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21 withMarius in the Bedroom.

‘Do I really have to take it off…but Julia’s clothes are still on?’

I looked at Marius who was trying to put up a modest resistance whileblushing to the maximum with extreme bashfulness. His features were sharp anddaunting, but his expression was like a puppy looking up at his owner withwatery eyes. The moe factor increased!

Even though he is older than me by ten years, it did not feel like I was withan older man. How cute…I wanted to bully him more. (Zuben: So this S&M business...)

After some silence, I decided to take off my shoes. I bent over and grabbedthe heels of my shoes and took them off. I rose and put my hands on my waistwith a self satisfied smile on my face. (Zuben: This isn’t strip poker)

‘I’ve taken something off. The next one is you.’

Marius looked like he wanted to protest but he seemed to decide against it.He made a face as though he gave up and whipped off his trousers. The lowerhalf of his body appeared. The muscles of his thighs are tight and larger thanI would have imagined from his trousers. They stretched down his body for along time. His body was like a statue, I took it all in like I was starving.The mass between his legs had regained form. It insisted on making itsexistence known through the thin cloth of his underwear.

I have seen his thing twice, but when it was concealed like this thecontents are inevitable and the way things have gone, I was interested in whathappened after he had reached once.

‘Now it’s your turn…’

Hic! That’s right. If I do not take anything off Marius would not take offhis. But if I should take my dress off all that will be left are my thinpanties. And since we were drenched with rain, everything would be seen throughlike this dress. What should I do?

After some thought, I realised the undies would have to go. Even if I takeit off, my things would not be readily visible through my dress. But then Ipulled my dress up to take my thin scant panties down, Marius shouted,

‘Wait! Julia, are you taking that off? Alright, wait a moment, my mind is notready. Just let me take a deep breath to prepare…’ (Zuben: How could you not guess this guy is a virgin?)

He put his hands up to cover his face. I could see he was even more brightred. He was clearly agitated, but this was Marius someone who had abundantexperience with women, yet he looked like he was very happy the moment he realised he wasgoing to see me naked. But his heated gaze was as though he wanted to devourme.

Wait! Isn’t it a little embarrassing to say things like “let me prepare myheart; do it slowly”? Even with Muriel, I suppose this must be because it wasthe secret part of a maiden he has never seen. Although I was trying not thinkabout it deeply, he would see it while I was taking my panties off wouldn’t he?

‘Right preparations are done. You can take it off now.’

Marius was looking at me with his smouldering gaze as usual without lookingelsewhere even for a moment. I also got lost in them for a while, but then made upmy mind. The sight of us must be very strange.

A blonde girl whose hands were hanging on her panties, her rain drencheddress opened with her breasts hanging out and her dress riding up. And beforeher, was a beautiful man wearing only his underwear and a damp shirt clinging tohis muscles. Moreover, the thing in his pants had expanded to its limits andwas standing up creating a tent in his pants.

I slowly pulled down my panties, and I noticed something unusual. When Ipulled down my underwear mid thigh, I realised what I had assumed was mypanties being wet with rain was not just that. I saw a clear viscous fluiddrawn from my secret part to my panties. In addition the fluid was drippingdown my leg now that my panties were no longer holding it up. At once, I wasfilled with shameful embarrassment, my face turned red. The idea that Mariuswould have possibly noticed came to mind, I turned away from him in shame. Mytension and shame filled my head and my eyes filled with tears. This is the firsttime that I had ever cried out of embarrassment. What was this?! I am soembarrassed. It was like evidence of a period. How long ago did I reach? Did herealise I had gotten so wet? Marius must think I am a lewd woman. What should Ido?! (Zuben: What would 007 do? Jump on the dude!)


I chewed on my bottom lip and pushed down my body; the love juice wassecreted and it flowed to my undies down my thigh, I could feel it running downmy skin. If I took my undies off would it run down to my ankle? Marius woulddefinitely know.

I didn’t know what to do, so I was stuck with my undies half way down mylegs. Marius came close and held my shoulders, (Zuben: Girl you be wastingtime)

‘Are you alright? Is something wrong?’

I was too embarrassed to let him see my face. Marius looked at me andremained silent, then he gently carried me and tossed me on the bed, and rippedoff my panties,

‘No!’ I cried out in a strange voice. Marius parted my legs forcibly andstared. His understanding could not catch up with the sight,

‘How amazing! You’re so wet…and it is still flowing out like it won’tstop…’

‘Don’t look it me, Marius! Don’t!’

He grabbed my ankles and parted them widely as he gazed and my secret partexcitedly. Perhaps what he said was true, I could feel the warm liquidtrickling out continuously from inside. With Marius just looking at me, theliquid was overflowing down my bum and wetting the sheet.

‘You smell so sweet, Julia. Your place is pink and cutely shaped, it looksso inviting. What would it taste like if I lick it?’

‘No, don’t lick – hya~!’

