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The long blade passed over gently and swiftly, in the top of the heads of five melt god cavalries took off over 1 million injury figures, this was also too terrifying, the arrogant space warfare emperor roared is launching the attack, leading one group of Ao Tianzu senior general to strangle to death with the player rapidly in the same place.

Even, One Second Hero, Yue Qing Qian and other [Zhan Long] players also under the skill ray of arrogant space warfare emperor affects is killed, thousand player less than a half hour remaining is less than more than 10,000 people.


Burnt the fierce flame to flee the butterfly sword, I turned around on such as the arrow has fired into the arrogant space warfare emperor, the long sword belt dozens meters ray was sweeping away!


Actually chops on his hilt, splutters dazzling Mars.

He looked at my one eyes, discovers the badge on my arm, cannot bear sneer: „Are you three services of day of plume empire command Li Xiao Yao? It looks like the strength is also mediocre, depending on your this type of sediment also wants with Ao Tianzu to be the enemy? When simply praying mantis arm car(riage)!"

I have not replied, [Blade Rush] breaks through his defense suddenly, double sword Cijan gets up together, the golden light shoots up to the sky together, rides the wind to cut strangles to death rapidly on the flame armor of arrogant space warfare emperor!

„Bang bang bang"

In fierce fulmination sound, the steel and iron of armor chest had chaps, I can relaxed broken guard, and BOSS blood strip can also see somewhat reduced, this arrogant space warfare emperor is not considered as that any peerless powerhouse, even selects strength possibly might as well Sif, only that rank, the fearfulness on fearful was too strong in his army, exceeds in the Hybrid Demon army by far.

„Go away!"

He lifts starts to sweep away on me, in fierce shivering, I draw back dozens meters continually, a waist burning ache.

It is not good, my body does not have overlord rebirth BUFF, Shan Tiao definitely not to hit, but the surrounding player are getting fewer and fewer, short was less than several minutes, thousand person shrinks to once more having about 5000 people.

The distant place, Q-Sword shouts loudly: Xiao Yao, we a bit faster run away, the northern entrance had driven out by Frost, the uncle has been directing the NPC army to retreat, Cooldown is precious, we a bit faster walk, otherwise could not leave!"


But arrogant space warfare emperor is raising long blade horizontally in the front, a face proudly happy expression: „Also wants to walk? Your these ants must die today completely here, quack the heavy cavalry, attacks!"

The distant place hears bang the hoofbeat, at least over ten thousand beast cavalry soldiers have killed, Movement Speed of beast cavalry soldier is quick, indeed, our ground branch of the services could not leave.


I shout one, turned around is sword broken landscape, the bang has broken to pieces the ground, was mixing with the rain water and soil flies the innumerable dust, keeping one group of beast cavalry soldiers from leading the way, but in the ground, Matcha, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han three people cleared the way, leading some people of being a rear survival to break through toward the north.

The soaring in the sky, the bird's eye view earth, actually the discovery in all directions is Ao Tianzu the army, at least the 200 000 army is closing up, approximately is also because such Yan Zhao Warrior can bring the NPC army to retreat, but we also remaining players can have several to live to clash to be difficult saying that even many god level player also 11 died in battle.

Dives, brandishes the double sword to continue to cut to kill, clears the way for the player.

The rain water and bloody water are soaking the battle dress, I mechanical am wielding the both arms, cuts off the pate blood vessel of Ao Tianzu brave warrior, shields retreating of ground player by this, but can only look helplessly players were overtaken, then by cruel killing, the rain water was blurred the field of vision, our prices too were also big.

Dashes about wildly, heavy rain ceasing gradually, the distant place, large quantities of NPC armies removed the territory of great power plume empire, the backdrop about several hundred meters length appears again at present.

„Finally arrived"

The Lin Wan Er corners of the mouth show gratified smiling face.

But behind actually only remaining is less than 1000 players, we come time, but enormous and powerful thousand army!

Fang Ge Que is raising staff, bringing Enchanted Painting and other group of [Legend] players to crash in the backdrop, said loudly: Xiao Yao, hurry up, backdrop must close quickly, we shield!"


I rode the war shortly am player have passed through the backdrop, to the safe place, basically is motion speed quick riding that escaped fights the department, as for assassin, archer and others, god level player who only if can fly, otherwise the majority has been buried in Ao Tianzu military compound plate, even we can come out 1000 people are lucky.

