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As Yang Tian was about to pounce on the boar, he saw Li Xiang and Zhao Wu Xin standing nearby.  Li Xiang was exhausting his conversational abilities and made Zhao Wu Xin constantly smiled and chuckled.  Yang Tian didn't feel any jealousy however. He wasn't so bored as to be jealous of a dead man.

That being said, Yang Tian still approached them to try to throw a wrench into the cogwheel:

- Ah, instructor Zhao and Li Xiang. I didn't see you there.

Zhao Wu Xin saw Yang Tian and her face frozed for a bit before smiling and nodding:

- Yang Tian, I didn't know that you are also in this field trip.

- With Li Xiang so generously sponsoring, how could I resist a free trip?

Li Xiang knew that Yang Tian was being sarcastic but he still maintained his smile:

- It's nothing much. Students are the pillars of our nation. Me providing you guys with entertainment is just par for the course.

- That's right, we must thank you for organizing such a marvelous trip.

Zhao Wu Xin frowned. These two seemed very amicable yet she felt that were animosity between them. She was about to divert the conversation before Yang Tian quickly said:

- Li Xiang, I hope your plan succeeds. I am really looking forward to it.

As he said that, Yang Tian left. Zhao Wu Xin was still confused by the whole situation and turned to Li Xiang:

- You two know each other?

Li Xiang retracted his hateful gaze and nodded:

- We've met before but out relationship isn't very good. I'm pretty sure he despises me.

- I'm sure it's just a small misunderstanding. I think Yang Tian is a very nice person. He has helped me on numerous occasion.

- Is that so?

Hearing Zhao Wu Xin putting in good words for Yang Tian, the hatefulness inside Li Xiang grew stronger. As he thought about what was going to happen to Yang Tian in the near future, he became much more relaxed: "The more people that cared for you, the more joy I'll feel when I see you and them suffer".

Yang Tian was just trying to provoke Li Xiang to see what he'll do. If he couldn't contain himself then it will the best outcome. Yang Tian would use that excuse and take care him once and for all. It was a shame that guy was still able to hold back. Yang Tian would still have to wait for a little while longer.

As he walked by the table, Yang Tian conveniently took the entire roasted boar on the table and then returned to Mu Wu Han. He picked a place near where they sitting and laid out a big blanket. He then took out all the food, the eating utensils and then even the boar. After that, Yang Tian called everyone to join in on the feast.

At that moment, Mu Wu Han was bright red. She was looking down on the ground and tried to bear all the assault from her friends. Seeing Yang Tian returned, she felt that someone had just thrown a lifeline for her and yelled out:

- The food is here, let's eat.

Hearing that the food had arrived, the female students stopped teasing Mu Wu Han. After all, it was getting late and everyone was getting hungry. Seeing all the food laid out on the blanket, everyone cheered:

- Yang Tian, we didn't think that you'd do such a good job. You brought back all this food in such a short amount of time.

- This is great. Wu Han, look at this. If he's as good as he is now later on then you won't have to worry about being hungry.

- Woah, is this a whole roasted boar? How did you get this? I heard that this was made exclusively for the teachers.

Yang Tian didn't know anything about that but even if he did know, he wouldn't have cared. If anything happened, he would just let Li Xiang handle it.

- It's getting late, dig in everyone. The game is almost about to begin.

Everyone then focused on their food. Because of Yang Tian's presence, they were all trying to eat as ladylike as possible. Yang Tian, on the other hand, had no such inclination. After splitting the boar up and giving them their portion, Yang Tian crushed more than half of the boar. Under the women's surprised gazes, Yang Tian finished half the boar and then proceeded to devour the rest of the food.

One of the female student patted Mu Wu Han on the should and whispered:

- I take back what I said. Wu Han, you must think about this carefully. Look at how much he eats. After you guys get married, any money that you guys bring in, he'll eat it all.

Yang Tian, who was drinking some water, almost spat out everything. He only ate a little bit and they already said those things about him. If they knew about the thousand dollars meal that he ate before, who knows what they'll think.

After the meal, everyone was relaxing before another announcement rang out:

- Everyone gather at the main campfire, we will have drawing to see who pairs up with who.

Yang Tian looked at Mu Wu Han:

- Drawing?

- That's right. This is a chance for students to get to know each other. Did you think that we would get to pick our pair?

- Do you not want to go with me?

- I...

Seeing Mu Wu Han acted shyly and unable to answer, Yang Tian chuckled:

- Don't worry, we will definitely be matched together.

Mu Wu Han thought that Yang Tian was only sayin that. After all, many students do that. With so many people, picking the right name was not an easy task.

Her thinking wasn't wrong but that was only true for normal people. For someone with spiritual sense like Yang Tian, this was a walk in the park.

After waiting for Mu Wu Han to pick, Yang Tian asked:

- What number did you get?

Mu Wu Han looked down on the piece of paper in her hand:

- 93.

- Wait for me.

As he said that, Yang Tian approached the drawing box, pushing away anyone in his way. His spiritual sense honed in on the number 93 to no avail. It seemed someone had already gotten the number before him. Yang Tian's immediately covered every single student present and quickly found the person with number 93.

After picking a random number from the box, Yang Tian swapped for number 93 in a blink of an eye. He then returned next to Mu Wu Han:

- Look at this, I also have 93. We are truly fated.

Mu Wu Han saw the number in Yang Tian's hand and couldn't help but be surprised:

- How did you get it?

- I've told you once before, this is Heaven's will. You are destined to be my partner.

The word "partner" also have a double meaning. It could be partner in this game or a couple. This time Yang Tian was a bit wiser and he intentionally meant the second meaning. Mu Wu Han turned around, trying to hide her smile.

After the drawing was complete, each pair participated in the game. When it was about to be Yang Tian's and Mu Wu Han's turn, he turned to ask her:

- Are you afraid of ghost?

Mu Wu Han was a bit uncomfortable:

- A little bit.

- Let's do it like this, hold on to my hand. If anyone jumps out and scare you, you can then hold on to me. I'll give you some courage.

- Humph, you'd like that won't you.

Although Mu Wu Han was adamant at first, she couldn't get over her fears. Whenever someone popped out to scare them, she immediately embraced Yang Tian, burying her head in his chest. Of course Yang Tian took full advantage of this to enjoy having a beauty in his embrace. He even gave a thumbs up for the person pretending to be a ghost:

- Not bad, your acting is very good. You should be an actor in the future.

The "ghost" was taken aback. He was trying scare people and here was a guy giving him a thumbs up. However after seeing Mu Wu Han holding on to Yang Tian tightly, the brother finally understood and also gave Yang Tian a thumbs up.

The first part of the trail ended in Yang Tian's joy. Mu Wu Han had held on to him tighly from start to finish, not daring to opened her eyes. Yang Tian "lamented" that he couldn't resist her so the only thing he could do was to enjoy it. He held on to her tightly the entirety of the trail. At the end of the trail, they saw a cellar that had already been decorated and prepared beforehand. There were many pairs already waiting in front of it.

In front of the cellar was one of the "ghost" with an instruction sign:

- To continue on your journey, you must give the treasure to the guide. The treasure is hidden inside the haunted cellar.

Yang Tian signaled for Mu Wu Han to let him go and pointed to the cellar:

- How about it? Should we head down there?

Mu Wu Han looked around and saw many people hesitant about going down there. She was a bit more at ease with so many people here and shook her head:

- No need, you can just go down there and it yourself.

Yang Tian felt that it was a shame but agreed in the end:

- Fine, wait here for me.

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