Suddenly Marius was sinking his head between my legs and I could feel awarm fever crawling around my folds. Marius’ warm breath was sprayed directlyagainst my thigh, the pleasure mounted. Rather than being embarrassed that Iwas being licked in my secret place, a sensation seeped from the centre of mybody that has not tasted this kind of pleasure before. I began to pant and mymuscles tensed as though waiting for something.

Marius licked me everywhere, inviting more love juice, sometimes licking itsometimes drinking it. An obscene sound echoed over the rain in the bedroom.The feeling of immorality and shame increased further. (Zuben: My dear I thinkthat ship has sailed a long time ago)

‘Julia, do you feel good? Your love juice is overflowing; I think I’m goingto drown in it. I would never have imagined you tasted so sweet likethis…Julia…’

‘Ya~ it's embarrassing! Don’t say it!’ (Zuben: Can dish it out but can’t takeit, tut tut)

As Marius’ merciless tongue and lips attacked me, I could sense my coregetting paralysed gradually. The pleasure pushed up my back like electricity,and I let myself sink into the whirlpools of pleasure that pounded me like waves,I moaned loudly. I could not suppress my hips from bouncing naturally as thepleasure pierced through my head. I realised tears had come from my eyes andfell down the edges.

I was panting. I couldn’t think after the culmination of my first ecstasy.I was immersed in the reverberation of pleasure. Suddenly Marius’s face wasin front of mine. He was smiling and looking at me with gentle eyes,

‘Are you alright? Did you feel good?’ he asked. But he did not wait for myreply before he opened my dress wide and kissed my full breasts till thenipples were red, and left rose petals all over my pale skin. He left gentlekisses on the soft bulges as though something important he loved. His softkisses trailed down my skin. Soon I was soaked in a pleasant sensation likecotton candy, my head and body became fluffy as though I was floating on acloud. Before I realised it, Marius had taken off his underwear and his hothard thing was pressed against my wet core.

22 Marius inthe Bedroom

‘No! Don’t put it in!’ I protested and pushed him off. He had been tryingto enter me as I thought. But he had such a lonesome expression and he pouted,

‘Julia…please…I want to be inside you. I want you to be mine. I don’t careabout anything else. I just want you. I don’t need anyone else.’

I wondered why he spoke as though he really loved me.  I could not bear it if he was acting and planningon betraying me again. Did Henry really love me or did he just want to hurt me?(Zuben: What is love? Baby don’t hurt me no more)

I looked at him; his breathing was intense and his gaze was deep. Even if Iobserved and analysed, I could not find an answer. I did not understand what hewas thinking at all.

‘No.  Are you going to marry Murielor Isabel? Because this isn’t right. We lost our heads because of the rain.We’re making a mistake. Let’s just forget about this, you’re to pick a bride intwo months, you should not be dallying with another woman.’

‘Dallying? No, I’m not dallying. As for Muriel, I have received a formalletter of withdrawal from candidacy. She refused to marry me.’

‘Really? But even so, there is still Isabel.’

‘I know, but I will make sure she drops out too. Julia, I want you to bemine…love me.’ (Zuben: Love me love me. Say that you love me)

It was hard to know how to react to Marius’ serious expression. Perhaps…hedid love me. This filled my chest with warmth. If he says that he truly lovesme, then I can trust his thoughts. (Zuben: playing romantic violins)

‘Hey Marius, Duke Magnaria, do you love me?’

Marius looked at my thoughtfully. Then it looked as though a conclusionappeared in his mind, because he looked hot again. He put his fingers throughmy wet hair and ran them through as he said,

‘To be truthful, I do not know what love is. All I know is that, I can’thold any other woman but you. You’re the only one I want to hold like this fromthe bottom of my heart.’

(Zuben: record scratch)

I was confused by the answer, my feeling of elation dropped like a leadballoon. If this was the case, the Duke only loved my body. He does not knowwhy, but he is obsessed with me because he can touch any other woman but me.

‘This is far from a confession of love; it just sounds like all you want todo is sleep with me.’

Suddenly the Duke expression changed, and he pushed me down and lay over meso his face was close to mine. He was raised on his elbows. His wet hair fellforward and rain water dropped onto me.

‘That is wrong. There really is no one but you. You have to believe me,Julia.’

‘Isn’t that what a two timing man always says. How can I trust you?’ I saidturning away from him.

‘It is true that Muriel has declined to be my bride. It was because I triedto touch her breast but then felt sick and threw up on her.’

I looked at him. What a nerve touching other women while looking for mylove?

‘You touched Muriel’s breast, not just mine! What sort of person are you?’

His face flushed as he protested, ‘I just wanted to know! I wantedexperiment to see if I could do it or it was only Julia. I only touched her alittle. But all I know is I only want to do this kind of thing with Julia.’

‘So you asked to touch her and you threw up, but that isn’t a good reasonto drop out.’

