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Part 1


Only three day has passed since Isagi rode on the ship that was moved by magic energy and now he already arrived at Suraosha continent.
The distance between the two continent was this close. Stopping adventurer to goes toward the dark continent would be quite troublesome if the things were like this.

Fortunately the present condition was not a war between country,
but just the demon race versus adventurers.

Let's made an example , If someone destroyed all of the ship in this harbour.
By doing such sabotage, the demon race will raised more resentment from the human race.
And so if the things reached the critical point, it could start a war.

If the current balance was destroyed, the situation would developed to an all out war between human race and demon race.
Before something like that happened, Isagi had to stop this war no matter what happened.
That was why Isagi go to the Suraosha continent.

[ ... eh, you ]

Zed walked toward Isagi who stood at the deck .
The ship already prepared to enter the port.
Isagi turned his back toward Zed who seems like wanted to exchange the word of farewell.

All of his body, now was covered in black cloth.
It was one set of mantle that Isagi bought from a peddler inside the ship.

Furthermore above his eyepatch, he was wore a mask that made one would avert their eyes.
That mask that seems like made from a metal with good luster, shaped like a bird of prey.

[ ... What the heck with, that ?]
[ It's a mask]
[ No, I understand just by looking though ]
[ ... ... ]

Isagi slowly put his hand on the mask and then answered Zed question .

[ From today onward, I will live like a shadow.
This is the mask of my resolution .
I will never showed my true face to everyone again, something like that ]

He already put the letter that he received from Dyutyu in his bag and put it in great care.

Also for answering her feeling, Isagi made this determination .

Zed lost his word.
Surely Zed was trembling, seeing Isagi's determination right in front of his face.
Or so that was what Isagi thought.

But Zed, somehow, with a face that was trying to bear a headache looked at Isagi .

[ ... I don't know what happened with your village you know, but ]
[ Aah, that's right. I forgot ]

As soon as Zed called him "you" Isagi realized .
Isagi put his hand on his chest.

[ I thrown away my name.
From now on, call me as, Mister Last Resort ]
[ Ah, yeah ... ... ]

Zed step back slightly .
Isagi sure that Zed was being overpowered by aura that he emit.
So this was the power of the man that made  determination of his live, so Isagi thought.

All of this time, Isagi felt that himself was naive.
Throwing away something, would become a power in another shape, he just realized that.

Carefully, just like he was about to touch a frail glass.
Zed tried to persuade Isagi --- A k a Mister Last Resort.

[ Umm , I don't know what in the world happened with Mister Last Resort's hometown,
but probably, going around with that get up will make you become more standing out.
I hope you rethink your thought ]
[ ... ... ]
[ Seriously, I am not joking. I hope, you really reconsider it ]

Isagi thought Zed was a calm and collected man, but now he's looking flustered.
It seems that he really didn't joking.

Isagi was about to protest to him about his advice.
But, Isagi cannot become too arrogance over this matter.
Mister Last Resort had to always act in modesty.
That advice, Isagi decided to consider it.

[ Let's me confirm this]
[ Um, Yeah. Seriously, I hope you do so ]

Isagi --- aka Mister Last Resort recite his aria.
He using black magic to create a mirror of ice.
Using that ice like a hand mirror, he looked over his appearance in several angle.

Hmmm .

Hmmmmm .

... yep .

Isagi come back to his senses.
He felt like his worldview become more vast than before.
He finally able to judge his own appearance objectively.

This is nope.
Not good.
Absolutely, not good.

It was not on the level of hurt to be seen .
He already crossed the line.
He had gone to far.

[ ... ]
[ ... ]

To think that he tried to venture outside in this appearance.
This fact totally would become a dark history of his live.

Isagi become too moved after reading Dyutyu's letter, and now he lost the sight of himself.
He got too motivated.

Around the time when he thought of this idea, he certainly thought that this appearance was cool .
But now, why .
Why did he felt like this .

... This was, let's just said that he got disillusioned for a moment there.
He became like a preschooler that was too excited on the first time school trip.

Mister Last Resort who finally able to return back to his sense, took the mask on his face and throw it toward the sea.
The mask created a voice of a thing that slowly went to the bottom of the sea.

[ Forget about it ]
[ ... Aah ]
[ Mister Last Resort is die ]
[ ... ]

Zed just nodded his head without saying anything more.
What an adult.
He was a good guy.
And then Isagi quickly realized.

He felt that his face was hot.
For some reason, the deep of his eyes felt hot.
Then he pressed down a feeling of wanting to shout out loud.
Isagi felt unbearable shame.
He wanted to re dye his coat right now, right this moment.
Though perhaps all of that already too late.

Unexpected to his inner turmoil,
Zed scratching the tip of his nose and said.

[ Well, let's meet again if we have chance.
MIster , Last Resort]
[ Please . Call me Isagi ]
[ Now, Mister ~ ]
[ I am at fault here ]

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