly; he could not release his Martial Soul directly to devour. But even so, there was too much blood essence. His power had been increasing.

Now, his cultivation had reached the peak Lv 4 Spiritual Martial Realm, not far from Lv 5.


Blood Qi was flowing rigidly through his meridians. The Spiritual Spirals in his elixir field were shaking. Su Mo was trying to enter Lv 5 Spiritual Martial Realm.

Before he stepped onto the battlefield, his cultivation had been at Lv 3 Spiritual Martial Realm, but now, after a short amount of time, it was about to reach Lv 5.

His cultivating speed was beyond common sense!

However, after trying almost an hour, Su Mo had not broken through the bottleneck to Lv 5.

"Darn! My realm improved too fast! The cultivation isn't stable enough!"

Su Mo felt helpless. He stopped trying with a sigh.

"Maybe I'll try cultivating my body!"

Su Mo continued to kill and devour blood essence. A large amount of Blood Qi was turned into tiny elephant shadows.

Countless shadows of small elephants roared fiercely inside his body, and at last, they were absorbed into his meridians and bones.

Su Mo's physical body strength was increasing rapidly.

He had already cultivated Elephant's Strength Skill to the top of the fourth level before.

The fourth level of Elephant's Strength Skill had reached the Grand Completion in a very short time due to the large amount of Blood Qi.

Su Mo continued to practice the fifth level.

Gong! Gong! Gong!

A gong rang on the battlefield.

Immediately, all the soldiers of Ironforest Country retreated like a flood of water.

Ironforest Country had beaten the gongs and withdrawn the army!

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