‘Well…there was more…’

Muriel became rather distraught about the vomit on her, so she raced to thebathroom and washed for two hours. But then, she returned and tried to seducethe duke, naked. Henry took one look at her and was hit by his hyperventilationsyndrome. Seeing the duke suddenly breathing strangely and turning blue, Murielcalled for help forgetting she was naked. Of course, this brought witnesses tosee Muriel naked on top of the clothed Duke. Imagining Muriel’s feelings at thetime, I felt a little sorry for her but I had suspected from that this uprightlady of society was just a mask Muriel put on. Once there was a promising manin the vicinity, she would pull out her weapons.

But I said, ‘Do you think I would trust that crap? It isn’t possible thatMuriel, a famous upright lady of society, would attack a gentleman - naked. I’mnot going to be a tool to treat your spirit. Please do not look down on mebecause I am a poor viscount’s daughter.’

He may be telling the truth, but as I wanted him to love me, I was alsogetting angry with him for not saying it out loud. I wanted to know that heloved me. (Zuben: Someone is greedy)

Even if he says that he did just want to hold me just because I was theonly one he could; all of this was just sex! I wonder why he would not whispersweet nothings of love! I will make him say he love me. (Zuben: Very littlehappens how one imagines it)

‘That is not true, I do… cherish you,…Julia.’

Although, it was not an absolute declaration of love, he blushed and turnedaway. The Duke had said it with the most embarrassed expression. I lost mypatience. I held his face him my hands and forced him to look at me and I tookhis surprised gasp in a kiss. I penetrated his mouth with my tongue and violatedhim. I traced his mouth and teeth with my tongue and entangled each other’ssaliva.

I slowly release his lips and a thread of saliva with high viscosity hungbetween us. (Zuben: You would think I would tire of ruining your enjoyment ofthe sexy times to say "Oh Japan", nope nope I don’t.)

He moaned as he leaned back. I pinched around the waist of the Duke betweenhis legs and he half turned.  As soon ashe turned, I climbed on top of him. I lifted my dress, sat where I wanted tobe, and covered us with my dress. I sat on the duke’s hard penis with my wetpussy directly on him.

I put my weight on it so he would not enter me by chance and began to movepressing myself against the Duke’s hardened length. Both my hands were bracedon his abdominal muscles so my cleavage was emphasised as they were sandwichedbetween my arms. As I swayed back and forth, my breasts swayed greatly and theirvibrations were transmitted down my navel.

Everytime I pushed forward, my sensitive bud hit the recess of Henry’sthing; I felt really good too. Still, after rubbing him for a little while Istopped and looked down at Henry and asked arrogantly,

‘Henry, Duke of Magnaria, do you love me?’

Marius stared at me, his beautiful dark eyes watery from pent up pleasure,

‘Ah~…I love you. Oh Julia…please, I can’t stand it any longer.’ His said ina small voice. His usual tenor was trembling.

‘No, say it properly.’ I rejected his half-hearted confession rudely.Marius’ thing trembled against me for a moment then calmed.

‘Ha~ Ha~ I…Julia ha~ I love you.’

‘This is your last chance, if you don’t say it properly, I will go home andI will never see you again.’ I said as I licked my finger and used the wet digitto tease the hardened protrusions on his chest. I made it wet with my salivaand traced circles around the tiny nipple. His chest twitched and his facedistorted with pleasure. I desperately wanted him to tell me he loved me by anymeans,

‘Julia…I…the Duke of Magnaria loves you, Julia.’

I was very happy so I gave him a smile of pleasure and I resumed rockingback and forth. If anything, I was pursuing my own pleasure, but Marius; seemedto be getting the highest pleasure than expected. He was more excited andinflamed than usual. He put his hands on my waist and stared at me hotly. Hekept calling my name over and over like he had lost his mind.

‘Julia! Julia! I love you. I love you, Julia!’

My love juice flowed abundantly from the intense pleasure, soaking theDuke’s manhood. Our fluids mixed and the sounds of our joining filled the room.With that the pleasure mounted, and I began to feel uplifted to the extent thatI could not understand,

‘Ha~ Ha~ It feels so good! Ah~’

『Guchi~ya guchi ~yuji ~yubo~』

‘Julia…I love you…Julia!’

His cock began to throb greatly as I reached my peak of pleasure and weclimaxed at the same time,

‘Hi ~ya~a~a~an! A a n!!’

‘Julia…I’m coming. Ahn~’

I collapsed onto Marius’ hard chest panting heavily. The hard pectoralshurt my cheek. My head rose up and down with his rapid rate of breathing. Ididn’t know if it was rain or sweat but his skin stuck to mine where wetouched.

I tugged on his wet shirt demanding a hug, Henry seemed read my mind and hebrought both his arms around me and hugged me gently. I relaxed and closed myeyes cocooned between Henry’s arms and his hard chest. I certainly felt hislove in this moment as the sound of the heavy rain pounded against the windowso loudly that even the beating of our hearts could not be heard.

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