„", I have passed through the barrier, at present one bright, here unexpectedly is hot, the distant place, the shallow forest led the whole body of ministers to welcome: „Li Master, are you all right?"

I have ashamed: „Your majesty, I lost!"

The shallow forest is stunned: „I know the fault of this non- Li Master, does not need extremely in rebuking oneself!"

At this time, Han Yuan, Jing Yin and other military officers also progressed to come, even Jing Yin the eyes were red, saw my tears billowingly, said: „Also thinks that could not see your highness again"

The disastrous defeat escapes, feeling that one group of people could not say.

Airborne, Frost falls slowly, a pair of wonderful item visits me, said: „Can live is coming back well then"

I: Frost, have you heard Ao Tianzu?"

„Um." She nods leisurely: „Ao Tianzu was antiquity alien race, originally population only then several thousands, but the strength was very big, even was dreaded by the god demon, therefore the wartime of various god had a Deva army to try to eradicate Ao Tianzu, have not actually thought that Ao Tianzu escaped, several thousand years later unexpectedly had such scale, was too fearful"

The shallow forest hears also to stare, said: „Sir Frost, can you be able to compete with Ao Tianzu?"

„Ao Tianzu has supported the soldier now 1 million, a non- person of energy enemy" Frost min the red lip, said: „Your majesty, builds the fortress imperial enemy here, so long as there is an enough heavy artillery firepower, Ao Tianzu is hard to run out from here, the empire must send to guard with large army here, I will also leave behind 100 Dragon Rider gentlemen to assist you."

„Many thanks you, frost Sir!" The shallow forest is reverent.

At this time, behind the body an intermittent roaring sound, was the beast cavalry soldier came, the backdrop reduced, only then about 100 meters width, but dozens beast cavalry soldiers as if want to open the appearance of backdrop with the body.

„Courts death!"

Frost plunders, but leaving shape already beyond hundred meters, cuts the Chinese sword to be rapid the sheath, having the strength of stars to sweep away, immediately „" a bang, the dozens beast cavalry soldier neat falling to the ground backlash , the blood spatters in all directions, unexpectedly cut in half.

, The combat tank of arrogant space warfare emperor also arrived by far, is away from backdrop getting smaller to look at Frost, sneers saying: „Has not thought that the world of human beings also has the superior god of control level unexpectedly, is waiting for me, sooner or later ultimately must a war!"

Frost sound also very ice-cold: „Ao Tianzu rolls up in the universe crack Xu can also survive once in a while, if you dare to step into the world of human beings, that just wait, I will make you change several thousand people of races!"

„Extremely arrogant!"

The arrogant space warfare emperor is roaring.

But the backdrop vanishes suddenly, the front no longer had the human, is only a piece of nihility space.

Yan Zhao Warrior sighed, breathed a sigh of relief, said: „Finally finished"

Drunken Spear said with a smile: „Perhaps just started?"

Fang Ge Que said: „Um, truly just started."

I asked: „Uncle, how many people do we run away?"

„Palace guard preserved thousand person, the vault of heaven armed forces has preserved thousand, other appearance that are not many, went to battle with thousand army who the remaining thousand people have not arrived at now."

„I go, buckle most"

„That is"

I sighed leisurely, turn around to say to shallow Lin: „Your majesty, this is my mistake, please punish."

The shallow forest holds my arm, said: „Li Master, where words you spoke, was lucky that this time encircles the fight of righteousness pledge to direct by you, trades to make others' words, I was worried very much thousand army will not have the life also Ao Tianzu the emergence is really the different number, no wonder you, no wonder our anybody, Li Master does not need to rebuke oneself."

„Um, many thanks your majesty."

The people pull out City Return Scroll, returns to Tian Ling Empire to rest well.

Three days later.

Tian Ling Empire gathered the strength of nation has completed named outside the Xishan backdrop „town day pass" the fort, has moved into the near thousand crack troops, in the fort provides over 2000 heavy artilleries, day and night guards.

Everyone knows, once new edition clears, Ao Tianzu will certainly kill, early prepares is not the misdemeanor.

But I also received duty notice, next day starts from Nanjing, flies to the southwest border to carry out the KILLS task, therefore Lin Tiannan invited me and old man, Dong Cheng Yue, Wolf in the evening and other group of people attended the family reunion banquet, displayed three tables of liquor in oneself, duty before me everybody well poly one gathered.

Around 4 : 00 pm time Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue on offline, have made me also with a sense of urgency go out together afterward.

