Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 62: She Did Something Stupid

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"Roar?" The zombie leader flew back confusedly. Lin Qiao looked skinny, and could only run on the ground even when escaping, So, the zombie leader assumed that her kick wouldn't be as strong as its own kicks. Therefore, it took her kick carelessly, but then found that it wasn't like what it thought

As a result, it was sent flying away. 

Lin Qiao always knew that she had a great strength, but she didn't think that she could kick the zombie leader to such a long distance away; so, she paused shortly in shock as well. But in the next second, she rushed toward the flying zombie leader at a higher speed while raising both hands to slice its head. 

"Roar!" The zombie leader had sensed the danger as it hurriedly flipped backward in the air, dodging her claws. After landing on the ground, it roared at her angrily, then thrust its legs against the ground and pounced on her, who was still in midair. A series of ice blades were released from its palms, flying at Lin Qiao from all directions. 

Seeing those ice blades, Lin Qiao knew that the zombie leader was truly infuriated right now. Hundreds of ice blades were falling from above her head, leaving her no way to dodge. So, she had no choice but to return to her space. 

The next second, Lin Qiao vanished into thin air before the ice blades could pierce into her body, even before she landed back on the ground. The rain of ice blades fell onto the ground, leaving hundreds of holes on the plants in this area. 

"Roar!" As Lin Qiao disappeared again, the zombie leader bared its teeth and uttered an angry roar toward the sky. Then, it turned back to scratch the surrounding plants and rocks ferociously, creating another scene of devastation.

Lin Qiao showed up in the flat area by the lake after entering her space. She stood there and closed her eyes to sense the situation outside. Seeing the angry zombie leader, she couldn't help but want to laugh. 

The zombie leader couldn't enter her space no matter how pissed off it was. She had a space, so who would she be afraid of?

But soon, she began feeling upset. She managed to flee into her space, but how was she supposed to go back out? She now realized that she had done something stupid, which was getting out of her space. The zombie leader seemed to have learned that she would reappear in the exact same spot where she disappeared from. If not, why did it wait on the highway for so long? Earlier on, Lin Qiao showed up again on the highway. Didn't she prove the zombie leader's guess by doing that?

Thinking of that, Lin Qiao even wanted to punch herself. What had she done? She pushed herself into a troublesome situation. She was too worried about her family, so she ignored some details. But, now that she came back to her senses and found that she was wrong, it was already too late. 

She watched the zombie leader vent its anger, then leap onto a very tall tree aside and squatting on top quietly. It silently waited there like a predator which had been patiently waiting for its prey to show up. 

It was apparently waiting for her to come out! It seemed that she had really underestimated the zombie leader's IQ.

With that, she opened her eyes. 

She hoped that she could enter that 'traveling ghost' state again or dream another 'moving dream' to leave this place.

Recalling what happened the last few times when she changed her locations without leaving her space, she eagerly wanted to do it again, but didn't know how. She had no idea how to cast that skill! What kind of a moment should she be waiting for that?

While she was trying to figure out how to put that skill in use, she suddenly felt her head turn heavy. Then, as she felt that something was summoning her, she began falling unconscious. This was the exact state that she had entered the last time. However, she didn't show up on the outside as a transparent figure this time, and instead, her body directly turned transparent in the space. 

Wu Yueling had been looking at Lin Qiao from a short distance away. She began to feel strange since Lin Qiao suddenly showed up by the lakeside and stood there motionlessly. Soon, she saw that the latter's body slowly turned transparent, but didn't disappear completely. 

At least, she could still see Lin Qiao's transparent body.

She widened her eyes to stare at Lin Qiao, her face filled with curiosity. She wasn't worried or scared, because many strange things had happened since she met that zombie. She had learned that she shouldn't see the latter as an ordinary zombie. 

Wu Yueling didn't know how to describe the fact about 'shouldn't be seeing Lin Qiao as an ordinary zombie'. Yet, her simple mind understood that the latter wasn't the same as the other zombies, and that she was the only zombie which wouldn't show the horrible 'I-want-to-eat-you' look to her. 

So, she curiously looked at the transparent Lin Qiao and watched her slowly walking into the lake. As she kept walking deeper and deeper into the lake, the water went over her knees, thighs, then waist; but, she didn't seem to want to stop. She kept moving, and the water reached her chest, neck, mouth, nose, and then her eyes. 

Soon, Lin Qiao disappeared into the lake. 

'What is it doing down there?' Wu Yueling wondered. 

At first, Wu Yueling was only curious about what Lin Qiao went down into the lake to do. She guessed that maybe the zombie went down to catch fish, and wondered would it come back up with a large fish and make grilled fish for her.

While waiting for Lin Qiao to come out of the water, she quietly looked where she had disappeared, with all those thoughts flashing across her mind. 

However, she started feeling uneasy as she didn't see Lin Qiao come out of the water after waiting for a long while. As time passed slowly, Wu Yueling felt that she couldn't sit still anymore. So, she got off the bed, held the rabbit, and walked toward the lake. 

'Why doesn't it come out? Why doesn't it come out yet? Why? Come out!' Wu Yueling shouted in her heart. 

After walking into the water in a muddleheaded state, Lin Qiao realized what she was doing. However, she suddenly found that she couldn't control her body, even though her mind was clear again. She had no choice but to watch herself walk deeper into the lake, and watch the water go over her head. She didn't stop after that, but kept moving toward the center of the lake. 

'What's happening? Why did this happen? What's going on?' She wondered. 

Lin Qiao felt like an outsider who was watching Lu Tianyu's body going deeper and deeper. Meanwhile, she saw the world under the water. She was a zombie, so she wouldn't be suffocated, and could move freely underwater. 

When her body went deeper, and the water went over her eyes, she saw a green light underwater!

The water surface looked deep and dark, but a green light was glowing underneath it. As a zombie, Lin Qiao was color blind, so she was really shocked when she recognized the green color of the light. 

After she became a zombie, everything she saw was black and white, boring and dull. However, why could she see this mysterious green light now? And more importantly, what was it?

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