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“…Oh!?” (Kei)

No, no, no, wait a minute!

Why is she stripping?

“Why are you doing this?” (Kei)

While hugging my gym bag to me with both hands, I back up just as I did last time.

However, I’m not being stripped, this time it’s Takimoto that is stripping in front of my eyes,

After kicking off the shorts she slipped off, she slowly approaches me step-by-step.

Her cute, pink panties with lace pattern are completely exposed in front of me. Well, at least I think her panties are cute.

“Because, Tokiya said it would be better to do this.” (Takimoto)

As Takimoto comes closer to me my face turns red in embarrassment and I can’t look her in the eyes. Even if this is only a gesture, it’s destructive power is phenomenal. If I were still a man, I would have been done for in her first shot.

Tokiya is the one that I usually see with Takimoto? Why are you putting these kinds of ideas in Takimoto’s head? I’m not affected!

I don’t think this idea would have occurred if it were Takimoto alone, but Tokiya sure created one hell of a bomb.

“No, wait! I used to be a man!” (Kei)

I used to be 180cm tall. Yes, I was a man, but now my height has gone down by more than 30cm and I’ve become a girl.

…Right? ……Since that is the case, this shouldn’t be a problem.

She stops and takes on a thoughtful expression.

This might be the teacher’s locker room, but it is for girls and there are only girls in here.

I didn’t think of this until now, but isn’t this a chance to see another girl naked other than Kaori?

“I-I like Keiichi. So, I'm fine.” (Takimoto)

I was looking at my feet as I thought that, but when Takimoto said that I raised my head to look at her.

......Is it possible for a girl to become so bold because she likes someone? That’s awesome.

I’m yanked out of my reverie when things suddenly take a serious turn, because Takimoto starts to take off her gym shirt.

“Well, I’m not okay with this!” (Kei)

I thought it would be safe since it was just us girls, but that is what I get for being naïve. It will be bad if the school finds out about this. I can’t simply stand here and let her do this.

After all, it’s lunchtime and this is the teacher’s dressing room, so I have no idea when a teacher might come.

Takimoto, who had taken off her gym shirt and is now only in her bra and panties, seems to have a crestfallen expression after she heard what I said.

Although I have to admit, her boobs may be bigger than mine.

“Eh? …So, this is useless?” (Takimoto)

“No, it's not like that.” (Kei)

I say, my voice sounding slightly regretful, while thinking about the present situation.

“After all...” (Takimoto)

She murmurs. I almost didn’t hear her because she was looking down when she did.

I didn’t really expect much, but the excitement I should have felt from this situation if I was still a man was missing. After all, I’m a woman now.

Sorry, but I actually feel relieved. …Hmm.

“After all, being girlfriends is good?” (Takimoto)

“Eh? What?” (Kei)

I couldn’t really hear her because her voice was muffled, but what?

“Don’t you want to be my girlfriend as long as you can?!” (Takimoto)

Who are girlfriends?

However, it suddenly comes back to me. After everything was calm last time, it ended up as, "Please, be my friend.”

After all, I didn’t speak to her again until today and it isn’t good that I didn’t act like we are friends. Even if I were to say it’s because she is the next class and we would normally only see each other during PE.

(TN: I should explain this or it won’t make much sense. What is used here is actually ‘kanajo’, which has several uses, She, Her, and Girlfriend. She doesn’t literally mean she is supposed to be her girlfriend, but her girl friend. Author is obviously playing word games, which doesn’t come across well in English.)

I wonder if the cause might be Saeki planting ideas in her head the first place.

“Look at me too!” (Takimoto)

She says almost crying while she places her hands behind her to unhook her bra.

Being a former healthy young man, I should want to see her strip, yet, I don’t feel that way at all.

It might be that the current situation simply doesn’t make me feel that way.

…and then,

“What are you doing?” (Kaori)

I heard someone say as they walk into the room. Of course, I know the owner of the voice.

“Kaori?” (Kei)

I say and notice that Kaori is still in her gym clothes.

Kaori detours around Takimoto, who is still in the center of the room, slowly walking toward me.

“Takimoto! What were you planning to do to Kei this time?” (Kaori)

Now that Kaori suddenly appeared. Takimoto quickly pulls her hands from behind her and is hiding her chest. I wonder if she had already unhooked her bra.

“Eh? Manabe?” (Takimoto)

“Are you okay? Nothing happened to you?” (Kaori)

“Are you okay? Nothing happened to you?” (Kaori)

“Oh, yes. There’s no problem. I’m fine.” (Kei)

I feel as if my chance to see someone else naked was just crushed.

“Manabe, why are you in a place like this?” (Takimoto)

Oh, good question. I was just wondering about that myself.

“I’m here because I saw you follow after her. Don't think I’ve forgotten what you did last time!” (Kaori)

Kaori says with one arm wrapped protectively around me while pointing at Takimoto with her other hand.

I see. …So, she followed because she thought it might turn out to be a situation like that.

“It's... but it’s different this time.” (Takimoto)

“This time... What?” (Kaori)

Kaori is still rather cautious, but I wish she would let me go soon.

“I just wanted her to see me.” (Takimoto)

“…Ya?” (Kaori)

Kaori, who looks at me while replying to her, seems unable to understand what Takimoto meant, because her eyes are asking me, “What does she mean?” She already said exactly what she meant.

“She said it wasn’t fair she got to see me naked, so she would show me herself too.” (Kei)

I explain it unwillingly to Kaori while averting my eyes.

[Haaaa~] (Kaori)

Well, I thought that would be her reaction.

“I told her not to do it!” (Kei)

I yell, turning back to glare at Kaori.

This isn’t my doing. She is the one that decided to show me.

“Why? This doesn’t involve you.” (Takimoto)

“Eh?” (Kaori)

Kaori who is confused by her unexpected reply, pulls me against herself.

She’s right, it doesn’t involve Kaori. That isn’t it, of that I am certain.

“What's wrong? I just want you to see me.” (Takimoto)

“You can't do anything bad!” (Kaori)

Kaori no longer gives a reason, but still refuses while blushing.

I wonder if she noticed it too? When I stopped and looked at Kaori, my expression changed.

"By any chance, Manabe are you?” (Takimoto)

She has a tone that says she convinced, but says it like it’s a question.

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