When I go out, beautiful shadow of two female in courtyard long was being entrained by the setting sun but actually, today the appearance very leisures of two people, unexpectedly are bringing the hat, seems previous time goes to the night market to window-shop buys.

„Walks, otherwise was late." Wan Er goes forward to hold my hand, said with a smile: „Tomorrow must go to Nanjing, tonight accompanying well we"

„Um, should." I am holding her hand, said: „After I walked, the matter in game looked how you handle Ao Tianzu sooner or later to leave the foreign country to enter the Tian Ling Empire territory, when the time comes I not necessarily have Cooldown to get online in the army."

Lin Wan Er walks arm in arm in my arms, dug the small mouth saying: „You must get online as far as possible, or calls me, what to do otherwise I think you, is right?"

„Relax, my meeting."

Nearby, Dong Cheng Yue wears the dark blue small western-style clothing, looks like has a flavor, some long hair volumes, corners of the mouth says with a smile slightly: „Do not look!"


A4 skices the Lin Wan Er family, her family in suburb, but is one set of villa group building, very luxurious rich, after is the Tian Xin Corporation chairman, did not have money not to make sense.

When we arrive, Matcha, small wolf, old K, Fox as well as old men arrived, what a pity Meng Yao still attended class in the school in Xiamen, therefore could not catch up.

Xiao Yao elder brother!" Small wolf distant greeting.

I walk to go forward to hug his shoulder, Ha Ha said with a smile: „The Xiao Yao elder brother must go to the border to carry out the task tomorrow, does not know when next time can meet again!"

The small wolf touches the nose, said: „Then drinks a happiness on tonight, drunk Fang Xiu!"

„Um, good!"

In the hall in middle villa, has suspended three tables, various delicacy delicacies started the table, not only Dong Cheng Feng, Lin Tiannan and old man three people were chatting, the one side sits a person of wear military uniform, yes **, he same was the major general, did not lower compared with me, but I was responsible for the direct execution duty, he was responsible for the rear direction.

After everybody sits down one after another, Lin Tiannan opened two bottles of nice wines, after making the servant to the people on full, asks me: Xiao Yao, you must embark to carry out the task tomorrow, did the matter in game decide?"

„Basically decided."

„Heard that several days ago, you experienced a disastrous defeat"

I am shameless one red: „That said that is a little ashamed, has suffered a loss in one group of NPC, how the father you knows, news very quick?"

Lin Tiannan laughs: „My daughter is also the [Zhan Long] Guild person, how I can not know"

„, Is dense that Wan Er this young spy considers" I laughed in spite of trying not.

Wan Er beautiful eye one horizontal, said: „Defeat is defeated, does not have anything, the father knows that knows, said again, the following matter you do not manage, snort, but also passes to me the [Zhan Long] Guildmaster position, making my pressure big!"

I carry the wine class, said: „I believe your ability"

Dong Cheng Yue blinked, said: „After 24 hours, clears new edition 【Ao Tian finishes an apprenticeship】 The edition, it is said does not turn over to the sea the map to brush juts out several islands, Ao Tianzu the army direct transmission to several islands , will then launch the attack to the surrounding human city!"

I nod: „Um, these time solely is not the Chinese area must face Ao Tianzu the challenge, the the German of American as well as eastern chain islands in Indian and North Sea city in seven luminaries city and others must accept Ao Tianzu the provocation, is very definitely lively, what a pity I did not have no Cooldown to get online, you must refuel well, hopes after several months came back, you can exceed me!"

Dong Cheng Yue throws smiles: „Must say that Matcha and Wan Er can exceed you, this we believe that but must say that the small wolf and Old K and Fox can exceed you, this is I cannot believe absolutely!"

Old K gets flushed in the face with anger: „I go, did the East city beautiful women your this also look down upon our elder brother several?"

The small wolf touches the nose: „Others speak the truth, the Xiao Yao elder brother's operation strength is placed there, let alone three months, old K gave you three years you unable to surmount, how otherwise saying that the Xiao Yao elder brother became engaged, your girlfriends did not have"

Dong Cheng Feng and Lin Tiannan laugh.

The liquor over three patrol, everybody drank a little high.

Lin Tiannan sits by me, deep looked at my one eyes, said: „You go to the border, can definitely breed to think of the human with the A level and S level to encounter directly, has confidence?"

I deeply inspire: „Before only then dozens brothers I did not fear them, what now goes to the border was a reorganizing military strength of division, about ten thousand people, I naturally did not fear."

