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Chapter 76.2 - The long awaited bed scene

Thanks to Jessica C for the chapter 🎉🎉 (1/1)


“If you say ‘ji’, don’t say ‘ba’, that’s how the cultured folk speak.”

Tang Xiao: …….

Your dad is cultured!

AFter resting, they re-did the scene.

Everybody on set put down what they were doing and stared at Tang Xiao, waiting in anticipation for her to say the name again.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Tang Xiao said the name correctly.

But for some reason she saw disappointment in everyone’s eyes??

Tang Xiao had to change different outfits for her morning and afternoon scenes.

Night Changan really put a lot of effort into their costumes.

The female lead had more than eighty outfits, so even Tang Xiao twenty something outfits.

Previously, she was wearing a purple gown with cloud embroidery and now she was in a pale yellow palace outfit.

After she changed, she squatted behind the stage to watch the male lead act with Mu Cheng.

Director Li didn’t need to watch over them as they acted so he came over to talk to Tang Xiao.

“PA --” A loud sound sounded and instantly drew Tang Xiao’s attention.

On set, Mu Cheng was currently filming with the male lead and just then, it was Mu Cheng flipping a table.

“Go and watch, it’d be good for you to learn a thing or two.”

Tang Xiao leaned over to the screen and watched the two handsome men on the small screen.

Scene after scene, the people on site were addicted.

The fifth prince successfully pushed over the crown prince and this was their confrontation scene.

Mu Cheng was tragic looking and dishevelled as he sat on the ground of the palace hall.

“Royal brother, you’ve lost.” Song Changzheng looked impeccable, a stark contrast to Mu Cheng.

“Lost?” Mu Cheng mumbled, his eyes blurry.

In the next second, he lifted up his head and glared hatefully at Song Changzheng. “I would never lose! I’m the crown prince! The next emperor!”

Song Changzheng lookked at him indifferently, “Royal brother should really look at the situation right now. Your removal edict has already come down, you can take a look for yourself.”

Mu Cheng looked at the edict in disbelief and staggered, nearly falling to the ground before laughing out loud.

His fingers were shaking.

He’d schemed and plotted for five years, five years … and now he had nothing at all.

Song Changzheng took one last look at him before turning around to leave.

Behind him, Mu Cheng suddenly flipped the table over along with everything else on it.

The objects on the table fell and crashed, splattering and breaking everywhere.

He sat in the middle of the palace all by himself, lonely.

Tang Xiao looked at this Mu Cheng and she felt a pang in her heart.

She felt like his despair would be like a flood, and cover the whole world.

In the empty palace hall, this was where he would’ve began his path to ruling the kingdom, but it was now also the place where his crown prince path would end.

Huge rises but also huge dips, he was defeated.

“Cut!” The assistant director happily called for the end of the scene.

Tang Xiao appeared from the background and as if she’d experienced the life of the crown prince, her whole body was zapped of energy too.

She quickly hurried to support Mu CHeng.

Mu Cheng hadn’t completely pulled himself away from his character so he waved her hands at her to leave him along, “Go away.”

Tang Xiao: ….

“Sorry, I haven’t left my character yet.” Mu Cheng was incredibly tired.

Song Changzheng and Mu Cheng were both fantastic actors.

Previously, they’d worked with other actors who couldn’t keep up with them but it seemed like they were a great match for each other, neither would give in to the other.

This Mu Cheng, made her feel … shocked but she was also in awe.

As she supported Mu Cheng to the other side, she was also calming herself down.

Director Li explained the scene as he directed Tang Xiao.

Filming ended at 11pm.

When they returned to the hotel, Tang Xiao was so tired she was about to pass out.

Mu Jin had already set the film script and overview by her bedside as she put a face mask on Tang Xiao’s face.

Filming was more hectic now because they were rushing to catch up for all of the lost time before.

Tang Xiao had to leave at 7am and come home at 10pm or later, for ten days in a row.

When Tang Xiao was waiting for her scenes, she couldn’t help but fall asleep on her feet too.

She’d blurrily feel like she was leaning against something and when she woke up, she realised Mu Cheng was already sitting next to her.

“You’re awake?” Mu Cheng rubbed her forehead, “it seems like you have a bit of a fever.”

“En … I’ll get Mu Jin to buy me some medicine later.” Tang Xiao wiped away her snot before Mu Cheng passed her a tissue.


TL note:

gross snot

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