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Translator: SilverNeko

Editor: Dancing Dolphins Yo!

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The several young disciples of Hui Shi peak cheered again.

The cultivator auntie nodded her head while smiling and calmly flew back onto the platform.

Following her, Xi Zhu peak's peak master Hu came to challenge and lost to He Ling. He even received some light injuries. Overall He Ling gained 15 little stones.

Liu Qianmo was so excited that he couldn't close his mouth: “Fifteen, you should be able to enter the top forty…”

Gui Xin: "Don't celebrate too early. Although Second senior brother  blocked three moves,  the golden core cultivators are up next."

At that moment, a strong surge of spiritual power emerged in the air. A middle-aged man gently floated down with his clothing being lightly blown. He retained a sage-like look with an air of divinity around him. His eyes were particularly sharp.

Gu JinPing quietly said: " That's Tian Heng peak's peak master Lu!"

Lu ChangQing's age was unknown and he was one of the Qing Xu sword sect's five great golden core cultivators.

Thousands of years ago, the cultivator Ku Mu who united the Qing Xu sword sect, was Tian Heng peak's peak master at that time. His glory was their glory. In these thousands of years, Tian Heng peak had only gone up with no downs. The first ranking cultivator in the golden core stage was Xi Fang while the second ranking was that Lu ChangQing.

He Ling slightly nodded  first towards him: "Asking (or requesting)  peak master Lu to enlighten me[1]."

He Ling's gestures and appearance was very respectful, but he was watching Lu ChangQing's every move very keenly and didn't dare to relax in the slightest.

Lu ChangQing dully looked at him and slightly raised his long sleeves.

Startled, He Ling abruptly flew up and a whirlwind emerged around him, but it was already too late.

A streak of lightning struck down accompanied by a sound of thunder. The color of the sky abruptly changed. A strong light that made people unable to open their eyes shined. The lighting pierced straight into the midst of the whirlwind. He ling used both of his hands to support a piece of white spiritual shield above his head, blocking the lighting.

A deafening silence rang out among the surrounding spectators.

The platform was shrouded in bright light with violent surges of spiritual energy. The crowd of spectators absolutely couldn’t see anything. However,  the sound of cracking of spiritual energy could be heard. It could be vaguely seen that He Ling was getting forced down more and more.

Jun YanZhi said quietly: "He almost can't hold on anymore."

Liu QianMo anxiously said: "Peak master Lu's golden fire lightning's fame is on par with the four winds technique. How many people can actually withstand it?"

Peng Shao sighed and said: "Even so, peak master Lu is only using 20% of his strength."

Liu QianMo: "He's a golden core cultivator. If he used all of his strength, then isn't that forcing He Ling to die?"

The referee disciples were also scared of having a person die and hurriedly yelled out in panic: "If the disciple can't take it anymore, then immediately admit defeat!"

Gu JinPing yelled: "Second shixiong admit defeat!"

He Ling didn't respond nor did he make any movement. The lighting was pressing him down more and more.

Liu QianMo stared and gaped for a while: "That bastard! He actually doesn't want to admit defeat!"

Jun YanZhi closed his mouth and remained silent without a word.

Even though Wen Jing knew the outcome of this match, he didn't forbid himself for pinching out some cold sweat for He Ling.

Liu QianMo yelled towards the platform: "He Ling! Admit defeat immediately! 15 little stones is already enough!"

Right when they were worried to the extreme, they heard the loud and clear sound of shattering. He Ling's shield was penetrated by the lightning. The pieces dispersed in all directions. All the people on the platform swiftly flew up and let out a sound of pain.

The lightning finally fell onto the platform. Wood pieces[2] flew and made a basin sized crater that let out light green smoke.

"Second shixiong!" Hui Shi peak's people all yelled out.

A person clothed in white flew down with his shoulder a blood red, but his facial expressions held no changes, gently panting.

Lu ChangQing's eyes let out a look of appreciation, slightly nodding in obeisance, and flew back onto the platform.[3]

The referee disciple let out a breath: "He Ling blocked another attack and gained 5 little stones! Do you wish to continue blocking?"

He Ling originally wanted to say "Yes" when he turned his head to see the mad and angry Hui Peak people and was split for a while. He gritted his teeth and finally muttered through his teeth: "No."

The referee disciple said in a clear voice: "He Ling's total number of little pebbles is 20!"

The people from Hui Shi peak started cheering. The disciples from the other peaks coldly observed. The number of people in Hui Shi peak was originally very little so their loudness now was unexpectedly like thorns in their ears, resulting in sidelong glances from surrounding people, yet no one cared. As if they were on cloud nine, the Hui Shi peak's people welcomed He Ling down from the platform: "Second shixiong!"

A few Tian Heng peak disciples did not approve of this behavior.

"Isn't it just one being qualified? Never seen the world[4]."

"How many years have they been crushed by others? They finally have one who's actually okay. Can they not celebrate?"

"Not promising, good for nothings."

Mo ShaoYan was standing by them and slowly said: "Out of the 200 people in your peak, how many of you have the capability? Out of the 10 of us, we already have one who has high capabilities. I think it's actually you guys who are not promising, good for nothings."

Those few disciples' faces turned ugly: "What did you say? If it wasn't for the fact that every peak can only bring ten disciples to participate, see if we don't completely crush you guys!"

"Hahahahaha…… This actually reminds me. If you have the ability then first enter the top ten. At least I can actually participate in the first round of the interpeak competition…… hahahaha……"


They talked more and more to the point where they were almost going to fight. Peng Shao hurriedly pulled Mo ShaoYan back: "Fighting in front of the peak masters, does everyone wish to be punished?"

Tian Heng peak also had some older disciples instructed: "Causing a racket is not allowed!"

The few people finally quieted down, but they still were unconvinced and unsatisfied with each other.

Liu QianMo was still angry. With a stern and unhappy expression, he said to He Ling: "What kind of hero were you trying to be?"

He Ling coldly glanced at him: "I've already prepared an escape route."

Gui XinBi: "……if you died on the platform, you'd be the first."

Xi Fang silently observed Hui Shi peak's group.

The referee yelled in a clear voice: "Hui Shi peak's Jun Yan Zhi come up!"

Wen Jing was a little excited: "Jun shixiong it's your turn."

Jun YanZhi lightly glanced at him. He took off the pouch at his waist that carried the little fruits and put them in Wen Jing's hands then flew up.

The whole place was silent. A man wearing light green flew up. His movements were not flashy but had an elegant touch. With an extremely elegant and pretty face, he gently landed on the platform.


[1] If you forgot or didn't read the tn from the previous chapter, this is a courtesy thing since they believe that you can learn to fight by sparing each other and learning to defend or attack with the other person’s unique style. This is also true because a lot of people hide or only teach to a few people their methods of fighting or cultivating.

[2] I'm assuming the platform is made of wood since it says wood pieces.

[3] If you're still confused at this point, I'm guessing there's two platforms, but I'm not sure. It doesn't differentiate the two in the Chinese either. They are both just called platform.

[4] This is a way of calling them country bumpkins or those who haven't seen a lot of the amazing things in life.

[If you aren’t reading this on SilverNekoScanlations.home.blog, then please read it there since the website you are reading it on took it without permission. Also seeing more people visit my site gives me more motivation to translate ^^]


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Also to make the names easier to guess who's who and keep track would you guys like me to put their number in parenthesis after their name? (ex: Peng Shao (3)). For the people on Hui Shi peak, other than He Ling, Jun YanZhi, Liu QianMo, and Wen Jing.


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