Lin Tiannan laughs: „Um, wants is these words, you give me to probably coming back of entire tail, the wound unable to injure, my daughter still , etc. you came back in Hangzhou!"

„Um, certain meeting!"

In the evening, the murky return dwelling, must leave Hangzhou early tomorrow morning, said that is really some have not abandoned, after all I have not gone far for a long time was too long, three months, in these three months of arid barrack lives will miss the present life.

„Toot toot"

The cell phone ring tone resounds, is Ouyang Nuoyan number.

„Hey, Xiao Yao in?"

„Um, Ouyang has the matter?"

„Yes, three days later the rebirth plan formally started, Dong Cheng Lei and Shen Bing memory rebirth system is very smooth, these two characters will reactivate, remould the self-awareness, do you have free time to get online have a look?"

„Possibly is a little difficult, I must carry out the task."

„Um, tells you one, when you have free time, got online to find them."

„Good, thank you Ouyang."

„Is impolite, hangs, sleeps!"


After hanging the power failure words, has mixed emotions, I think that I will not see the Shen Bing appearance, could not hear her sound again, but should have the opportunity now.

Next day.

Nanjing military sub-region.

The genial wind is swaying two female long hair, they must deliver me to carry out the task, does not have the means that stubborn.

The engine of distant place fighter aircraft is thundering, Xing Lie, axe and other high-ranking officer brand-new military uniform, about 40 + people have been ready and waiting in the drill ground.

„Boss, should!" Xing Lie said in the distant place: „Sister-in-law, relax, we will take care of the good boss, does not need to be worried, ha"

Wan Er cheek one red, looks up me: „Earlier comes back!"

I nod: „Certainly as far as possible early, the completion duty of my quickest speed, will fly back to side you."


She opens the arm to hug me, stands on tiptoes to start with me to kiss in the same place, immediately behind hears that crowd of soul pale whistling sounds and bravos, these fellows also anxioused to stir up trouble.

Later, Wan Er pair of bright eyes visit me spookily, pursed the lips saying: „Said it and meant it, must come back earlier, I with East city in you."


Charming that nearby Dong Cheng Yue could not say, she visits me dull, wants to come up to hug, was actually afraid to my influence is not good, after all here was the military compound, was serious.

I have not managed that many, an arm, said with a smile: „East city, I must walk, doesn't hold?"

The Dong Cheng Yue tender body trembles, eye covers mist, throwing of not saying a word my arms, when she leaves, my shoulder got wet a big piece by her tears.

She did not say a word, static backlash several steps, visit me there.

Xing Lie, axe and the others are one cheers with the whistle.

I nod smile: Wan Er, East city, do I walk?"

„Um, earlier comes back."


Turns around, enters the team sequence.

Immediately in the field-grade officer visits me, said in a low voice: „Comrade Li Xiao Yao, you have violated the army regulation and military discipline, do you know?"

I stared his one eyes maliciously: „This division I decides, do not speak the last words these idle talk with me."

He in consternation.

Certainly must go back to calumniate somebody to superiors.

In in the army, aspects cautious were too many, I also know that on me has with the shortcoming that it is incompatible.

But I do not change, hey!

Three days later, a Hehuatang, the autumn wind sways, intermittent delicate fragrance.

„Faint trace"

A piece of giant lotus petal opens slowly, sees only above the stamen and pistil to lie down unexpectedly a beautiful young girl, the whole body, long has opened the eye, looks at the surrounding world.

Sees only suddenly, she entrained several pieces of lotuses to block the chest and lower part of the body position randomly, a face alert looks at the surroundings.

In the mouth muttered: „Which this especially is, the clothes of old lady is who gave to escape? I direct on online did not appear, Li Youngster person? Well which soul pale listed to delete up my good friend?! Irritated me, I must sue! How well I entered [Zhan Long] to list, how, did the elder sister enter the [Zhan Long] palace?"

The lonesome and quiet morning, a news sends out in the [Zhan Long] Guild public channel

Players 【Chalk face】( [Zhan Long] palace member): „Hey, has the human?"

( Book finally)

New book «Builds up God Domain» started to renew, this is one [Zhan Long] companion volume, the book number 1075763, at present are the new book list first, hopes that everybody likes! Please register a 17 K account number, the collection, and with the account number debarkation condition looked that «Builds up God Domain», the new domain, the new magnificence, we cast together!

Clip clop!

[Zhan Long] did not write the words expressing feelings, because, also had beyond, hey!

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